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CarShield Review

Updated Oct 7, 2022

Updated Oct 7, 2022

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Started in 2005, CarShield is a brokerage company that has covered over 750,000 vehicles and paid upward of a billion dollars in claims. They pride themselves on offering the most comprehensive protection coverage for your vehicle at competitive prices.

Ideally, choosing a protection plan for your vehicle ends with peace of mind. This is often disrupted with an overflow of options and offerings that all claim to be the best option for you. House Method has dug into the CarShield brand to summarize why they could bring the assurance you need.

Summary: CarShield features

CarShield competes with other vehicle protection companies through their ability to customize your plan with the features you need. There are a few key components to their plans that highlight how they do business:

  • Choice of mechanic—CarShield allows you to take your vehicle to your dealer or any ASE-licensed mechanic when it needs to be repaired.
  • Engine, drive axle, and transmission coverage—These types of repairs, being the most expensive, are the ones that you really want covered. Most plans cover engine, drive axle, and transmission repairs.
  • Customizable service plans with flexible payment—CarShield helps you assess your car’s needs along with your budget to customize a service plan that provides the best options for you. Their payment terms are flexible and they offer a 30-day guarantee.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance—If your vehicle cannot make it to the shop, their plans include 24-hour roadside assistance so that you can be assured your vehicle will be taken care of, no matter where it may be.
  • Towing and rental cars—If a simple repair can’t get your car back on the road or to a service station, many plans provide towing services and car rentals.
  • Low deductibles—CarShield repairs have very low or nonexistent deductibles, most falling around $100. Following this payment, your repair claims are paid directly to your mechanic or dealer.
  • Excellent customer service—CarShield upholds themselves to a high standard in hiring bright and hardworking employees. Their customer service is designed to be there 24/7.

Protection plan categories

CarShield uses six different categories of coverage, each of which has up to eleven different policy options. These plans are designed to fit a variety of different vehicles, budgets, and lifestyles so that you can identify your ideal policy. For pricing on these plans, you can visit their website or call for a free quote.

Total new car coverage

Designed to mirror the manufacturer’s warranty on a new car, this plan covers a variety of repairs including engine, transmission, starter, and fuel pump issues.

Comprehensive coverage

This plan is targeted toward vehicles that have miles on them. The protection on this plan covers components including your vehicle’s engine, transmission, AC, electrical system, starter, water pump, and fuel pump.

Power train

Power Train is designed to be CarShield’s most affordable policy. It covers the vitals such as the lubricated parts of the engine, the water pump, and the transmission.

Power train plus

This contract goes a step further than Power Train plans because it covers major and minor components of your vehicle. Parts covered in this plan include the alternator, starter, water pump, transmission, engine, and power windows.

Specialty coverage

Otherwise known as “High Tech” coverage, this contract covers the electrical components of the car. The parts included in this plan are the engine control modules, alternators, starters, electrical systems, navigation, and GPS.

Other coverage

These contracts cover specialty situations for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and a variety of other vehicle options.

House Method’s review of CarShield

There are a lot of auto protection services that design plans with low flexibility. House Method likes how CarShield puts time into designing their plans to fit specific budgets, vehicles, and lifestyles.

Further benefits include:

  • Their coverage of expensive repairs such as those for the engine, drive axle, and transmission
  • 24-hour roadside assistance, along with towing and rental car coverage
  • Having the ability to choose your own repair facility
  • Flexible payment plans with 30-day guarantee offers


  • Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, Best Places to Work in 2018
  • Named to the 2017 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Company
  • Top 150 2017 Privately Held Companies in St. Louis: No. 121
  • Named 2017 Best Place to Work in Big Employer Category, St. Louis Business Journal

Customer reviews

Here are a few reviews that we pulled from CarShield’s page on BBB:

I have had the warranty for a little more than a year now. I had to use it two times and both times were hassle-free and paid for with no problems. I would recommend this company for anyone needing to purchase a warranty for their car.”

“I have had positive results since contracting with this company—always received prompt, courteous, and professional service. My inquiries have always been taken care of with utmost satisfaction!”

“Very helpful and informative. [They] took time to explain everything to us and help us decide. We appreciate their courteous phone service.”

CarShield: Quick Facts

  • Company Name: CarShield
  • Headquartered in: St. Peters, MO
  • Year Founded: 2005