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America’s Swimming Pool Company Review

Updated Oct 7, 2022

Updated Oct 7, 2022

Home > Uncategorized > America’s Swimming Pool Company Review

The nation’s largest and most trusted pool company has provided pool services across the country since 2002. With their unsurpassed training programs and advanced, innovative technology has put ASP at the top of pool service providers.

If you are looking for trusted, well-trained professionals to treat your pool on a weekly basis or for a repair, ASP may be the company for you. Below, House Method has reviewed the service for you, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your pool needs.

ASP Services

  • Regular weekly maintenance
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Full pool and deck renovation
  • Customized swimming pool maintenance

What you can expect from ASP

With each visit from ASP, you can expect a friendly, highly-trained professional to greet you at your door. During each visit, there are a couple of things you can expect:

  • Your professional will check your pool water chemistry, record chemical recordings, and add chemicals as needed.
  • They will empty skimmer baskets, pool pump basket, and automatic pool cleaner debris bag.
  • They will skim your pool water surface for leaves and debris.
  • They will brush tile or vinyl at water surface around the entire pool, including pool steps and benches.
  • They will check filter pressure for the appropriate reading.
  • They will also vacuum the pool when needed.
  • They will also carry out any other services that your pool may require.

ASP also developed a first of its kind, GPS driven digital platform:

Pool Ops®️ features

  • ASP will email the time that your professionals serviced your pool that day.
  • ASP will also email your pool’s chemical readings, chemicals they added.
  • You will receive a picture of your clean pool.


While the prices are not stated online, you can easily obtain an estimate on the ASP website. The prices are known to be priced at affordable rates.

House Method’s ASP review

House Method recommends America’s Swimming Pool Company due to the accessibility and availability of service the company provides. Their technicians undergo unsurpassed training and have completed ASP’s nationally-recognized training program. The technicians also must pass the National Swimming Pool Foundation CPO exam. Their training doesn’t stop there as they complete continual education classes to remain up to date.

The Pool Ops digital platform also provides peace of mind for the customers who can easily keep track of their pool’s cleanliness and chemical readings. The company also services over 420,000,000 gallons of water each week, so they have undeniable experience.

Customer reviews

Here are a few more customer reviews from ASP’s website:

“ASP was referred to me by a close friend many years ago. They have been doing pool service at my home since. Excellent experience. They are reliable, honest and do an excellent job. Highly recommend them.” -Rob W.

“[The team] were professional and efficient with some renovations on my saltwater pool. I highly recommend ASP for any of your pool needs. Will let ASP take care of all my future pool needs. Thanks!!!!!” -Lee S. 

These guys are the best. No doubt, the BEST! They deliver much more than any other pool service. A W E S O M E!”

Rk K.

BBB rating

America’s Swimming Pool Company maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited since 2012. The BBB ratings are based off ASP’s responsiveness to customer feedback.

History and experience

America’s Swimming Pool Company was founded in 2002 by Stewart Vernon, who still runs the company today. The company has now stretched across 20 states with 257 locations, with many more planned to open up. The company has not wavered from its devotion to customer satisfaction and its mission to provide quality pool service.