The Median Age of Homes
in the United States by Build Year

Analyzed by state, county, and city

By David Cusick

Age may just be a number, but when it comes to the age of a home, it can be an indicator of its style, features, condition, or even help tell a story about where its located. Home construction, especially in modern building, comes in waves in areas with new developments springing up as a city grows. 

With this in mind, we conducted a study looking at the median age of homes across the United States. We analyzed U.S. census data on a state, county, and city level. Check out our findings below. 

Main Findings

New York came in as the state with the oldest median home age in the U.S. at 63 years. Rhode Island was a few years younger at 60, followed closely by Massachusetts (59), Pennsylvania (57), and Connecticut (55). No surprise that the five states with the oldest median home age are all located in the northeast as they had some of the largest growth in early America. 

At the other end of the spectrum, the five states with the youngest median home age are Nevada (26), Arizona (30), Utah (31), Georgia (31), and North Carolina and South Carolina tied at 32 years old. Nevada has been the fastest-growing state for roughly five decades so it follows that the homes would be the newest. Likewise, the other ‘youngest’ states have seen large population increases and the housing being built to satisfy the demand. 

Next, we narrowed the data down to a county-by-county look in the interactive map below. You can hover over each county to view the data or use the search function on the upper-left side by typing in the county’s name.

The county with the oldest median home age in the U.S. is Clay County, Kansas. The county’s median year of structure build is 1941, bringing the county’s median home age to 79 years. The Sunshine State of Florida holds the ‘youngest’ county in the country, with Sumter County, Florida having a median home age of 17 years.

Finally, we analyzed the data by town and city. Below is a table with the three towns or cities with the oldest median home ages and the three with the newest, grouped by state.

Median Home Age by City and State

StateCity, Median Year of Home Construction
AlabamaPike Road, 2005
Margaret, 2004
Chelsea, 2004
Waverly, 1952
Lowndesboro, 1948
Mulga, 1945
AlaskaWhale Pass, 2009
Houston, 1995
Kachemak, 1994
Ketchikan, 1970
Pelican, 1963
Bettles, 1959
ArizonaQueen Creek, 2006
Maricopa, 2005
Buckeye, 2005
Superior, 1957
Hayden, 1954
Miami, 1950
ArkansasCave Springs, 2008
Brookland, 2005
Austin, 2005
Tillar, 1950
Tinsman, 1949
Oakhaven, 1947
CaliforniaEastvale, 2006
Lincoln, 2004
Beaumont, 2003
San Marino, 1944
Berkeley, 1942
San Francisco, 1942
ColoradoTimnath, 2011
Frederick, 2005
Firestone, 2005
Julesburg, 1947
Kit Carson, 1946
Crook, 1945
ConnecticutShelton, 1975
Middletown, 1971
Danbury, 1970
Bridgeport, 1947
Jewett City, 1940
New Haven, 1940
DelawareMillville, 2007
Townsend, 2004
Millsboro, 2004
Leipsic, 1946
Wilmington, 1946
Bellefonte, 1944
FloridaGroveland, 2005
Freeport, 2004
Estero, 2003
Miami Shores, 1952
Biscayne Park, 1951
El Portal, 1950
GeorgiaTurin, 2008
Port Wentworth, 2005
Braselton, 2005
Carlton, 1949
Edge Hill, 1948
Trion, 1945
HawaiiOcean Pointe, 2006
Kaneohe Station, 2005
Ko Olina, 2004
Papaikou, 1955
Kaumakani, 1947
Pakala Village, 1945
IdahoStar, 2006
Kuna, 2004
Victor, 2002
Kellogg, 1941
Oxford, 1941
Wardner, 1940
IllinoisPingree Grove, 2007
Volo, 2006
Timberlane, 2004
Armington, 1940
Latham, 1940
Odell, 1940
IndianaWhitestown, 2009
New Amsterdam, 2006
McCordsville, 2006
Amo, 1941
Atlanta, 1941
Carlisle, 1941
IowaTiffin, 2005
Waukee, 2004
North Liberty, 2004
Alta Vista, 1941
Fort Madison, 1940
Peterson, 1940
KansasSpring Hill, 2002
St. George, 2001
Greensburg, 2001
Alden, 1941
Allen, 1941
Herington, 1940
KentuckyHeritage Creek, 2005
Union, 2003
Sonora, 2002
Covington, 1941
Parkway Village, 1941
Seneca Gardens, 1941
LouisianaYoungsville, 2005
Maurice, 2003
Port Vincent, 2002
New Orleans, 1957
Napoleonville, 1955
Mound, 1945
MaineEllsworth, 1981
Belfast, 1977
Saco, 1976
Rockland, 1951
Waterville, 1951
Portland, 1943
MarylandNew Market, 2005
Keedysville, 1998
Church Hill, 1998
Baltimore, 1943
Marydel, 1942
Brookview, 1941
MassachusettsFranklin Town, 1985
Barnstable Town, 1975
Marlborough, 1973
Newburyport, 1942
Worcester, 1942
Cambridge, 1941
MichiganDexter, 1999
New Haven, 1998
Lake Isabella, 1996
Bellevue, 1942
Hudson, 1942
Casnovia, 1941
MinnesotaMayer, 2004
Elko New Market, 2004
Shafer, 2003
Darfur, 1942
Flensburg, 1942
South Haven, 1941
MississippiGuntown, 2002
Pass Christian, 2001
Waveland, 2000
Louise, 1959
Tishomingo, 1959
Sumner, 1953
MissouriHarwood, 2010
Peaceful Village, 2009
Cottleville, 2006
Knox City, 1941
Richmond Heights, 1941
Rutledge, 1941
MontanaBozeman, 1993
Belgrade, 1992
Whitefish, 1988
Lavina, 1943
Winifred, 1942
Harlowton, 1941
NebraskaHallam, 2003
Hickman, 1999
Bennington, 1999
Beaver City, 1941
Cook, 1941
Ericson, 1941
NevadaNorth Las Vegas, 2001
Mesquite, 2001
Fernley, 2000
Yerington, 1974
Ely, 1964
Caliente, 1958
New HampshireRochester, 1976
Lebanon, 1975
Nashua, 1974
Franklin, 1954
Claremont, 1949
Berlin, 1941
New JerseyRiverdale, 2001
Tinton Falls, 1992
Edgewater, 1992
Audubon, 1943
Woodlynne, 1942
Deal, 1941
New MexicoRio Rancho, 1996
Kirtland, 1996
Edgewood, 1996
Carrizozo, 1950
Folsom, 1945
Wagon Mound, 1945
New YorkKiryas Joel, 1998
New Square, 1997
Kaser, 1996
Batavia, 1940
Dannemora, 1940
Dunkirk, 1940
North CarolinaRolesville, 2008
Waxhaw, 2006
Holly Ridge, 2006
Warrenton, 1946
Brookford, 1943
Cooleemee, 1941
North DakotaLincoln, 2005
Reile's Acres, 2002
Williston, 2001
Clifford, 1941
Hansboro, 1941
Drake, 1940
OhioNew Albany, 2004
Commercial Point, 2002
South Lebanon, 2001
Fredericksburg, 1940
Grandview Heights, 1940
Harrisburg, 1940
OklahomaCarlton Landing, 2012
Valley Park, 2005
New Woodville, 2003
Covington, 1944
Foraker, 1944
Jefferson, 1943
OregonMillersburg, 2003
Happy Valley, 2003
Sisters, 2002
Heppner, 1943
Maywood Park, 1943
Astoria, 1942
PennsylvaniaIvyland, 1998
Elverson, 1996
Seven Fields, 1995
Beaver Falls, 1940
Brackenridge, 1940
Highspire, 1940
Rhode IslandWarwick, 1959
Cranston, 1957
Cranston, 1957
East Providence, 1956
East Providence, 1956
Pawtucket, 1945
South CarolinaHardeeville, 2008
Bluffton, 2006
Reidville, 2004
Sycamore, 1949
Pelzer, 1946
Whitmire, 1944
South DakotaSummerset, 2006
Harrisburg, 2005
Tea, 2002
Astoria, 1942
Monroe, 1942
Emery, 1941
TennesseeBerry Hill, 2011
Nolensville, 2007
Thompson's Station, 2005
Hickory Valley, 1946
Lynnville, 1944
Normandy, 1942
TexasFulshear, 2013
DISH, 2011
Bee Cave, 2010
Nordheim, 1946
Olmos Park, 1944
Iredell, 1942
UtahSaratoga Springs, 2007
Herriman, 2007
Eagle Mountain, 2006
Helper, 1942
Holden, 1942
Eureka, 1941
VermontAlburgh, 1985
South Burlington, 1984
Essex Junction, 1981
Enosburg Falls, 1944
Barre, 1940
St. Albans, 1940
VirginiaLovettsville, 2001
Purcellville, 1999
Haymarket, 1999
Keller, 1945
Monterey, 1945
Capron, 1942
WashingtonRidgefield, 2005
Snoqualmie, 2004
Yelm, 2003
Sprague, 1942
Oakesdale, 1941
Harrington, 1940
West VirginiaWinfield, 1990
Hedgesville, 1990
Capon Bridge, 1990
Flemington, 1941
Hundred, 1940
Salem, 1940
WisconsinBrokaw, 2003
Warrens, 2002
Merton, 2001
Bloomington, 1941
Readstown, 1941
Viola, 1940
WyomingBar Nunn, 2005
Van Tassell, 2003
Star Valley Ranch, 1997
Superior, 1947
Sinclair, 1944
Lusk, 1941

The above table has the 25 ‘youngest’ towns in America, based on median age of the homes. Fulshear comes in at the top spot with a median age of just seven years. All of the towns on this list have a median home age between seven and 13.

The median age of homes in an area can be indicative of several things: styles, characteristics, and growth. While the age may not always be telling, an overall picture of the median home age of an area can allow people to see trends in home construction of population increase. The above study has that data grouped by state, county, and city.

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The Median Age of Homes
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