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Everything to Know About Jalousie Windows: Cost, Installation, Replacement, and More

Updated Nov 8, 2022

Updated Nov 8, 2022

Home > Windows > Everything to Know About Jalousie Windows: Cost, Installation, Replacement, and More

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One of the things you quickly learn as a homeowner is that there are several different options for windows in your home. The jalousie windows are known for allowing incredible air flow through a home, but they are not seen used as commonly in modern construction. If you are looking for information on cost, installation, replacement, and more on the jalousie windows, we have you covered.

Contact a local window manufacturer to see if they have options for jalousie windows in your area.

What Are Jalousie Windows?

Jalousie windows are traditionally made of glass panels stacked on top of each other, almost the way window blinds or roof shingles will be stacked. However, these glass slats can open and close, allowing in more air and a very unobstructed view of the outside.

Sometimes the jalousie windows are referred to as louver windows, yet they are not exactly the same. The louvers have fixed slats, while the jalousie windows have blades that can be adjusted.

Jalousie windows are common in areas like sunrooms and enclosed porches where ventilation and light are so important. In addition to having glass slats in place on the jalousie windows, you may also see these windows with aluminum or even wood slats.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Jalousie Windows

When you first look at the jalousie windows, they almost look like a mix between a picture window and a blind. These windows are really popular in warmer coastal climates where natural ventilation is so important. However, as with any home improvement or construction project, there are some negatives to the jalousie windows.

Benefits of Jalousie Windows

The most important benefits of jalousie windows include better airflow, quick and easy changing of broken glass panes, and improved functionality in the rain.

Air Flow and Ventilation

When the horizontal slats on a jalousie window are opened, there will be no blocking of the air as it comes across your home. In fact, of all the window styles out there, the jalousie is one of the best choices for improved airflow.

Cheaper To Replace Part Of The Window

Another great benefit of these jalousie windows is that if you notice a crack or a scratch on one of the glass panes, you can simply replace just that one part of the window. With sliding windows or double-hung windows, you can get stuck having to replace an entire window as opposed to just one part of it.

Privacy Flexibility

With jalousie windows, you can take the glass out and add in things like aluminum or wood to help change the privacy of your home. This will also limit light in certain areas, but for some homes that are located next to a busy street or if another home is close by, the replacement of the glass is the best solution.

Blocks Sun & Rain Even When Open

Similar to awning windows, when jalousie windows are open, they will keep water from coming into the house. Many homeowners like to leave windows open in the rain, but when water gets in, it can do damage to floors and trim around the window frame.

Disadvantages of Jalousie Windows

It’s not as easy to find jalousie windows as it once was. Part of this is because they are not nearly as popular in new construction. Here are some of the reasons why you will find this.

Security Concerns

The jalousie windows are certainly not considered the most durable or stable of the window types. In fact, these windows are hard to lock, can be easy to reach through, and make some homeowners worried about their overall security.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and Energy Star Rating is becoming even more popular in replacement window options. However, the jalousie windows are not all that efficient. In fact, this is not a popular window to choose from in most cooler climates because it can let a lot of cold air through the window. In addition, warm climates that must use air conditioning to control temperature struggle with the jalousie style.

Many Moving Parts

The opening and closing of your jalousie windows will likely work just fine for the first few years. However, if you are continually opening and closing windows to let in both air and light expect the moving parts to eventually start to deteriorate and need repair. Vinyl window replacements are very stable and durable and will likely hold up longer than the jalousie windows.

How Much Do Jalousie Windows Cost?

The jalousie windows cost anywhere from $200 to $400 for a standard window. However, depending on the size of the window you choose and the window’s functionality, there could be some variation in this pricing. For instance, if you need large windows across the entire back of your home, the pricing will be considerably higher. Also, expect labor prices to change from one area of the country to another.

Find a contractor in your area to see if jalousie windows are available near you.

Jalousie Windows Materials and Styles

The jalousie windows will be made with glass, wood, or metal panels. The glass is the best option when you want to increase visibility. However, for a modern look, many homeowners are going with a wood jalousie window.

The wood jalousie window is a bit like having a window blind as your actual window. We recommend using a window screen on most of the jalousie style windows as they are not always the best at keeping out critters, with the small opening stretching the length and width of the window.

Are Jalousie Windows In Style?

Jalousie windows have gone out of style, mostly because of the maintenance requirements that you will find with these windows. They tend to struggle to open and close over time.

In addition, the jalousie windows can have a bit of a busy look to them when they are fully closed. New manufacturers are trying to change this and create jalousie windows that have better visibility.

One area of the country where jalousie windows are still in style is Hawaii. Hawaii has the perfect climate to take advantage of all the benefits that a jalousie window would have to offer.

Our Top Pick for Jalousie Windows

One thing to keep in mind is that the jalousie window is not a standard option for many manufacturers. Therefore you may have to get a bit creative when looking for jalousie windows. One option is to consider a custom window for a company like Champion.

There are also options for things like awning windows that many windows and door sales professionals may try to move you towards to avoid the negatives of the jalousie window.

Contact any of the providers below to see if they can help you install jalousie windows.

Final Thoughts

The jalousie windows are a unique solution and are very commonly seen in areas like Hawaii. However, the functionality of the jalousie window over time becomes a problem for many homeowners. Some will find that for a unique option in an office or bedroom that needs better ventilation, the jalousie window is a perfect option to consider. If you struggle to find jalousie windows in your area, think about some of the custom solutions local manufacturers offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of window is a jalousie?

A jalousie window is made up of individual slats of glass that open and close to create better ventilation and improve the view that you have out the windows of your home.

Did they stop making jalousie windows?

Some manufacturers still make jalousie windows as a custom order, but major window manufacturers have stopped carrying these as a stock option for window replacement.

Are jalousie windows safe?

Jalousie windows can be safe, but they are certainly not the most durable or strongest windows on the market. Some homeowners are replacing the glass slats in their jalousie windows with wood slats to make them a little more durable.

How can you make jalousie windows more energy efficient?

Jalousie windows can be made more energy efficient by using weather stripping, but for the most part, you will have to replace the window with something more energy efficient if that is your main goal.

Why are jalousie windows popular in Hawaii?

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