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LeafFilter Review (2021)

If you have spent any time searching for new gutter guards for your home, chances are you have come across LeafFilter. The LeafFilter gutter guards are perhaps the most well-known in the industry. LeafFilter gutter guards offer patented technology and a strong warranty on all their products.

In our LeafFilter review, you’ll discover: 

  • Why LeafFilter gutter guards are so effective 
  • Whether or not LeafFilter gutter guards could be a good fit for your home
  • What the LeafFilter gutter guards installation process is like 
  • And much more . . .

Finding the best gutter guard for your home is important in order to maintain clean gutters and have proper water draining to avoid foundation damage.

Best Overall


  • Full installation of patented 3-piece LeafFilter system
  • Stainless steel 275-micron micromesh screen
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Free estimate with in-person inspection

our rating9.7

Pros Cons
Steel gutter guard with micro-mesh technology Must be professionally installed 
Patented system 
Installed by professionals
Lifetime transferable warranty 
Durable and long-lasting design 
LeafFilter will also install new gutters if needed 

Our take on LeafFilter

The LeafFilter gutter guards have been known to make overall gutter maintenance and functionality considerably better for homeowners. If you are dealing with issues that include gutter clogging, improper water flow, and even damage to your home foundation, the LeafFilter gutter guards could be a great solution. 

The LeafFilter gutter guards have an A+ rating from the BBB, and their customer service is responsive and easy to deal with. In addition, the solution of a stainless steel guard with a micro-mesh cover provides excellent protection for your home gutters. 

We love that LeafFilter can be installed on almost any gutter, regardless of the look and style of your home. In addition, the gutter guards are nearly invisible when standing on the ground and looking up. Overall, LeafFilter leads the way in gutter guard technology. Their product is better than others on the market and will do exactly the job it is supposed to do to protect your home. To get an in-person estimate for gutter guards on your home, simply go to their website and input your zip code.

Key Features

  • Made with a 275-micron steel mesh 
  • Can be installed on any style gutter 
  • It will keep you from having to clean your gutters
  • Natural pitch helps debris fall from the roof 
  • Impressive longevity with a lifetime warranty 

Product Type and Materials

LeafFilter only offers one gutter guard type, yet it is a very impressive and high-quality option. The LeafFilter gutter guards are made of a durable uPVC Frame that is designed not to warp. With exposure to the sun and water, you have to ensure that gutter guards do not bend or deteriorate through the years; the LeafFilter will stay in excellent condition for many years. 

In addition to this durable material, the micro-mesh is added to the top layer of the gutters. The 275-micron micro-mesh material is never going to rust or corrode. If you have issues with your screen technology, LeafFilter will cover it under their warranty. With the material in the screen being so fine, even the grit from your shingles will not fall into the gutters. 

  • LeafFilter Gutter Guards: The LeafFilter Gutter guards are micro-mesh gutter guards designed to keep all debris out of the gutter system. LeafFilter Gutter Guards are offered in 43 states and come with one of the best warranties on the market. 

One of the great features of the LeafFilter Gutter Guards is that they are built with a natural pitch. This means that when installed on your home, the debris will naturally want to fall from the gutters into the yard. Of course, this will require the occasional rake of the property, but you should not have to spend nearly as much time on the ladder. 

Regardless of the type of debris that you have coming from your roof, the LeafFilter should be able to block it. Everything from leaves to pine needles to animals to shingle dust, LeafFilter will be able to block it out. 

How it works

The LeafFilter Gutter patented guard is a micro-mesh guard that only allows water to pass through into the gutter system. LeafFilter gutter guards are also installed on a slight pitch to ensure that debris flows off the roof and down onto the ground. 

Sizes offered

Luckily the LeafFilter gutter guards will fit on any gutter. If you have gutters on your home and simply need the guard, LeafFilter will be able to work with what you have. If you are currently without gutters in your home, then LeafFilter can install an entire gutter and guard system. 

One of the great things about the professional installation that LeafFilter offers is that they will be able to measure and prepare for the work on your home. There will be no issues with the LeafFilter gutter guard system working to protect your home. 

LeafFilter Installation

LeafFilter gutter guards cannot be installed on your own. You will need a professional to come in and start this installation process for you, Leaf Filter does not offer any DIY installation options. Overall, LeafFilter is very easy to work with. The first step in this process is to call LeafFilter and let them know you are interested in a quote. 

When a LeafFilter representative comes to your home, they will do all the measurements necessary to ensure that you get the proper gutter guard quote for your home. In addition, this LeafFilter representative will also take a look at the quality of your current gutter system. If there are issues with the way the gutters are functioning or areas of damage, they will let you know. 

The next step involved discussing the cost and the scope of work. Luckily the gutter guard installation process is very quick and can sometimes be scheduled for as little as two or three days from the time of your quote. If you truly want LeafFilter gutter guards on your home, make a few phone calls, and you can probably have them by next week. 

LeafFilter Cost

LeafFilter is only installed by professionals. With the lifetime warranty that this product comes with, they need to ensure that the initial installation is done appropriately and effectively. Leaf Filter costs are going to vary depending on where you are located. With LeafFilter being offered in 43 states, the pricing is quite varied. 

When looking at the LeafFilter website, they will not give you any specific information about the exact pricing. Instead, they want to schedule a quote to discuss your options. Many customers have talked about being able to negotiate their pricing with LeafFilter. 

Sometimes gutter guard costs can get confusing because you are not always comparing the same product to another. So many gutter guards have their own unique technology and installation that it becomes hard to compare what the best deals really are. 

Overall we can say that the lifetime warranty certainly helps to make this a more valuable home warranty plan. In addition, many customer reviews state that LeafFilter was well worth the cost. 

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Maintenance and Cleaning

LeafFilter gutter guards are very low maintenance. You will not have to clean any debris out of the gutters themselves, and instead, you can simply use a blower or your hand to occasionally clean off the top of the guard. The micro-mesh material used in the LeafFilter gutters also does a great job of keeping out bigger particles. 

You should find that the rust and corrosion-free design also ensures that you don’t have any maintenance-related issues when it comes to the deterioration of the gutter guards themselves. 


LeafFilter is currently only available in 43 states. When you do some research on gutter guards, you will find that 43 states of availability are quite impressive. Most gutter guard companies have about ten or fifteen states where they will provide access to their products. The LeafFilter is available everywhere but not in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

Warranty Options

The LeafFilter warranty is one of the best on the market. You will get a completely transferable lifetime warranty. If you sell your home, this will be a tremendous selling point to offer the new buyers. The fact that they will inherit a gutter guard system with a full warranty is a great value. This may help you recuperate some of the costs that you put in towards your initial gutter guard system. With the customer service professionals at LeafFilter, getting your warranty issues handled is a very straightforward process. 

LeafFilter Customer Reviews

Earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can say a lot about a company. Not only do companies need to provide a great product, but they must follow through with what they offer customers and ensure that all warranty issues are handled. Overall, people are quite pleased by the LeafFilter gutter guards and their service. 

Jeri A (05-03-2021):

 “I am impressed with the quality of the gutter system. It has yet to rain since I had it installed, so I’m anxious to see it “in action.” Not only is it supposed to keep leaves and clutter out of the gutters, but it also does not allow them to collect on top of the system. Another point that impressed me was the fact that the warranty is transferable to a new owner should I ever sell my home. Once it was determined what the length of gutter that had to be covered, the installation was done just a week later.

David T (05/03/21):

My experience with your company was great. I had some damage to the existing gutters, wood had to be replaced, and I didn’t know if you did that part. I was pleased to learn everything I needed to have done you could do. I had one minor adjustment that had to be done after the installation. When I called, I was given a date within 4 days, and the serviceman actually came by in 2. It was not the cheapest thing out there, but I do believe it is the best, and I am a satisfied customer!

Carl Z (07/15/2020):

“After seeing LOTS of advertising for LeafFilter as well as several other gutter protection products, I finally contacted this company because the apparent design of their product seemed most likely to actually do the job I wanted in the tree-filled neighborhood where I live. The salesperson who came to my house explained their product and installation process in detail, with samples that let me decide that this was indeed the way to go. The installation team was very careful about the existing roof and gutter and completed the job in two days. Subsequent experience in several rainstorms (some quite heavy) shows that I made the right choice. I didn’t pay anything until the job was complete. Anybody who asks for money in advance is a fraudster because that’s not how this company works.”

Best Overall


  • Full installation of patented 3-piece LeafFilter system
  • Stainless steel 275-micron micromesh screen
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Free estimate with in-person inspection

our rating9.7

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a bit more of an understanding of what the Leaf Filter gutter guard is and why it is so popular. If you have any kind of debris collecting in your gutters, LeafFilter is a company you can rely on. The micro-mesh material and construction help to ensure that debris will fall off your roof and leave your gutters to handle the water. 

Overall, LeafFilter has created a very straightforward process that involves high level customer service, reliable quoting techniques, and a clear explanation of the process. Many customers feel as though the LeafFilter gutter guards are some of the most premium and reliable on the market. 

Regardless of the size of your current gutters, LeafFilter can help. This is a company that should be called if you are considering a new gutter guard system on your home. 

Gutter Guard Company Ranking and Review Methodology

At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. We’ve done the homework for you and have researched over 50 gutter guards so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each gutter guard and gutter guard provider companies according to our methodology.

We also dug into the details of each gutter guard to ensure that you could make the best decisions for your home and keep your gutters debris-free for years to come.

To make the most of our research, we developed a formula to objectively determine the best gutter guards based on the following criteria:

  • National coverage – If applicable, How many states does the company cover? We found the number of states covered by each company.
  • Customer service: How is the customer experience when calling the providers? Based on our phone calls, we were able to judge each company’s customer service.
  • Trust: What do customers rate the company? We looked into what customers are saying about their experience with the company.
  • Unique perks: Does the company offer discounts or cover special items? We looked for perks offered by each company that sets them apart from the competition.
  • Warranty terms – We looked into the warranty of lifetime warranty terms if it is offered by the provider. 
  • Construction materials – What is the gutter guard made out of? What are the extra parts needed? We found what each company’s guards are made from and how they are installed.
  • Installation process – Does the company do in-person estimates? What are customer experiences when professionals install the gutter guards? We looked into how the installation process works for each provider.
  • Cost – How reasonable are prices in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors.
  • Buying process – if the gutter guard is a DIY installation, how easy is the buying process? We looked for shipping costs and shipping time, as well as where the product can be bought from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean LeafFilter Gutter Guards myself?

Gutter guards from LeafFilter are very easy to clean. For the most part, you will not have any maintenance, except to keep the top of the gutter guard free of debris whenever you can. You will often use a blower or a broom to remove debris that starts to pile up on top of the gutter guard. Luckily, because of the pitch of the gutter guard, you won’t have all that much cleaning to do. 

How much does LeafFilter gutter guards cost?

LeafFilter gutter guards can vary in cost depending on where you live. You can expect the price to be paid out per linear square foot, and each of the LeafFilter gutter guards will come in with a built-in lifetime transferable warranty. Ensure that you ask your LeafFilter gutter guard to explain the quote and see if there are any current discounts on LeafFilter. 

How does LeafFilter install gutter guards?

LeafFilter will install gutter guards professionally using their service. You will not be able to install these yourself. The gutter guard will attach directly to the gutter itself so there is no need to worry about the LeafFilter doing any damage to your roof. 

What is the best material for gutter guards?

The best material for gutter guards is aluminum or steel that is not going to warm or fall apart over time. As you can imagine gutter guards are exposed to quite a few of the elements and if they are not of high quality the gutter guards are going to struggle to stay in great shape long term. 

Micro mesh gutter guards are the best type of gutter guard on the market for your home because it not only keeps out large debris like sticks and leaves, but manages small particles like dirt or broken pine needles.

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