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How Much Does Window Glass Replacement Cost? (2023 Cost Guide)

Updated Mar 24, 2023

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Updated Mar 24, 2023

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While the average replacement costs for an individual glass pane can vary greatly, the national average for this type of home repair settles around $300. Actual costs can range depending on the number and the type of window you need to be replaced. Other factors, such as energy efficiency and glass type, can influence your home window replacement costs.

Read below to learn more about your average price points for each window type. If you feel you need to start from scratch check out our best cheap windows guide.

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What is the Average Cost for Window Glass Replacement by Glass Type?

We’ve broken down the average costs of window glass replacement by type:

Window TypeCost Per Window
Tempered Glass$200 – $550
Laminated/ Insulated Glass$250 – $550
Low-E Glass$400 – $800
Frosted Glass$250 – $750
Smart Glass$75 – $180 (per square foot)
Krypton or Argon Glass$250 – $1,100
  • Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is used for most residential applications on exterior windows. This glass is heat-treated and is rated at 4x the strength of standard glass panes. Such glass is designed to disintegrate when it breaks rather than shatter into large, potentially harmful shards.
  • Laminated or Insulated Glass: Laminated glass is made of two or more panes of glass with a thin polymer layer at its center. This layer adheres to both panes and prevents shattering.
  • Flat Glass: Flat glass — more commonly known as plate glass — is most often used for commercial applications. This is typically seen on storefront doors or large display windows.
  • Low-E Glass: Low-E glass — or low-emissivity glass — is made with a thin coating that reflects UV and infrared rays while allowing visible light in. Such panes can dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Frosted Glass: Frosted glass is made by sandblasting or acid etching a surface of otherwise clear glass. These panes are opaque and are most common on interior windows between rooms. However, they do get some use on first-floor windows.
  • Smart Glass: Smart glass windows are integrated with electrical components to switch between clear and tinted for privacy. These are among the most expensive windows to install and are usually reserved for limited commercial applications.
  • Argon/Krypton Gas Glass: Double-pane windows will typically have a layer of insulating gas between the panes, which can help to reduce your energy bills long-term. Of the two, krypton gas windows are the more expensive option. Some estimates show that krypton is 40% more expensive than argon.

For assistance with installing any of the window types above, look into our top providers and get a free quote.

Broken Window Pane Replacement

  • Single-pane Glass: Single-pane glass windows are typically used on exterior buildings or for structures that don’t require heating, like sheds or garages. They may also be used for more decorative interior windows. Average costs for such glass panes range between $75 and $300.
  • Double-pane Glass: Double-pane glass is the most commonly used type of window for residential applications. Such window glass replacements will cost between $175 and $650 per window.
  • Triple-pane Glass: Triple-pane glass is usually reserved for homes in more extreme climate zones and is among the most expensive residential glass you’ll find. Single window glass costs for such windows range from $400 to $800 for these.

What does Window Glass Replacement Cost by Window Type?

Each of the window types below will come with separate associated costs. The cost guide here shows pricing for materials and will not account for labor on a given window. Such services go for $45 to $65 per hour in most locations, with total installation time varying depending on window size and type. Older homes will often require more involved home improvement upgrades, as replacing old windows and window frames will sometimes need structural work. This could greatly increase repair costs.

Window TypeCost Per Window
Single or Double-Hung Window$300 – $700
Sliding Window$150 – $800
Picture Window$225 – $950
Casement Window$125 – $1,100
Skylight$900 – $2,200
Storm Window$125 – $325
Bay Window (3 individual panes)$500 – $3,500
Bow Window (5 individual panes or more)$1,000 – $4,000

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Should I Have My Windows Replaced or Repaired?

This depends entirely on the exact scope of your damage and the cost of a new window to match your existing window frame and home construction. High-end glass replacement is a huge homeowner expense that can exceed $2,000 per window.

In some cases, your window frame or window glass may not require a total replacement. Here, we’ve listed some common damage types that would potentially be eligible for window repair instead. Repairs will typically cost between $150 and $550 per window.

  • Broken Window Pane: This will come with the typical $150 to $550 price tag of average window repair costs. Broken glass on an individual pane will typically cost less than replacing the entire window, but we recommend getting quotes from a window installation pro before making a decision.
  • Condensation Between Double- or Triple-Pane Windows: This type of repair is fairly common. Condensation between pieces of glass doesn’t necessarily denote a broken pane. Rather, it can be a sign that the seal in your window is defective. In this case, you’ll be able to get away with repairing the seal around the glass, which will cost between $80 and $200 if you go to a licensed pro.
  • Broken Muntins: Muntins are narrow strips of wood that separate different panes of glass within the same window. These are relatively cheap to repair and replace and will cost between $50 and $150 in most cases. Homeowners can save money by conducting this repair themselves if the damage is only superficial. Muntins on wood windows tend to be the easiest to replace or repair, as minimal materials and sealing putty are needed.
  • Broken Mullions: Mullions are wide pieces of wood that run vertically in between windows and provide structural support around the frame. Considering the greater importance of mullions, these will be far more costly to repair. Expect costs to range between $250 and $600.
cost of window glass replacement

What are Factors that Impact Window Replacement Cost?

The following are the main factors that are sure to impact window glass repair and replacement costs.

Window Size and Type

Material costs for such repairs will depend on how many square feet of glass you require, as well as the type of window you intend to repair or replace. Impact-resistant safety glass will have a higher per-square-foot cost than will single-hung or single-pane windows. Similarly, vinyl windows will usually be far more affordable than will wood frames or aluminum frames.

Labor Costs

Once again, labor costs will range between $45 and $65 per hour in most locations. Depending on the scope of your repairs, a qualified glazier for your exact needs could end up costing even more.

We recommend getting a quote from a window professional before proceeding with any DIY repair attempts. At the very least, a trained eye will be able to fully appraise the damage and can let you know exactly what you should expect to pay. Locate a contractor near you to start your window replacement process.

How much does it Cost to Replace a Glass Door?

Glazed shower doors and sliding glass doors will come with a much higher cost-per-unit but often come with more straightforward installation, which can offer lower labor costs. Here are some sample ranges for glass door replacement pricing:

Door TypeCost Per Unit
Storm Door$200 – $500
Sliding Patio Door$200 – $1,500
Shower Door (sliding or hinged)$500 – $1,500

DIY vs. Professional Window Replacement Cost

Replacing your windows by yourself may seen like a good way to cut costs but going the DIY route may end up harming you more in the long run if you aren’t careful. If you don’t have experience in the removal and installation of glass, attempting to swap out your own frames can lead to secondary structural damage, water leaks, poor energy efficiency, and resulting in money lost over time. Hiring a professional to handle your glass replacement also bundles a handful of extra costs, like dumping and haul-away fees, that you’ll be left to pay out of pocket if you go the DIY route.

Final Thoughts

When you’re in need of window repairs or replacement — either for interior or exterior applications — you should make a checklist of all materials you may need, including the type of glass, tools needed, other sealant materials, etc. Then, we recommend getting quotes from qualified window installation professionals. Going through this progression will help you to assess whether professional repairs are needed once you’ve independently assessed the damage and potential costs. Certain window repairs are within the average DIYer’s scope but will not come with associated labor warranties, which many glaziers and contractors offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many panes are in a window?

This will all depend on the types of windows you have in your home. Many energy-efficient windows have two or three panes interlayered with non-conductive gas for insulation. The most common residential window is a double-hung, with two panes.

Can you replace just one window?

Yes. You can even arrange to have a single defective pane within a larger window divided by muntins replaced at a fairly reasonable cost.

Can you buy window glass at Home Depot?

You can buy both window glass and full-sized replacement windows at Home Depot. Though they are more known for the latter, you should be able to find most types of glass, including those that are double-glazed, have a Low-E coating, and more.

How long does it take to replace window glass?

Replacing window glass on a single window typically takes between two and six hours, depending on the scope of repairs needed.

How much should I budget for a window replacement?

The national average cost for window replacement is around $300. However, your actual costs can range greatly between $200 and $2,000 or more, depending on window size, window type, and whether your damage is to the window itself, or requires structural repairs.

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