Top 6 Best Exterminators for Mice of 2022

By Sarah Horvath

Right up there with finding termite damage or seeing one of your children scratching bites from bed bugs, seeing mouse droppings can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Though most homeowners believe that a mouse infestation is a tougher problem to deal with when compared to insects like cockroaches, the truth is that most pest control services also offer mice extermination upon request. While it’s very possible to get rid of mice, they can still cause damage to your home and health problems — so make sure to create a rodent control plan as soon as you think you might need it.

If you see a mouse in your house, don’t panic. We’ve reviewed dozens of the top extermination services in the country to help you choose the right pest control company for your mouse infestation. Read on to learn everything you need to know about:

  • The best rodent control companies in the country and what they do best
  • Factors you should consider when choosing a company to tackle your mouse or rat infestation
  • Answers to some questions you might have about how exterminators remove mice

Top 6 Mice Exterminator Companies of 2022

  • Terminix: Best Package Plans
  • Orkin: Best for New Homeowners
  • Hawx Pest Control: Best for Localized Pest Control
  • Rentokil: Best for Commercial Spaces
  • Truly Nolen: Best for Pet Owners
  • Ehrlich Pest Control: Best for Environmentally Friendly Treatments

Compare Mice Exterminator Companies

  Our Take States Served Annual Plan Offerings? BBB Rating Get a Quote
Terminix Best Package Plans 45 states Yes B Click here
Orkin Best for New Homeowners 47 states Yes A+ Click here
Hawx Pest Control Best for Localized Pest Control 12 states Yes N/R Click here
Rentokil Best for Commercial Spaces 46 states No A+ Click here
Truly Nolen Best for Pet Owners 16 states, Puerto Rico and parts of Canada Yes A+ Click here
Ehrlich Pest Control Best for Environmentally Friendly Treatments 19 states Yes A+ Click here

Terminix: Best Package Plans

One of the most widely known pest control service providers in the world, Terminix visits more than 50,000 homes each day to keep them safe and pest-free. While the company is best known for its termite control plans, the company also provides comprehensive service for mice and other rodent problems as well. With more than 90 years of experience eradicating all types of pests, Terminix’s team has developed a series of regionally-targeted treatment plans to ensure the effectiveness of any treatments applied to your property.

We recommend Terminix for anyone who needs continuous pest management services — for example, if you live in an area known for mice and you have a mouse problem that keeps coming back. Terminix offers package plans that put a long-term treatment plan in place to eradicate your rodent infestation and prevent it from returning.

When you enroll in package pricing, a Terminix pest professional will visit your home every few months to check for signs of mice and other pests and make sure that your applied treatments are working effectively. If your mouse problem returns in between quarterly appointments, Terminix will provide a follow-up appointment free of charge to get rid of them. If you’ve hired an exterminator to tackle a mouse problem only to have that problem return to your home a few months later, a long-term policy with Terminix might be the solution you need.

Best Overall

  • Offers a Terminix Promise™† (visit site for additional details) and an extended work guarantee for those experiencing a commercial pest problem
  • Provides online chat services
  • Available in 47 states

our rating9.8

Terminix Review

Orkin: Best for New Homeowners

Another major name in pest control service providers, Orkin Pest Control has more than a century of experience providing a comprehensive range of rodent and pest elimination. Orkin Pest Control can be an excellent option for homeowners who are in the final stages of buying a property, as they provide comprehensive mouse control services that target the problem at its root.

When you buy a home, you’ll always want to get a home inspection from a company that specializes in pest infestation issues (like Orkin) because standard home inspectors may not know the signs of pests they need to look for to identify a problem. Home inspections are not required to list out pest problems, which is why so many new homeowners turn to Orkin to fully educate themselves on their property’s condition.

If Orkin notices rodent or other pest activity during your inspection, they can immediately recommend treatment services to get rid of the problem fast. If your home is free of pests, Orkin can also provide preventative treatments to eliminate the possibility of future activity. Orkin can also be a particularly strong choice if you have children or pets, as they tailor their treatments and repellants to be as non-intrusive as possible. In addition to preventative treatments and year-round plans, Orkin also offers seasonal protection options.

Best Emergency Service

  • Several decades of pest control experience
  • Specializes in residential extermination
  • Top tier termite exterminator services

our rating9.6

Orkin Review

Hawx Pest Control: Best Localized Pest Control

Did you know that there are multiple types of mice that might be residing in your home? It’s true—the state and city that you live in can play a role in the type of mice that make their way onto your property. Each type of rodent requires a unique method of elimination—which is why if you’re searching for localized pest care, Hawx Pest Control can be an appealing option.

Hawx Pest Control is a professional pest control company that prides itself in taking a personalized, local approach to controlling mice, rats, and other critters. Hawx’s single-visit plans begin with a thorough inspection of your property, which gets to the root of your rodent problem and targets the source of your infestation. From here, Hawx applies targeted treatmetns based on the type of rodent native to your area. After your infestation is eliminated, you can expect follow-up care from Hawx team. If you purchase an annual plan, you’ll be protected from more than 40 unique pests year-round with unlimited appointments between services to beat any pest activity that returns.

Best Localized Service

  • Optional free re-treatment between services
  • Directly communicate with techs via text
  • Most extensive mosquito eradication plan on the market

our rating9.5

Hawx Review

Rentokil: Best for Commercial Spaces

Rentokil understands firsthand that a pest control problem in a business isn’t only dangerous and annoying — it can mean lost revenue and even a shutdown if the pest problem isn’t fixed before a health and safety inspector arrives. If you own or rent a commercial space that’s dealing with mice, rats, or other critters, consider making a call to Rentokil. Rentokil prides themselves on providing comprehensive services for business owners that do not disrupt the flow of commercial activities. If your business needs pest control services but you don’t have time to shut down for fumigation, Rentokil might have the right solution for you.

Depending on the industry that you work in, you might be required to schedule sanitization services following a rodent infestation. Rentokil provides sanitation services alongside its pest control offerings, giving business owners a one-stop shop to get their business up and running again following a rodent problem. Rentokil’s sanitation services feature advanced disbursement technology, which quickly spreads disinfectant throughout a large space in a shorter amount of time. Their team also uses discreet vehicles and sanitation techniques, which can be helpful if your business is still operating while being treated.

Truly Nolen: Best for Pet Owners

If you’re a pet owner, you already know that your furry or fluffy friends aren’t something that you own — they’re a member of your family. Pet owners are often hesitant to call for fumigation or extermination services because they believe that there’s no way to clear out their home without harming their pets.

Pet owners consistently call Truly Nolen when they need mouse extermination services because the company uses an animal-safe integrated pest management approach to avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your property. When Truly Nolen arrives for your appointment, they’ll first take a look at your infestation to determine the best and safest treatment approach possible. Before applying any chemicals, the technicians will examine the layout of your home and use solutions like bait stations, sealing off entry points of your home, and gel traps before applying chemicals. Technicians will place these traps in areas where they’re inaccessible to pets and children, preventing injuries and damage.

Ehrlich Pest Control: Best for Environmentally Friendly Treatments

While pest control solutions often cause damage to your lawn and your home, Ehrlich Pest Control can provide services that keep your home safer without lowering your property value. Their team specializes in green pest control, and they’re one of only a few pest control companies in the country to be Green Pro Certified through the National Pest Management Association. This certification allows you to rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your pest control team will take every step possible to get rid of your critters without using abrasive chemicals.

First, Ehrlich Pest Control starts by sealing off entry points and crevices in your home, which stops pests from coming in. They then use treatments that won’t damage your property, which are able to accomplish their jobs by using low-impact chemicals that disrupt the health of the pests without harming you or your home.

Ehrlich Pest Control also employs a series of non-chemical treatments to get pests to leave their home or kill them. For example, Ehrlich can seal off your home and employ a heat or steam treatment that kills off pests without applying chemicals. They also employ a continuous monitoring system to make sure that pests don’t return to your home.

How to Choose The Best Mice Exterminator

If you know that you have mice in your home, the best thing you can do is call for service as quickly as possible. Like most types of pest infestations, a mouse problem will only get worse as you allow it to continue. But with so many pest control companies, how can you be sure that you’re working with a legitimate team?

Unfortunately, not every pest control company is as professional as it claims to be. Doing your due diligence as a homeowner can help you choose the right company without spending hours doing research by knowing exactly what to look for as you compare your options. The best pest control companies display the following characteristics.

Free Inspections

The first thing that any legitimate pest control company will do before offering you a treatment plan is to take a look around your home. The purpose of the in-home inspection is for the technician to get an idea of the severity of your infestation and begin to develop a treatment plan customized to the unique needs of your home. You should expect that your pest control company will provide this inspection free of charge or at a drastically reduced rate.

Stellar Customer Reviews

Third-party review websites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot make it easy to compare companies in your area. While any company can pick and choose great reviews to put on its website, they cannot control what customers say on websites they do not control. This gives you an uncensored look at how previous pest control customers were treated by each option you’re considering.

With that being said, it’s important to remember that even the best business in the world can’t expect a glowing review from every customer it helps. If you notice that a company seems to only have good reviews across multiple sites, be suspicious. Some pest companies have been known to pay for illegitimate online reviews to boost their ratings.

Responsible Sales Tactics

The best mouse exterminators know that rodents can be tricky to get rid of. No legitimate pest control company will pressure you to sign a contract without first understanding the severity of your infestation and explaining each specific step that will be conducted during the removal process. If an exterminator uses high-pressure sales tactics to get you to book a service that you’re not ready for, move on to other options.

Best Emergency Service

Best Localized Service

Final Thoughts

As you explore the internet, you’re sure to notice that there are an endless number of options for DIY mouse removal. From bait stations to sprays for crawl spaces and basements, stores are flooded with mouse removal options, which can lead you to ask yourself if you really need to pay for an exterminator. While these options can seem tempting, the truth is that you should leave mouse infestation problems to the professionals.

Dealing with mice is not the same as other household chores like dusting or spraying gnats. Though rare, mice may bite during treatment, which can lead to a number of severe illnesses. Mice can also cause damage to your home’s wiring through chewing, which means that their damage is more costly than other pests as well. If you notice severe signs of rodents like bite marks, droppings, or even a mouse itself, it’s best to call one of the best exterminators for mice for a fast, comprehensive fix.

Mice Exterminator FAQs

Are mice exterminators worth it?

Mice exterminators are worth it, especially if you have a major infestation in your property or if you’ve noticed multiple mice. Mice can cause serious, long-term damage to your property similar to the damage caused by other serious pests like termites. While glue traps can help if you have a minor problem or a single mouse, they will not prevent hordes of mice from building nests in your home’s components, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

How much do mice exterminators cost?

The cost of your mice exterminator will vary depending on the severity of your infestation and the method of removal you decide on to get rid of the problem. As a general rule, budget between $450 to $600 for most mice problems. If you know that you have a severe rodent problem or a rat infestation, be prepared to pay up to $2,000 for services.

Why is mice treatment so expensive?

Mice treatment can be very expensive because pest professionals know just how much damage these pests can cause. For example, mice may chew on electrical wiring, which has the potential to cause a fire in your home. This sense of urgency means that most exterminators use industrial-strength mouse control tools and repellants, which result in more expensive treatments than for other, less destructive pests (like spiders or fleas).

What do exterminators use to kill mice?

The method that exterminators will use to get rid of mice will vary depending on how many rodents you have in your home. If you have a mild infestation, your exterminator will take steps like sealing off entry points in your home, spraying repellent along exterior baseboards, and laying mouse traps. If you have a major mouse infestation that a few snap traps won’t solve, your exterminator might schedule fumigation for your entire property.

Can exterminators get rid of mice?

Yes, a mice exterminator can get rid of mice in your home. The method that they will use will vary depending on the severity of your infestation — however, exterminators have developed highly effective treatments for mice. If your DIY methods haven’t been effective at getting rid of your pest problem, call an exterminator as soon as you can.

House Method Rating & Methodology

Our research process involves a multi-step process to get real insights into the customer experience for each company. We contacted each pest control company directly and spoke to representatives via phone and online chat (if available). This allowed us better understand the company’s treatment offerings and customer service. We also consider BBB accreditation and what customer reviews say about each company. Additionally, we fact-check and update company data regularly to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

We developed a 100-point rating system to compare the companies numerically.

  • Plan options (35 points): Companies with more plans and flexibility on services to address specific issues were given a higher score.
  • State Availability (5 points): Those that offer coverage in fewer than 45 states were deducted points for availability.
  • Trustworthiness (10 points): This is based on whether companies have money-back guarantees, service guarantees, and additional satisfaction assurance measures.
  • Customer Service (30 points): We considered accessibility (including on weekends and holidays) of technicians and customer support.
  • Additional Benefits (20 points): Companies that offer further conveniences such as an app, comprehensive resources, and other benefits were rated higher.

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