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Top 5 Best Exterminators for Bed Bugs of 2022

By Sarah Horvath

Bed bugs are small, flat, and wingless insects known for hiding in the cracks and crevices of furniture, bedding, and fabric. As the name suggests, human bedding provides the ideal space for bed bugs to lay their eggs, as they feed on human blood by biting when you’re asleep. If you’ve been waking up with itchy bites on your arms and legs, bed bugs might be the cause. You might even see the bugs themselves or find blood stains on your mattress in the case of a severe infestation.

If you think you might need professional bed bug removal, it’s important to call for help as soon as possible. Exploring your treatment options can help you better protect the health of your family and get rid of bed bugs before their colony grows. But how can you be sure that you’re working with the best bed bug exterminator in your area? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the five best companies to call when you need bed bug remediation fast.

Best Emergency Service

Top 5 Bed Bug Exterminator Companies of 2022

  • Terminix: Best for Year-Round Protection
  • Orkin: Best for Preventive Treatments
  • Rentokil: Best for Business Owners
  • Truly Nolen: Best for Fast Pest Control
  • Ehrlich Pest Control: Best for Green Pest Control

Compare Bed Bug Exterminator Companies

Company Website Our Take Offers Annual Plans? BBB Rating States Covered
Terminix Click here  Best for Year-Round Protection Yes B 45 states
Orkin Click here Best for Preventive Treatments Yes A+ 47 states
Rentokil Click here Best for Business Owners No A+ 46 states
Truly Nolen Click here Best for Fast Pest Control Yes A+ 16 states, Puerto Rico, and some parts of Canada
Ehrlich Pest Control Click here Best for Green Pest Control Yes A+ 19 states

Terminix: Best for Year-Round Protection

With more than 300 locations across the country and more than 50,000 homeowners assisted every day, there’s no way to deny that Terminix is a popular choice for termite control. However, they also offer bed bug inspection and removal services as well. Terminix’s bed bug treatment was created with the customer in mind — unlike other pest control providers, Terminix’s treatment requires no prior preparation on your part. They will identify the specific pests causing problems in your home — and if that happens to be a bed bug infestation, treatment can begin immediately.

After applying encasements to kill off your current bed bug infestation, Terminix professionals will continue to eliminate other areas in the home where insects might be hiding. This encasement protects your mattress while also eliminating bed bug activity. They will even install a monitoring system inside of your home that detects any further bed bug problems that might arise. This doesn’t only tell you when your treatment has been fully effective — it also helps save you time and money in the future by empowering you to eliminate pest infestations early.

Terminix can be an excellent choice if you’ve been burned by pest control companies that didn’t take the time to communicate with their customers in the past. In addition to providing top-of-the-line pest control services, Terminix also focuses on offering high-quality customer service. When you book with Terminix, you won’t be left waiting for hours for your technicians to show up. As pest control professionals are on their way to your property for a treatment session, you’ll get a text message so you can begin to prepare your home. You can book all of your Terminix treatments entirely online, and you can pay for your pet management services from the comfort of your home as well. With 24/7 customer service and award-winning integrated pest management, Terminix is our top choice for ongoing pest control services.

Best Overall

  • Offers a Terminix Promise™† (visit site for additional details) and an extended work guarantee for those experiencing a commercial pest problem
  • Provides online chat services
  • Available in 47 states

our rating9.8

Terminix Review

Orkin: Best for Preventive Treatments

Another major name in pest infestation treatment services, Orkin has more than 100 years of experience providing bed bug free properties. Orkin can be a great choice for your home pest control company even if you don’t currently have an active bed bug infestation, as they offer preventive treatments for most types of pests. Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all heat treatment to your problem areas, your Orkin bed bug exterminator will help you create a personalized solution to your pet problem. Because they consider your needs as a homeowner and the level of disruption that bed bug treatment will cause for you and your family, Orkin Pest Control can be a great choice if you have kids or pets.

Orkin’s treatments don’t only work by disrupting the life cycle of bed bugs — they also take steps to prevent signs of bed bugs from popping up again. In addition to treating your pest problem, Orkin will search for hiding places and crevices where remaining adults and bed bug eggs may be surviving. Your exterminator will apply a chemical treatment to these areas to kill off remaining insects, preventing reinfection. They will even seal and caulk susceptible areas in your home, and they’ll install a bed bug detection monitor in your home to catch any further infestations before they become expensive hassles. After the coast is clear, Orkin will provide a final follow-up to make sure that no remaining nymphs or adult bed bugs have survived. Even if you don’t currently need bed bug control, it can be worth it to get a free inspection to determine areas in your home where you might be at risk of bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and other pests entering your property.

Best Emergency Service

  • Several decades of pest control experience
  • Specializes in residential extermination
  • Top tier termite exterminator services

our rating9.6

Orkin Review

Rentokil: Best for Business Owners

Rentokil eliminates bed bugs using its PROTECT+ system. The PROTECT+ system focuses on integrated pest management, taking a holistic approach to bed bug control while also minimizing the effect of your current infestation. Rentokil specializes in commercial pest removal, so their treatment plan options focus on providing effective solutions while also keeping your business open and providing essential services. This focus on minimizing day-to-day disruptions can make Rentokil the best pest control company for small business owners who can’t afford to shut down for weeks to deal with pests.

If your business is located in an area where bed bugs are a recurring issue, you might want to consider enrolling in higher-level, continuous protection from Rentokil. The company’s Protect+ Premium is its most extensive package and includes active treatment, canine-assisted pest inspection, preventive treatments, and extended warranty options. If you need to get rid of bed bugs fast, Rentokil’s Protect+ Essential plan comes with a four-hour turnaround time. In addition to a variety of packages, Rentokil also offers service in nearly every type of commercial space. From large-scale properties like hotels to specialized facilities like nursing homes, the team at Rentokil is equipped to help businesses of all types and sizes.

Truly Nolen: Best for Fast Pest Control

Truly Nolen is a family-owned pest control company that understands that the best response to a bed bug infestation is a fast one. Unlike many competing extermination services, Truly Nolen guarantees a 24-hour response from the time that you call for assistance. To further expand their services, the company has also recently introduced weekend and evening hours as well. This commitment to getting your properties pest-free can be ideal for anyone dealing with serious pest infestations that can’t wait for service. It can also make Truly Nolen an appealing choice for landlords and property managers who need a pest control service that’s available beyond the standard nine-to-five hours.

In addition to one-time emergency treatments, Truly Nolen also offers a 4 Seasons Pest Control Plan. As the name suggests, the 4 Seasons plan includes four standard service appointments per year to treat some of the country’s most common pests. This plan protects you against:

  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Fleas
  • Mice
  • All types of cockroaches
  • Scorpions
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Wasps

Your plan begins with an inspection and initial treatment from Truly Nolen. During this appointment, you’ll set up your appointment schedule and your technician will let you know more about specific areas being targeted. The 4 Seasons Pest Control Plan includes a complete satisfaction guarantee — if pests return to your property between appointments, Truly Nolen will return at no additional cost to you until you’re satisfied.

Ehrlich Pest Control: Best for Green Pest Control

If you’re a homeowner with children or pets, you might be worried about the types of pesticides that your pest control company will be using inside of your home to kill off your bed bug infestation. Ehrlich Pest Control focuses on providing homeowners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all of their treatments are safe for both kids and pets. Ehrlich’s team is constantly researching pest control treatments that effectively kill off pests like bed bugs while also making the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Ehrlich Pest Control is one of only a few pest control companies that are Green Pro Certified through the National Pest Management Association. This indicates that the company uses organic treatments that make a minimal impact on local flora and fauna to eradicate pests. Instead of immediately jumping to insecticide application, they search for the root of the problem and introduce preventive measures before using chemicals. Some of the low-impact materials that their technicians use include gel traps, organic bait, and mechanical traps that physically remove the pests. If you’re the type of homeowner who values green pest management, Ehrlich Pest Control might be the right choice for you and your family.

How to Choose the Best Bed Bug Exterminator

If you aren’t satisfied with the pest control professionals on our list, you can continue your search with local companies near you. However, it’s important to remember that not every pest control company and exterminator is equally equipped to deal with bed bugs. Be sure to look for the following characteristics when you choose which pest control company or exterminator to book.

Years of Experience

While it’s true that every pest control company must start its history somewhere, it’s usually better to choose an experienced pest control service when dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs can be especially stubborn pests to deal with, which is why you’ll want to look for an extermination or pest control company with at least a year’s worth of experience operating in your local area. You can learn more about a company’s history by viewing its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile.

Liability Insurance

Depending on the state that you live in, your pest control company may or may not be required to have liability insurance to operate within the bounds of the law. Even if you live in a state where liability insurance isn’t required, you should still look for a company with comprehensive liability protections in place. Liability insurance helps reimburse you for any damage done to your home during the pest control or extermination process — especially important protection if you’ll be using pesticides on your property.

Knowledgeable Representatives

The process of dealing with a bed bug infestation can be stressful. The last thing you want when you’re getting rid of biting pests is to have something go wrong during treatment — and be left with a customer service team that just doesn’t care. Before you book your treatment date, don’t be afraid to call a few pest control companies in your area to ask basic questions about services and how the company deals with bed bugs. Note whether or not the representatives take your concerns seriously and how knowledgeable they are.

Every representative you speak with should also be professional. No legitimate pest control company will pressure you to sign a contract you haven’t read or use other high-pressure sales tactics to get you to sign without fully educating yourself. Expect your pest control company to provide you with your estimate in writing and a complete contract with your unique details filled in. If a company claims that it cannot or will not issue a binding estimate for service in writing, move on to another company.

Online Reputation

Finally, check out a company’s online reputation before you book your service date. While every pest elimination service will display glowing reviews on its website, you’ll want to check out third-party sites to get the uncensored scoop on local options. Third-party sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, BBB.org, and Google Reviews do not allow companies to pay to alter or censor reviews. This means that these websites can provide you with an inside look at how past customers were treated and whether or not their pest problems returned.

Bed Bug Exterminator FAQs

Are bed bug exterminators worth it?

While there are a few DIY methods that you can use to get rid of bed bugs on your own, these methods usually only work for very superficial infestations. If you’re suffering from bed bug bites, you could be putting your health at risk by avoiding calling for professional bed bug treatments. Bed bug exterminators are worth it, especially if you have a serious infestation that requires fumigation.

How much do bed bug exterminators cost?

As a general rule, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 per room that you have treated for bed bugs. This means that most homeowners will spend between $1,000 and $2,200 total fighting against their bed bug infestation.

Why is bed bug treatment so expensive?

Bed bug treatment is expensive because the process involves multiple substances and the expertise of a variety of experts. Entomologists are often required to formulate an individual treatment plan for each bed bug infestation. Getting a personalized treatment plan ensures that your pest professionals are treating the infestation effectively and not spraying unnecessary chemicals into your home. Bed bug treatments also use professional-grade chemicals and application tools, both of which can be dangerous to handle if you aren’t professionally trained to do so.

What do exterminators use to kill bed bugs?

The most common chemicals that exterminators use to kill bed bugs are biochemicals. Biochemicals are naturally occurring substances that fatally harm bed bugs without posing serious health risks to humans. For example, a common substance used to kill bed bugs is diatomaceous earth, which works by shredding the outer layer of the bed bugs’ exoskeletons.

What is a bed bug heat treatment?

Bed bugs are notorious for being able to reproduce and survive in most types of fabric, ranging from your box spring to your curtains. Professional heat treatment is one of many treatment methods that can be used to kill off bed bugs if you have a moderate infestation. During heat treatment, exterminators will use industrial-grade heaters to raise the temperature in your home to more than 140 degrees. Bed bugs cannot survive this temperature, so they will die off during treatment. This can be an ideal choice for larger infestations, as the heat does not cause damage to your flooring, baseboards, or fabrics, and it also doesn’t require insecticides or pesticides.

House Method’s Rating Methodology

At House Method, our goal is to save homeowners time and money, so we’ve done all the research for you when it comes to pest control and remediation efforts. We highly recommend only the best exterminators that our team would use in our own homes. 

We developed a 100-point rating system to numerically compare the companies to each other. 

  • Plan options (35 points): Companies that offer more plans and flexibility on services to address specific issues were given a higher score. 
  • State Availability (5 points): Those that offer coverage in fewer than 45 states were deducted points for availability. 
  • Trustworthiness (10 points): This factor is based on whether companies have money back guarantees, service guarantees, and additional satisfaction assurance measures.
  • Customer Service (30 points): We considered accessibility (including on weekends and holidays) of technicians and customer support. 
  • Additional Benefits (20 points): Companies that offer further conveniences such as an app, comprehensive resources, and other benefits were rated higher. 

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