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Orkin Review (2023)

Updated Mar 8, 2023

Updated Mar 8, 2023

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Whether you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, termites, roaches, or ants, finding a high quality pest control provider is incredibly important. Orkin has been in the business for more than 120 years, and they are a leading provider when it comes to eliminating and eradicating pest problems. Time spent in the industry is incredibly important for pest control providers. With locations all across the country and highly trained pest management specialists, Orkin should be on your list for periodic or recurring pest control services.

Pros and Cons of Orkin


  • It will help with a wide range of common pests
  • Locations in all but three states
  • Termite treatments are highly effective
  • Positive pest control reviews from all types of customers
  • Will come back if pests return
  • More than 120 years of industry experience
  • Highly trained technicians


  • No online chat system on the website
  • No Orkin in Alaska, South Dakota, Wyoming

Orkin Services

Orkin has a wide range of both residential and commercial services. The most common services from Orkin are the recurring monthly or quarterly treatments for homeowners. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the different Orkin services and determine which could be the best for your home.

Orkin Pest Control

The general pest control plan is in place to help protect your home from the most common pests. This is a plan that homeowners will implement before a problem starts to try and keep these pests away. Orkin covers between 15 and 20 household pests, depending on your location, and these pests are certainly the type you would like to keep away. Expect your Orkin general pest control plan to include ants, crickets, fleas, hornets, moths, scorpions, silverfish, roaches, mice, spiders, centipedes, and earwigs.

With the general pest control plan from Orkin, you can pick and choose additional services for things like mosquitos during the season, and you can even add full termite protection to your plan. One of the things that help Orkin stand out is the plan they follow to ensure that your home is pest-free.

The Orkin pest control treatment plan is as follows:

  • Investigate: A full investigation of your entire property both in and out for any current or past issues; in addition, if things like wood rot are going to cause potential issues in the future, your Orkin representative will know how to identify them.
  • Protect: Protecting the home is the treatment that is applied; the treatment keeps pests away and makes it so that they are not attracted to your home.
  • Fortify: It’s one thing to remove current pests but another to keep them away for good; the fortification process includes sealing, caulking, and plugging gaps and cracks.
  • Keep Watch: Even after all the initial treatments and the fortification process, it is still essential to keep an eye on pests; monitors will be installed throughout the home in several areas.
  • Report: Whether you want to see how much termite damage has been done or if cockroaches have started to come back into the home, Orkin will report on how the pest control process is developing and whether or not you will need to schedule additional treatment.
  • Follow Up: Orkin pest control specialists will stay in contact and follow up with any services that were completed. Orkin offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for many services, and this will be part of the follow-up process.

Orkin Termite Control And Treatment

Orkin is one of the leading pest control providers for termites. Whether you need a termite inspection for a home closing or you are ready for a complete termite control plan for your home, there are several options to choose from. Termites are not covered under Orkin’s general pest control plan as they are an additional service with added costs.

There are three basic types of termite control and treatment that Orkin offers. These include the Termidor Liquid Termite, Dry Foam & Orkinfoam, and the Sentricon Bait and Monitoring. All three types are effective for both residential and commercial customers.

  • Termidor Liquid Termite: This is what your Orkin representative will use around the foundation of your home to create a barrier. The great thing about the Termidor is that it works to treat an active infestation as well as protect against future issues.
  • Sentricon Bait and Monitoring: With the bait and monitoring system, Orkin will treat the areas of the home that have the most potential for a termite infestation. If some of your property is covered in mulch or there are old rotting tree stumps, the Sentricon may be applied to keep the termites from finding this a great place.
  • Dry Foam & Orkinfoam: Some areas around water pipes or even in your home’s crawlspace create gaps that will allow the termites to enter the home. With dry foam and Orkinfoam, these gaps will be filled, and the chances of an infestation are significantly reduced. A professional exterminator needs to install this foam to not create a moisture issue in the home long term.

Orkin Bed Bug Treatment & Services

Bed bug services are always an extra on any pest control policy. Expect that this process will be very similar to the treatment and prevention of any other pest controlled under your Orkin plan. The Orkin pest control technicians will work to ensure that bed bugs are completely removed from the home and then eliminated forever.

Review our guide on bed bug extermination cost.

Some of the methods that Orkin will use on bed bugs include:

  • Directly spraying infestations
  • Crack and crevice treatments using earth-based powders
  • Using hot steam to kill all life stages of the insect
  • Whole-room heat treatments under close supervision

Orkin sends a technician back to your home within a few days of treatment. This follow-up service is typically free and ensures that infestations will not return. Although bed bug treatment can be expensive, it’s something that’s well worth the extra costs that are paid.

Orkin Mosquito Control Service

Orkin understands that mosquitoes are a major challenge for homeowners to have to deal with. Even though this is a pest that typically only causes problems for part of the year, it’s well worth having mosquito service in place when you need it the most.

With the Orkin mosquito service, you can expect several different methods to treat these pests. Some of these will include treating an active infestation, while others will help to prevent eggs from hatching.

The mosquito service can be set up in a way that works best for your budget, but most will choose to do it monthly in season.

Best Emergency Service
Orkin Pest Control
  • Several decades of pest control experience
  • Specializes in residential extermination
  • Top tier termite exterminator services

Orkin Availability and Locations

Orkin was founded in Pennsylvania by Otto Orkin in 1904. Since then, the company has expanded to include 47 states. The only place where you will not be able to find an Orkin location is Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

With the broad presence of Orkin across the entire country, it’s entirely possible for you to find an Orkin location in your area. Most locations offer same-day or next-day service as they have multiple trucks within one service area.

For new customers that are looking to initiate their service contract and get the plan started, Orkin is always accepting new customers. Call to get your inspection today, and the plan will be put in place to get your home pest free.

Orkin Cost & Pricing Breakdown

Orkin is considered to have relatively fair pricing for all of its plans and services. However, the type of pest you are trying to treat, the size of your home, and the overall severity of the issue could impact the price you pay. Expect the best deal if you move into a home with no current issues and you are just looking for preventative maintenance.

It’s best to talk with your local Orkin representative about the different treatment plans in your area and their pricing. Here are some sample prices for a $2000 square foot home.

  • Annual pest control contracts ($550 – $720)
  • Termite treatments ($1,500 – $5,000)
  • Tent fumigation ($3,000 and up)
  • Bed Bug treatments ($400 – $1,200)
  •  Flea and tick control ($200 – $400)
  • Mosquito treatments ($200 – $500)
  • Carpenter ants ($100 and up)

Scheduling an Inspection with Orkin

Schedule an inspection with Orkin is the best way to get started on an annual plan or a treatment plan for a current pest infestation. When you contact Orkin, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind and be prepared to share with the representative. All Orkin pest control providers have years of experience, but they still need accurate information to pinpoint and professionally handle the issues that you are having.

Before scheduling an inspection, ensure you have the following information readily available to share with the Orkin representative.

  • Phone number
  • ZIP code
  • Type of home (condo, townhome, single-family, etc.)
  • Size of home (approx sq footage)
  • Payment type
  • Credit or debit card number and expiration date

Orkin allows you to submit information online to get a quote and be contacted by the company, or you can give Orkin a call at 877-544-4104. Orkin advertises that if you are to call before noon, there’s a chance that you may receive same-day service. We can tell you that the sooner you treat pest control-related issues, the quicker they will go away.

Orkin Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can give you a tremendous amount of insight into a pest control industry business and the services that they can offer. Sometimes finding a current customer that has similar issues to you can help to ensure that you are satisfied with the services you get from your Orkin pest control. Here are a few reviews from various Orkin customers in various locations.

“My husband and I live deep in the country where pest run rampant. We began our contract with Orkin Pest Control in 2016. Today, Kelly, one of Okin’s personable and professional technicians, came in and sprayed our home with their superior products, which have prevented all pests. In 2016, after our first application, the tech took the time to give us a number and explain that we should call if we had any problems. And yes, we had a problem, baby spiders. We called Orkin, and they came right out, explained that they were hatchlings, and sprayed for the hatchlings. And again, Kelly gave us their number to call should we have a problem. Orkin’s superior products and consistent application have prevented all our pest concerns.” R Jimerson.

“I’ve used Orkin services for more than 20 years now. The reason I stick with Orkin here in the Denver area is our terrific technician, Keith L. He is thorough, reliable, professional, and most of all, trustworthy to be around my home and family. As long as Keith is the guy keeping the bugs out of my house, I’ll stay with Orkin!”- Jeff.

“Very professional easy to know what was going on what was going to be used if I needed anything to call customer service was awesome the gentleman that came here was awesome I’ve done business with Orkin look for this is why I call them back they’re a good company and trained very well I recommend them to anyone with bugs of any kind mice rats mosquitoes they’re good at everything.” –Royce.

Best Emergency Service
Orkin Pest Control
  • Several decades of pest control experience
  • Specializes in residential extermination
  • Top tier termite exterminator services

Orkin vs. Other Pest Control Companies

CompanyWebsiteOur TakeBBB RatingAnnual CostPhone Number
TerminixWebsiteBest OverallB+$550+(866) 981-1210
OrkinWebsiteBest Emergency ServiceA+$575+877-544-4104

Read our full breakdown here: Orkin vs. Terminix

Final Thoughts – Is Orkin Worth it?

Orkin has a tremendous history in the pest control business and has handled both general pest and more specialized issues for many years. Whether you have had a pest control provider in the past or this is your first experience, Orkin is a great company to reach out to for a free inspection. As always, when shopping for a service provider for your home, it makes sense to contact several different companies to make sure that the communication, pricing, and follow-up are exactly what you are looking for.

FAQs for Orkin

How much is Orkin?

Orkin’s prices vary depending on the following criteria:

  • Pest type
  • Service frequency
  • Square footage of your home
  • Methods used by the technician

Monthly service visits cost between $40 and $60. However, you will have to pay a first-visit fee of around $150. Pests covered by the contract include:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Small rodents
  • Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Wasps

Bed bug services range from $400 to $1,500, depending on the size of the infested area. Mosquito spraying costs an average of $200 per visit, while ticks and fleas generally run between $200 and $400.

Orkin’s Termite service is the most competitively priced. An average barrier treatment costs around $2,000, while others charge much more for similar treatments.

Is Orkin worth it?

Although Orkin doesn’t offer the cheapest prices, it is worth doing business with the company due to its 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It is also rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, so you know you are hiring a reputable pest control provider.

In addition, Okin technicians possess the knowledge and experience you would expect from professionals in their field. Each receives about 160 hours of initial training along with ongoing industry certifications.

What type of pests does Orkin control?

Orkin provides control of various types of pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Mice and rats
  • Termites
  • Scorpions and centipedes
  • Bees and wasps

Does Orkin use natural methods?

Orkin technicians wrote the manual on eco-friendly pest control. The company utilizes an integrated pest management approach that when implemented correctly, cuts down on the use of harmful pesticides. Elements of this program include:

  • Thorough inspection and identification of the pest
  • Targeted treatments instead of broadcast pesticide spraying
  • Utilizing bait stations for long-lasting residual control of infestations
  • Sourcing only EPA-approved products when conducting pest control operations

What does Orkin do on the first visit?

Depending on why you are calling Orkin for services, your first visit may just be an inspection of the property. If, however you are experiencing an issue, most Orkin specialists will offer same day or next-day service where they can spay, bait traps or start to develop a plan for your pest issues.

Does Orkin get rid of mice?

Orkin works hard to get rid of mice by making sure that all current issues related to mice are cleaned up, as well as prevention of future issues. The best pest control companies will ensure that the pests do not have a way to get back in the home once the problems caused by this pest are cleaned up. Here are a few of the things that the Orkin specialist may do:

  • Seal off crawl space and attic where pests are coming in
  • Work to develop a pest control plan that keeps mice away
  • Determine what is attracting mice to the property
  • Ensure that all debris and remnants are cleaned not to attract further mice

Company Information

  • Company name: Orkin
  • Company type: Subsidiary of Rollins, Inc.
  • CEO: Glen Rollins
  • Year founded: 1901
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • State availability: All states, except Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming
  • BBB Rating: A+

House Method’s Rating Methodology

At House Method, our goal is to save homeowners time and money, so we’ve done all the research for you when it comes to pest control and remediation efforts. We highly recommend only the best exterminators that our team would use in our own homes. 

We developed a 100-point rating system to numerically compare the companies to each other. 

  • Plan options (35 points): Companies that offer more plans and flexibility on services to address specific issues were given a higher score. 
  • State Availability (5 points): Those that offer coverage in fewer than 45 states were deducted points for availability. 
  • Trustworthiness (10 points): This factor is based on whether companies have money back guarantees, service guarantees, and additional satisfaction assurance measures.
  • Customer Service (30 points): We considered accessibility (including on weekends and holidays) of technicians and customer support. 
  • Additional Benefits (20 points): Companies that offer further conveniences such as an app, comprehensive resources, and other benefits were rated higher.

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