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Kohler Review

Updated Oct 7, 2022

Updated Oct 7, 2022

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Kohler has built a legacy for themselves since their founding in 1873. They have a wide range of bathroom and kitchen appliances, each with a specific design for any household setting.

Whether you’re looking for a new sink or planning to redesign your bathroom and kitchen, there are a variety of factors to consider. House Method’s review of Kohler Co. will assist you in your research.

Kohler Co. features

Due to their experience in the industry, Kohler has built out their product line to include an impressive number of different appliances. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern look, Kohler has the aesthetic that will match your home. Here’s a listing of their categories in kitchen and bathroom:


  • Toilets
  • Toilet seats
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Accessories
  • Bath linens
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Vanities
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Mirrors
  • Commercial
  • Lighting

Innovative designs

Kohler’s products come in a few different styles that offer unique features and technology across each category. Bringing all of this technology together, Kohler has introduced Kohler Konnect®. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, this technology is controllable through wall-mounted panels, your smartphone, and voice control. This is integrated across all kitchen and bath technology to allow for seamless transitions as you go through your day.

Toilets and toilet seats

  • Wall-hung toilets—Saving space with a modern look
  • Intelligent toilets—Ergonomic toilets with touchscreen remotes for customizable warmth, cleansing, drying, and pre-mist sprays for cleanliness
  • Elongated toilets and seats—A larger seat and bowl for comfort
  • Round-front toilets and seats—A shorter seat according to your preference and space needs
  • Comfort Height® toilets—These are higher toilets that ease the transition between standing and sitting
  • Quiet Close™ toilet seats—Come with a self-lowering seat that prevents the loud slam of a traditional seat
  • PureWarmth toilet seats—Features a lit seat to get you safely across your bathroom during the night along with three heated seat settings
  • Cleansing toilet seats—Come with self cleaning, deodorization, warm air dryer, heated seat, Quiet-Close™ Lid, and warm water cleansing


  • DTV+™ showering system—You can create preset preferences for sound, water, stream, and lighting through the Kohler Konnect app and use voice activation to start
  • Water filtration and saving—Systems that help to keep your water quality high and usage to a minimum
  • Shower valves—Behind-the-wall controls for temperature and pressure
  • Steam—Hot steam valve in your shower
  • Body sprays—Customizable sprays that come from a variety of directions


  • Soaking baths—A deeper bathe with ergonomic contours
  • Hydrotherapy baths—Providing air, whirlpool, sound vibration, and combination baths for your health and comfort
  • Heated surface—These are baths that provide customizable heated areas on the tub that warm you as you bathe
  • Chromotherapy baths—Colored lighting to fit your mood
  • Wireless music baths—Built-in speakers that connect to your device via BLUETOOTH®
  • Walk-in baths—Baths with a door for easy entry and exit, providing the best of comfort and safety
  • LuxStone™ shower—Can be customized for your ideal shower or bath
  • PerfectFill™ baths—Has technology that will fill your bath to a preset temperature and level with a simple voice command

Kohler services

Throughout the Kohler website, there are multiple portals for customer care and assistance. The first noteworthy page describes the different warranties that come along with Kohler products. All products come with a one-year limited warranty, but there are many other warranty offerings depending on the product you purchase.

Kohler also provides a few different sources for design assistance. If you want to plan your bathroom or kitchen on your own, their collections are readily available on their site. There are also articles, floor plans, and extensive literature to help you customize your perfect outline. You can choose to work with a personal designer that will provide expert advice to create your ideal bathroom and services are available to help you find an installer or remodeler, as well.

House Method’s review of Kohler

House Method recommends Kohler because they have pushed kitchen and bath technology to new levels while still providing a traditional product. In other words, they have something for everybody. Whether you’re seeking a classic look, or something you’ve not seen in any other home, they have a product for you. We also noted these other key features:

  • Options for economic and environmentally friendly products
  • A variety of services to help remove the difficulty of designing your own bathroom or kitchen
  • Unique and advanced smart home features
  • Customizable products

Customer reviews

Looking through Kohler’s reviews on their BBB page, this is what is being said about the company:

I am very pleased with Kohler’s customer service. We installed a new toilet and did not realize that the tank had a hairline crack. I contacted Kohler late one night and the next morning they had already authorized replacement of the toilet. I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently Kohler resolved the issue.”

“I had a part that didn’t even really go out—just started working a little weird. Kohler sent a new part replacement right away, like right right away. This is a 3-year-old part for a toilet, for sure out of warranty. Great customer service—this service will make me choose Kohler over other brands for any future purchases. Very happy customer.”

Kohler Company: Quick Facts

  • Company Name: Kohler Co.
  • Year Founded: 1873
  • Headquartered in: Kohler, WI
  • BBB Accredited: Yes, since 1963