5 Best Mesh Gutter Guards (2022)

By Laura Hodges

A mesh gutter guard is the most popular type of gutter guard on the market. Almost all debris will be filtered out with a mesh material, allowing only water to penetrate the gutter system. Gutter guards are a wise investment for any home, but these best mesh gutter guards can make a difference in your overall home maintenance responsibilities. In this guide, you will find:

  • The top mesh gutter guard brands
  • Compare pricing, location options, warranties, and more
  • What to consider before buying gutter guards
  • House Method’s expert recommendations
  • and much more

A gutter guard is a protective cover that goes on top of your gutters. The best gutter guards stop all leaves, debris, animals, pine needles, and sometimes even shingle dust from penetrating the gutter. Mesh gutter guards are highly efficient and will make this process even more effortless than other gutter guards on the market.

Best Customer Service

Our Top 5 Mesh Gutter Guards

In recent years, technology has pointed out that mesh gutter guards and micro mesh gutter guards are the best on the market. This has led to an influx of new companies coming to the market. We took hundreds of gutter guard companies and analyzed their cost, features, warranty, installation, and effectiveness. Here is how the top 5 best mesh gutter guards are ranked. 

  1. LeafFilter Gutter Guards: Best Professional Installation
  2. HomeCraft Gutter Protection: Best Design
  3. All American Gutter Protection: Best Customizable
  4. MasterShield Gutter Guard: Most Environmentally Friendly
  5. Raptor Gutter Guards:  Best DIY Mesh Gutter Guards

Compare Mesh Gutter Guards

Provider Website/link Cost (200 ft) States Covered Unique features
LeafFilter Gutter Guards Visit Site Contact For Quote 43 States, not including Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota Professional installation, number one gutter guard company, quick installation 
All American Gutter Protection Visit Site Contact For Quote 15 States, including Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia It comes in over 30 colors, has impressive BBB ratings, strengthens the gutters on the home 
MasterShield Gutter Guard Visit Site Contact For Quote Contact Company for Complete and Updated List Created by the inventor of Micro Mesh Gutter guards, lifetime warranty, premium technology, and functionality 
Raptor Gutter Guards Visit Site $458 All of US Micro-mesh, 25-year warranty, includes self-tapping screws
HomeCraft Gutter Protection Visit Site  Contact For Quote Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas It has a lifetime transferrable warranty, can be used with metal roofs, micro-mesh material for superior filtration 

1. LeafFilter Gutter Guards

Best Overall


  • Full installation of patented 3-piece LeafFilter system
  • Stainless steel 275-micron micromesh screen
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Free estimate with in-person inspection

our rating9.7

It only takes a quick online search for most homeowners to find LeafFilter Gutter Guards. The LeafFilter name is one of the most well-known in the industry, and they are known for their professional installation. LeafFilter is available in 43 states and has one of the quickest and most efficient installation processes. 

LeafFilter Gutter Guards work because they are made with a 275-micron steel mesh material. The material will keep out all of the debris that tries to cross into the gutters. In addition, the gutter guards are installed with a slight pitch to them to help debris move towards the ground. 

The LeafFilter Gutter Guards mesh material is guaranteed not to break down, warp, or bend through the years. The LeafFilter Gutter Guard system comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. The LeafFilter Gutter Guards are known for their quality and dependability. If you have had enough of dirty gutters and improper water flow, this is the guard for you. 



  • Steel gutter guard with micro mesh technology
  • Patented system 
  • Installed by professional
  • Lifetime transferable warranty 
  • Durable and long-lasting design 
  • Quick installation process
  • Will also install gutters if needed
  • A trusted name in the industry 
  • Must be professionally installed 

Key features of this gutter guard: LeafFilter gutter guards do not allow any debris to fall through and get to the gutter system. These gutters are made with a stainless steel micro-mesh that will never deteriorate or rust. In addition, the hole size of the micro mesh still allows the LeafFilter to keep up during heavy downpours.

Who should buy it: The LeafFilter Gutter guards are some of the most popular selling guards on the market. Suppose you are worried about the longevity or durability of a product; It is a good idea to consider LeafFilter so that you know you have a strong parent company to contact if necessary. 

Get an estimate by visiting LeafFilter’s website!

Read our LeafFilter Review to find out more.

2. HomeCraft Gutter Protection

Best Design


  • Patented Diamond Raised Technology screen
  • Gutter guards made from 304 marine-grade stainless steel
  • 7 color options
  • Professionally fastened to gutter, not the roof

our rating9.5

HomeCraft Gutter Protection is an option that works with all types of roofs and is, therefore, the most versatile gutter guard. HomeCraft Gutter Protection is a solution for your metal roof and your shingle roof. The exciting thing about this model is that it has a raised mesh design so that the debris will not block any water from penetrating the gutter. 

HomeCraft Gutter Protection stands behind their high-quality stainless mesh material, and they offer a lifetime transferable warranty. If you are selling your home, this can be a great selling point letting people know that the gutter guards will remain covered. 

If your home does not currently have gutters installed, HomeCraft can help by installing a complete gutter system for you. This is an excellent benefit for new homeowners or homeowners that are finding damage around their home’s foundation. If you live in an area where HomeCraft is offered, you can get a quote from this company. 



  • Mesh gutter guards keep all debris out 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Free estimates
  • Will also install gutters 
  • It can use on all types of roofs 
  • High-quality mesh material 
  • You need an appointment to get a quote
  • Only found in ten states  

Key features of this gutter guard: Superior Gutter Guards have technology that will keep debris raised and water flowing through. If you have a metal roof, HomeCraft Gutter guards are also an excellent solution for your home. 

Who should buy it: The service area for HomeCraft Gutter Protection is limited to about ten states; it is essential to check these states before trying to get a quote. Customers that want a smaller and easy-to-work-with company will enjoy what HomeCraft Gutter Protection can do. 

Visit HomeCraft’s website to get a free estimate for your home.

Read our HomeCraft Review for more information!

3. All American Gutter Protection

Best Customer Service

All American Gutter Protection

  • Stainless steel micromesh gutter guards
  • Gutter guards come in 30+ colors
  • Pricing estimate given after at-home inspection
  • Company with 6 years of experience

our rating9.6

All American Gutter Protection offers some of the most customizable mesh gutter guard choices. All American Gutter Protection offers their gutters in various sizes, and they are known for their impressive customer service. All American Gutter Protection can also help if your current gutter system will not fit with any other gutter guards on the market. 

All American Gutter Protection Guards’ aluminum frame helps ensure that the design is superior. The aluminum material is very supportive and can even help to strengthen gutters. In addition, the stainless steel mesh that goes on top of the aluminum guards will help ensure that even small debris stays out of the gutters. 

The All American Gutter Protection gutter system comes with a lifetime warranty, and they are often advertising sales for military and seniors. If you are looking for a great deal and a sale, this may be a company to reach out to first to see what they can do. 



  • Discounts for military and seniors
  • Stainless steel micro-mesh 
  • Won’t bend, warp or break 
  • Guaranteed for the life of the home
  • High BBB Ratings
  • Aluminum frame for longevity 
  • Professional installation
  • No option for DIY install 
  • The website does not give that much information 

Key features of this gutter guard: The All American Gutter Guards come with a lifetime warranty that will include no rusting, bending, or breaking. The All American Gutter Protection has very high BBB ratings and offers a professional and well-qualified installation. 

Who should buy it: Mesh gutter guards blend in quite well with the home. However, there are times and angles to see the mesh gutters. This is where it becomes essential to purchase something with color and customization options like the All American Gutter Protection system. 

Visit All American Gutter Protection’s website to sign up for a free in-person estimate!

Read our All American Gutter Protection Review to find out more information.

4. MasterShield Gutter Guard 

Most Environmentally Friendly


  • Heated gutter system option 
  • Can be installed at same pitch as roof
  • Eco-friendly, HydroVortex technology, and 14+ color options
  • 17 years of experience in the gutter industry

our rating9.3

The MasterShield Gutter Guard is the most eco-friendly option on the market. It should not surprise you that this is the best design as the inventor was also the creator of the original micro-mesh gutter guard. All gutter guards face the issue of debris piling up on top of the gutter guard. This debris needs to be cleaned out, forcing homeowners to head up on the ladder. 

With MasterShield Gutter guards, the design is more of a sloped model, and it is installed at the same pitch as your roof. This is done to help debris slide right off the top. It is important to note that the MasterShield gutter guard is prominent but, at the same time, highly effective. 

There are many color options available from MasterShield, which will help ensure that the look of your home does not change in any way. It’s important to note that MasterShield gutter guards are made from eco-friendly recycled material. This is a company that cares about your home, your safety, and also the environment. 



  • Pitched angle design to allow for better flow of debris
  • It comes with a filter for better water flow
  • Pitched design 
  • It comes in 30 colors
  • Professional installation 
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Available from many dealers throughout the country 
  • The filter can get clogged at times
  • Higher priced gutter guards 

Key features of this gutter guard: The MasterShield Gutter Guard comes with a professional installation, a filter to ensure that no bacteria or small particles make their way into your gutters, and color options for all roof styles. If you want the best functionality from your mesh gutter guards, this is a smart option to consider.  

Who should buy it: The more time you spend on your roof cleaning the gutters, the more you will appreciate the MasterShield Gutter Guard technology. This mesh technology is quite impressive, and even though the pricing is higher, the value is quite substantial for these gutter guards. 

Get a free in-person estimate by visiting MasterShield’s website!

Read our in-depth MasterShield Review for more details!

5. Raptor Gutter Guards

Professionals install the majority of the mesh gutter guards on the market. The professional installation allows for superior artistry and a much easier time for customers that are not typically savvy with DIY projects. However, if you are interested in installing your own mesh gutter guards, the Raptor Gutter Guards could be the best fit for you. 

The Raptor Gutter Guards are mesh gutter guards with superior filtering ability. We love that the gutters are offered in a few sizes so that customers will have much less to worry about when it comes to installation and configuration. 

In addition, the Raptor Gutter Guards come with a 25-year warranty. Most DIY gutter guards will not offer a warranty simply because the installation can’t be verified. However, with the Raptor Gutter Guards, the product is so simple to install and has such good longevity you can get a 25-year warranty. Installing your mesh gutter guards will make the overall process more affordable. 



  • It comes with a 25-year warranty 
  • Two different size options 
  • Micro-mesh material blocks debris
  • Heavy-duty materials 
  • Product provided with self-tapping screws
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Easy to install 
  • Higher priced than some other DIY gutter guards 

Key features of this gutter guard: The Raptor Gutter Guards are made of hefty micro-mesh material, and they come in two different sizes. Small self-tapping screws will ease you to hammer in these gutter guards. The installation process is something that most DIY homeowners will have no trouble with. 

Who should buy it: DIY mesh gutter guards can be hard to come by. However, Raptor Gutter Guards solves the problem for many people looking for a high-end gutter guard that they can install on their own without professional help. 

To see the current pricing of this gutter guard, look on Amazon.

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What to Look For When Buying Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

Quality of the guard

A mesh gutter guard needs to be high-quality steel if you expect it to hold up over time. The gutter guard will have to handle debris from a large stick, pinecones, and even some animals to hold up over time. The quality of the gutter guard is essential to ensure that you get longevity.

It is important to note that the mesh gutter guards are some of the highest quality guards on the market. 

Price Point

Mesh gutter guards tend to be at the high end of the price range. When you go with a professional installation, the price will increase even more. Some of the factors that impact the overall costs of a gutter guard include the size of the home, the height of the roof, and even the local labor rates in your area. 

Don’t expect the mesh gutter guards to be the cheapest on the market, but the price point is fair when you realize how little attention your gutters will now need. 


Installation for most mesh gutter guards is going to be done professionally. However, the Raptor Gutter Guards are an excellent example of something that can be installed on your own. Installation for gutter guards is speedy, but it will make the overall investment quite a bit higher. 

Always ensure that the company installing the gutter guards will not do anything that would impact a roof warranty that you may already have in place. All options on our list should go under the shingles and not cause you any issues, but this is something to be aware of. 

Visual appeal

Mesh gutter guards are typically hard to see. Most of the guards will sit directly on top of the gutter, and you would need a ladder to see them. However, some come over the edge or sit at more of an angle, making them highly visible from the ground. 

Talk to the gutter guard company about finding a match for your home. If you choose a gutter guard that does not match your home’s color scheme, it will stand out. 

Gutter Coverage

The gutter coverage is not something homeowners need to worry about when going with a professional gutter installation company. With the professional install, all coverage issues are investigated before purchase, and proper measurements are taken. 

When installing mesh gutter guards, make sure you measure twice and get enough material to cover the entire home adequately. 

Warranty Options

Almost all mesh gutter guards come with a warranty. This should come as no surprise since mesh gutter guards are known for durability and longevity. The best warranties out there are going to be lifetime transferrable warranties. This means that the warranty will transfer even though you sell your home. Look for this feature if you want the best value for the gutter guards you purchase. 

Best Customer Service

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now feel you can purchase some of the best mesh gutter guards on the market and be happy with your decision. The fact that you are interested in mesh gutter guards, to begin with, is a great sign. The mesh gutter guards are some of the highest performing on the market, and the transition to the micro-mesh gutter guards has helped reduce the debris particles that end up in the gutter. 

Overall the LeafFilter gutter guards are the most well-known gutter guards. These mesh gutter guards are higher in quality and will filter out almost anything you need to be filtered out. LeafFilter comes with a solid warranty, and the pricing is always typical for the other gutter guards in this category. 

It is essential to consider that the best overall mesh gutter guard on our list may not be the perfect fit for your home. We recommend getting two to three quotes to determine which of these will be the best overall option. This will be an addition to your home that you will be thrilled you made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I install mesh gutter guards?

Installing mesh gutter guards ensures that your roof remains free of water and debris and that the area around the foundation of your home does not pool with water. Mesh gutter guards are higher in price than some other guards on the market, but they have better functionality. 

Do I have to get new gutters too?

Mesh gutter guards are incredibly versatile, and they come in a variety of sizes. Regardless of the design of your current gutters, there are mesh guards that will fit on them. If you don’t currently have gutters, most gutter guard companies will install them for you. 

Do mesh gutter guards block all debris?

The mesh gutter guards block almost all debris. Micro-mesh sometimes has a bit more of a smaller opening and will block even more debris, yet both are impressive in what they can keep out of your gutters. All of the following should be blocked from getting into the gutter. . .

  • Leaves
  • Twigs
  • Sticks
  • Animals
  • Most insects
  • Shingle Roof Dust 
  • Pine needles
  • Pinecones


Do gutter guards work in heavy rain? 

Mesh gutter guards work quite well in heavy rain, as long as your gutter guards are not covered with debris. The gutter guards need to be open and free of debris for the water to flow through and into the gutter system. Mesh gutter guards are designed to handle fast rainfall as long as they are clear on the top. 

Do gutter guards go under shingles? 

Most gutter guards go under the last row of shingles on your gutters. However, this does not mean that you need to lift up or damage these shingles. The gutter guards simply slide underneath and make it very easy to get a seamless and complete look on your roof. 

Gutter Guard Company Ranking and Review Methodology

At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. We’ve done the homework for you and have researched over 50 gutter guards so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home. We took the time to create an objective rating system and score each gutter guard and gutter guard provider according to our methodology.

We also dug into the details of each gutter guard to ensure that you could make the best decisions for your home and keep your gutters debris-free for years to come.

To make the most of our research, we developed a formula to objectively determine the best gutter guards based on the following criteria:

  • National coverage – If applicable, How many states does the company cover? We found the number of states covered by each company.
  • Customer service: How is the customer experience when calling the providers? Based on our phone calls, we judged each company’s customer service.
  • Trust: What do customers rate the company? We looked into what customers are saying about their experience with the company.
  • Unique perks: Does the company offer discounts or cover special items? We looked for extras each company offers that set them apart from the competition.
  • Warranty terms – We looked into the lifetime warranty terms if the provider offers one.
  • Construction materials – What is the gutter guard made out of? What are the extra parts needed? We found what each company’s guards are made from and how they are installed.
  • Installation process – Does the company do in-person estimates? What are customer experiences when professionals install gutter guards? We looked into how the installation process works for each provider.
  • Cost – How reasonable are prices in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors.
  • Buying process – if the gutter guard is a DIY installation, how easy is the buying process? We looked for shipping costs and shipping time and where customers could buy the product.

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