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PGT Windows | Cost, Reviews & Buying Guide (2022)

Updated Nov 9, 2022

Updated Nov 9, 2022

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PGT Windows have been around for more than 40 years. They offer both impact-resistant and standard windows in the state of Florida. PGT has a wide selection of products for both new construction and replacement windows. If you are looking for window options, this company should be on your list. Here is everything you should know about PGT windows in 2022.

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What is PGT Windows?

PGT Windows is a window and door manufacturer that has been in business for more than 42 years. Located in Venice Florida, the company services areas from Miami Dade up to northern Florida. One of the reasons that PGT Windows is so well known is their impact hurricane protection windows and doors.

In addition, PGT windows make energy-efficient solutions for both vinyl and aluminum windows and doors.

The PGT windows will meet code requirements; the team has certifications to help ensure that you get deductions on your homeowner’s insurance policy as well. PGT Impact is one of the most trusted in the industry.

With PGT, it can be hard to get updated pricing without a visit to the home or a meeting with a PGT consultant. The pricing we have is an estimate based on custom reports throughout the state, but you will have to talk to a representative to get the most updated costs for your home.

Pros and Cons of PGT Windows


  • Well-known window manufacturer in Florida
  • Affordable options for impact-resistant window systems
  • Aluminum and vinyl options are available
  • Windows and doors are made to maximize light and energy efficiency


  • Warranty varies from one product to another
  • Some negative customer service reviews

PGT Window Prices

The pricing for PGT windows varies considerably based on the type of window you choose. With a standard double-hung window costing around $485, the price will be slightly higher when you move towards the hurricane-impact windows.

When you get pricing from PGT, expect that it will also include installation. The company offers installation with all of the window frames it installs. PGT is well respected in the Florida window industry and is up to date on all building codes and construction guidelines.

In addition, PGT has several different grades of windows to help customers that are shopping at various price points. Expect to see differences between the WinGuard, ClassicVue, and EnergyVue lines from PGT.

ClassicVue Max Aluminum Casement Window$700-$1265
WinGuard Vinyl Casement Window$925-$1575
EnergyVue Vinyl Awning Window$700-$1275
ClassicVuu Max Aluminum Awning Window$600-$1200
WinGuard Vinyl Single Hung$900-$1550
EnergyVue Vinyl Single Hung$720-$1275
WinGuard Vinyl Double Hung$975-$1700
EnergyVue Vinyl Double Hung$800-$1465
ClassicVue Max Aluminum Picture Window$285-$1050
WinGuard Aluminum Picture Window$400-$1245
WinGuard Vinyl Picture Window$450-$1350

Types of PGT Windows

PGT offers almost any type of windows & doors that you could want. In addition, PGT custom windows & doors will help you find solutions where the standard options don’t work. Here are the different types of PGT windows and some average pricing you can expect to pay.

PGT Single-Hung Windows

PGT single-hung windows are some of the more affordable options on the website. The windows open from the bottom, and they can also be tilted to help with cleaning. Depending on the single-hung window you choose, there are options for Energy Star single-hung windows that will bring your energy bills down.

PGT offers four single-hung window choices.

  • WinGuard Aluminum
  • WinGuard Vinyl
  • ClassicVue Max Aluminum
  • EnergyVue Vinyl

PGT Double-Hung Windows

PGT double-hung windows come in two different styles. Both have removable top and bottom sashes for better ventilation and also easier cleaning. The EnergyVue Vinyl double-hung windows have a new level of energy saving that help you save quite a bit of money.

PGT offers two double-hung window choices.

  • WinGuard Vinyl
  • EnergyVue Vinyl

PGT Sliding/Horizontal Roller Windows

PGT sliding and horizontal roller windows have tracks at the top and bottom of the frame. This window will work just like a sliding glass door and helps homeowners look for maximum visibility out of their windows. This is a popular window style for PGT, and they offer four different models to choose from. PGT keeps its sliding horizontal roller windows in mind for safety, security, and energy efficiency.

  • WinGuard Aluminum
  • WinGuard Vinyl PGT
  • EnergyVue Vinyl
  • ClassicVue Max Aluminum

PGT Picture Windows

PGT picture windows do not open. However, they do a great job insulating the home from the outside, and they have options for both vinyl frames and aluminum frames. If you have an area of your home that will offer a wonderful view to the outside, the PGT WinGuard windows in the picture style could be a really great option to consider. Some of the PGT picture windows are offered in a casement style.

There are several size and style options for picture windows from PGT.

  • EnergyVue Vinyl
  • WinGuard Aluminum
  • WinGuard Vinyl

PGT Architectural Windows

The architectural window collection from PGT will range from small to large and offer a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no pricing for this type of window on the website, but you can work with a PGT representative to ensure you find the perfect option for your home. The architectural windows will offer benefits on the exterior and interior of the home.

The architectural window collection from PGT offers options in the following series:

  • EnergyVue Vinyl
  • WinGuard Vinyl
  • ClassicVue Max Aluminum
  • WinGuard Aluminum

PGT Awning Windows

The PGT awning windows are hinged at the top and open from the bottom. This is a popular choice for a room in the home that is higher up. The windows can be left open on rainy days to help improve natural light and bring fresh air into the room. Awning windows come in a variety of sizes. The awning windows can be combined with casement windows.

  • ClassicVue Max Aluminum
  • WinGuard Aluminum
  • EnergyVue Aluminum
  • WinGuard Vinyl

PGT Window Collections and Product Lines

PGT Windows come in three different types WinGuard, EnergyVue, and ClassicVue Max. Each has its own unique benefits and can create solutions for your home. Within each product line, you can expect impact-resistant windows, energy efficiency, and traditional windows.

PGT WinGuard® Collection

The WinGuard windows from PGT have been installed more than 4 million times, and the company reports that there have been no issues with impact resistance. This is a pretty impressive stat and something that Florida homeowners should consider when they are shopping for impact doors and windows.

WinGuard® Aluminum Collection

The WinGuard Aluminium collection is made to be durable but also has a sleek and impressive look. These windows have a limited lifetime warranty and hold up well in various weather conditions.

WinGuard® Vinyl Collection

PGT says that their WinGuard Vinyl collection is designed for instant beauty. These are affordable but great-looking windows manufactured to last a long time.

PGT EnergyVue® Collection

The PGT EnergyVue collection is a vinyl line of windows that are made to be durable. In addition to durability and longevity, the windows are energy efficient with protection from UV rays. The EnergyVue Vinyl has custom options that allow for non-impact solutions as well. For modern new builds that are looking for a mix of design and functionality, the EnergyVue collection is a great option to consider.

PGT ClassicVue Max™ Collection

Where the EnergyVue collection is pure vinyl, the ClassicVue is an aluminum collection of windows and doors. The ClassicVue windows have been highly tested to ensure their engineering is of the highest quality. In addition, these heavy-duty aluminum windows are very low maintenance and will keep the home looking great for years to come.

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PGT Windows Customer Reviews

The customer reviews from PGT windows are a bit mixed. The majority of customers have had great success with the overall functionality of the window. However, there are some issues when it comes to customer service and the way certain installations are handled

The company does have a BBB rating of A+, but it is not accredited. In addition, the rating on

the BBB website is just 1.36/5 stars. On Yelp, the ratings aren’t much different; with a total of 25 reviews, the star score is 1.5/5.

Again most of the reviews are negative when issues with installation come up; here is what a few customers had to say.

“We recently purchased a six year old home in Dell Webb at Lakewood Ranch. What we thought were dirty windows turned out to seal that is shot on the triple slider. We called PGT and were informed that only the original owner would be covered. That makes absolutely no sense. It is not likely that an owner in a 55+ community broke the sliders. Stay clear of their mediocre product and terrible customer service.

Read the many reviews on here, and we are sure you will look elsewhere to purchase windows for your home.” – Patricia V. 

“Customer service is a joke. They do not respond to emails or phone calls. Hold for 1/2 an hour, and count down in the queue only to be told when it’s finally your turn that their systems are down!

Double glass window defective, cloudy glass with water between panes.

Bought and installed by a reputable dealer who retired and is now stuck with trying to get PGT to respond. Very unhappy.” – Lauren B. 

“Have had PGT windows for 5 years now and absolutely love them!”- Michael B.

PGT Windows Warranty

PGT Windows warranty is a bit complicated. Depending on the window you choose, the warranty will vary. All of the windows have a 10-year warranty on the frame finish and a one-year warranty on stress cracks.

However, there is a limited lifetime warranty on the actual frame of the window. As you will notice from some of the reviews, the warranty from PGT is not transferrable.

Where to Buy PGT Windows

PGT Windows are sold all over Florida. They have a list of dealers on their website, and you can search through the website to find a dealer close to you.

Final Verdict: Are PGT Windows worth it?

PGT Windows offers some great affordable choices for vinyl and aluminum windows in Florida. Although pricing is fair for this company, there are some issues with customer service. However, it’s worth noting that even though the company has installed millions of windows, there were only about 20 negative reviews on Yelp. As always, it’s best to ask friends, family, and neighbors what their experiences have been like with PGT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are PGT windows double-pane?

PGT Windows are double pane. They have a variety of options for vinyl windows and aluminum windows.

Does PGT make hurricane windows?

A large portion of the windows that PGT sells are hurricane windows.

Does PGT install windows?

PGT has recommended professionals to help with their windows installation; you can browse dealers on their website. In addition, you can also install a PGT window on your own.

Are PGT windows impact resistant?

Not all PGT windows are impact resistant, but many of them are. This is a good option for those that are living in Florida and need to address issues with potential hurricanes.

How long does it take to get PGT windows installed?

PGT’s lead times are 9 to 11 weeks; once you have the windows, it could take two or three days to finish the project, depending on the size.

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