Gutter Guard Installation Cost (2022)

By Laura Hodges

Gutter guards can be a lifesaver for homeowners that have trees surrounding their homes. When debris from trees falls on the roof it eventually makes its way down into the gutters and gets caught. When gutters get clogged they don’t work to properly remove water from the roof of the home. Installing gutter guards is a great way to help protect the foundation of your home and to keep you from cleaning your gutters every other day!

It’s important to remember that gutter guards are going to have two costs associated with them. Those costs include the material and the labor. For some homeowners, the material costs will be the only affordable part of this process, and a DIY installation becomes necessary. However, there are a few factors to consider before you go the DIY route. Keep reading to find out. 

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Gutter Guard Installation: Materials Cost

The first major part of this process is deciding which type of gutter guard you would like for your home. Some gutter guards are more expensive than others, and it is vital to understand the gutter guards’ functionality. 

For instance, a micro-mesh screen is more expensive than a plastic PVC screen, but the longevity and durability of the micro-mesh tend to be a bit better. Micro-mesh gutter guards allow for the best water flow while still capturing all of the debris that wants to clog the gutters. 

When you hire a professional gutter company to come in and install new gutter guards, they will not break down the material and labor cost for you. These companies try to work on a package price that includes labor and materials. 

As a homeowner, it is essential to understand what the materials will cost so that you know you are getting a good deal on your home gutter guard installation. Remember that some of these gutter guards are easier to install than others. For instance, a foam gutter guard is quite simple to work with, and its pricing is a bit higher; however, the durability is not as good. 

The features and benefits of each gutter guard type need to be weighed before deciding on the next steps of hiring a gutter guard installation company. 

Plastic PVC Screen $0.35 to $1.13 $185
Aluminum Perforated Cover $0.67 to $1.33 $250
Metal Mesh Guard $1.16 to $2.75 $487
Steel Screen $1.50 to $3.17 $583
Micro-Mesh $2 to $3.50 $687
Foam Guard $2.17 to $4.25 $802
Brush Guard $3.12 to $4.50 $952
Surface Tension Gutter  $3.58 to $6.69 $1,282

Gutter Guard Installation Cost: Labor

There are two ways labor costs need to be considered when it comes to gutter guard installation costs. The first is to consider ordering your materials online yourself and then having a local handyman or laborer come over and install the gutter guards. The second is to choose a full-service gutter guard installation contractor that handles everything from purchasing the products to the final installation. 

Handyman or Local Contractor Installation

When you hire a local contractor to install gutter guards for you, the rate you pay will be in addition to the materials you have already purchased. The typical labor cost per linear foot will range from $1.93 to $3.88 per linear foot. Remember that these costs will be impacted by the type of gutter guard that you are installing. 

It’s also important to remember that the labor costs are slightly lower with a handyman or local contractor. However, they are typically not experts in gutters and gutter guard installation if it’s not their product you bought. They will likely not be offering a warranty with the completed project either. 

Full-Service Gutter Guard Installation

The full-service gutter guard installation is the highest-priced option, but it tends to provide the most benefit. If you do not want to research the materials yourself or try to find and hire a local handyperson, you can use a full-service gutter installation contractor. These contractors will come to your home, handle all the measurements, help you decide on a gutter type and then complete the entire installation of the project. 

The full-service gutter guard companies usually charge between $5.75 and $12.25 per linear foot. The pricing will vary depending on which type of gutter you decide to go with. This is the most expensive of the options that you have when it comes to gutter guard installation. 

However, most gutter guard companies offer a warranty of at least a few years. Having a contract like this will ensure that any work done will be repairable should an issue arise. 

In addition, these full-service gutter guard installation companies will likely be licensed and insured. Anytime you have people working on ladders around your home, insurance and licensing are crucial factors to consider.  

Average Price of Materials Only (per linear foot) Average Price of Labor Only (per linear foot) Average Price of Full-Service Gutter Guard Company (per linear foot)
$0.68 to $7.50 $1.93-$3.88 $5.75 to $12.25
Average Price of Materials Only (per 250 feet) Average Price of Labor Only (per 250 linear feet) Average Price of Full-Service Gutter Guard Company (per 250 linear feet)
$1,022 $726 $2,025
Total Cost For Materials And Installation DIY Total Cost for Labor and Installation Materials Purchased and Local Handyman Total Cost for Labor and Installation Professional Gutter Service
$1,022 $1,748 $2,025


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Gutter Guard DIY vs. Professional Installation

Gutter guard professional installation and handling are more costly than installing them yourself due to high labor and material costs. In addition, there is typically a warranty associated with a gutter installation that will ensure you are covered for years to come.

The higher pricing of this option makes many homeowners consider eliminating professional gutter guard installation. To eliminate these costs, you will need to handle the gutter guard installation entirely independently. Take a look at the factors to consider before installing your gutter guards yourself. 


There is no way around the fact that you will need to be on a ladder while you complete this project. Standing on a ladder and working with both hands to install gutter guards takes a bit of understanding and balance. If, for any reason, you feel as though you may not be sturdy enough to make your way around the entire home safely, call in the professionals. 

Thousands of people have issues with ladder safety each year, and many of these issues can result in severe injury or death. Don’t play around with this, and be smart about your capabilities. 


The cost will be quite a bit cheaper to handle gutter guard installation on your own. However, you should also get a quote for professional installation to see how much more it is. When homeowner orders product, they will not get the same discount as a professional. This is why the costs of the DIY and professional can sometimes be very close. Moreover, although gutter guards bought on Amazon may seem cheaper in terms of purchasing and installing, gutter guards from a company like LeafFitler are significantly more durable, with better longevity and reliability.

The last thing you want to do is take on a gutter guard installation process on your own, only to find out that the cost of the professional choice was considerably less expensive. 

Product Selection & Measurement

When you order your gutter guards for a DIY installation, you must do your measurements and calculations before ordering. You can take our word for it on this one; if you don’t have extensive experience in this type of thing, there will likely be a few mistakes. 

Most gutter guards can be cut and pieced together to handle any issues with measurement. However, you will need the proper tools to cut and retrofit the gutter guards. There will likely be trial and error in finding the best gutter guards for your existing gutters without professional installation.


The longevity of a gutter guard is one of the most important factors to consider. Most gutter guard professionals will include a warranty with the installation of their product.

For homeowners that do this project on their own, the warranty of the materials could even be void. 

Try to balance your desire to save money with the overall quality of the result. For some homeowners who are handy and comfortable on a ladder, this process will be simple and well worth the money saved. 

Pros and Cons of DIY Gutter Guard Installation 


  • Do at your own pace
  • Can choose more expensive materials because of cost savings
  • Lowest cost
  • Greater understanding of roof gutter guard system 
  • Minimal tools needed


  • Can be dangerous
  • Not a good project for those that don’t want to be on a ladder
  • Does not come with a warranty of any kind 
  • No guidance in choosing gutter guard materials or products

Factors That Impact The Cost of Gutter Guard Installation

The cost of gutter guard installation will vary depending on a few different factors. Depending on where you live, the type of home you have, and the gutters you want to be installed, expect to see a fluctuation in labor.  

Local Labor Rates

Depending on where your home is located, the pricing of gutter guard installation will be impacted. In high-income areas where homes are worth quite a bit of money, labor rates are higher. These homeowners typically expect only the best licensed and insured contractors, and they will pay higher local labor rates. After being a homeowner for a few years, you should have a good handle on your local labor rates. 

Height of the Roof

The height of the roof can impact the total cost that you pay for gutter guard installation. Very high roofs with gutters will increase the risk that a gutter guard contractor has to take. This is a problem because of the increased insurance that they may be subject to. Customers should expect to pay more for gutter guard installation if they have a very high roof.


Sometimes, obstacles around the home make the gutter guard installation process take a bit longer. Whether this includes gutters installed in hard-to-reach areas or simply trees and other foliage blocking the gutter guard professionals’ way, the labor costs could go up. 

Type of Gutter Guard Purchased

Some gutter guards are much easier to install than others. If you are worried about the gutter guard installation costs, try to choose a material that is easy to install. Talk to a professional about the variation in labor rates based on the materials selected for the gutter guard. There are six types of gutter guards available, and installation cost is dependent on the type chosen.

  • Micro-mesh: Micro-mesh guards are known as the most popular. These are typically high in pricing and call for professional installation, which drives up the price. However, this type is exceptionally durable as they are made from metal with tiny holes to keep debris out of the gutter.
  • Mesh: One of the best types of gutter guards. Its small holes keep small and large debris out but still allow water flow. These range from mid-high in pricing and usually require professional installation but are durable, much like the micro-mesh guards.
  • Screen: Screen gutter guards are low to mid-priced but can typically be installed yourself. They are suitable for blocking out large debris but usually require cleaning once per year to maintain their structure and durability.
  • Reverse Curve/Surface Tension: These types of gutter guards are the most expensive. They are installed underneath roof shingles, making them visible from the ground. However, this type keeps out almost all debris as the scrap falls down its slide, but the surface tension allows the water to flow into the gutter.
  • Foam: Foam gutter guards are relatively inexpensive and can be installed yourself. Foam guards are not remarkably durable but are easy to install and can be bought on Amazon or your nearest Home Depot. Debris can collect on top of them, so they need to be clean a few times per year.
  • Brush: Brush gutter guards are like foam in that they are DIY gutter guards and have a pretty low price point. A brush gutter guard can be installed without professional help and requires cleaning off large debris a couple of times a year. However, brush guards will typically fit into any size gutter.

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LeafFilter used patented technology to create its 275-micron steel micro-mesh gutter guard. The company has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau with thousands of positive customer reviews on the BBB and Yelp. LeafFilter’s leading gutter guard keeps all types of debris out of your gutters while allowing water to flow through for proper drainage. The company also offers a transferable lifetime warranty, unlike any other company on the market.

LeafFilter’s long-lasting and patented system is installed by professionals directly onto your home. You can receive a free in-person estimate on the cost of LeafFilter gutter guards by entering your zip code on their website. LeafFilter also offers the installation of new gutters if the ones on your home are ineffective or will not work with their gutter guards.

Read our in-depth LeafFilter review for more information.

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All American Gutter Protection is a well-known gutter manufacturer that makes a 100% Aluminum body with stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard. The aluminum metal used for the guard makes it extremely long-lasting and durable for harsh weather and large debris. The micro-mesh allows water to flow through the guard while blocking out large debris, and the guard won’t bend or warp under pressure.

This company offers full professional installation in 13 states across the US and comes with a lifetime warranty. Another unique offering from this company is military and senior discounts, which all gutter guard providers don’t offer.

Read our All American Gutter Protection review for more information.

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Final Thoughts

Gutter guard installation costs can be challenging to manage because they deal with many different aspects. The price will change depending on where you live, the type of gutter guard chosen, and the individual you select to complete the project. However, even with this variation in cost, homeowners must understand the different pricing structures of gutter guards. When you get a quote for gutter guard installation on your home, you will now know the averages and whether or not you are getting a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to install gutter guards?

It is a big decision to install gutter guards. There are certain costs associated with gutter guards, and these must be all considered before making the final decision. However, in the end, most homeowners find that the best solution for themselves and the home is to install gutter guards. 

Are gutter guards a waste of money?

Gutter guards are not a waste of money. If you have a gutter system in your home, you should have gutter guards as well. In order for gutters to function properly and efficiently, the gutters need to be free of all debris and allow water to pass. 

How much does Lowes charge to install gutter guards?

Lowes will charge based on your location and the scope of the project. Another service that Lowes offers is gutter installation. Therefore, if you have specific areas of your home that are not adequately covered and want to add gutter guards to the entire house, Lowes has professional contractors on staff that can help. It’s good to get quotes from a few different sources before signing up with one company. 

Is a professional gutter guard installation worth the money?

Professional gutter guard installation is typically worth the money because of the included workmanship and warranty. The warranty has quite a bit of value to it, and it is already worked into the price of the plan. In addition, not having to measure the gutters or clean them out yourself before installation is an excellent benefit to consider. 

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