Best Home Warranty Companies in Nebraska

By: Toni Matthews-El

Interested in finding the best home warranty for your home? You’re not alone. Many Americans rely on home warranty coverage to provide peace of mind should their aging appliances or systems succumb to wear and tear. It can get very costly having to constantly replace appliances and systems as they break down. With the right coverage, you’ll only have to pay a small out-of-pocket fee to get your appliances back to good working condition.

If you’re looking for a home warranty in Nebraska, keep reading to learn about the best home warranty companies in the state, common home maintenance issues faced by Nebraska homeowners, and important home warranty buying tips. 

Nebraska’s best home warranty companies

  • THP works with licensed and insured professionals. It even uses a grading system to guarantee you’ll only be visited by the best technicians it can recommend.
  • It routinely provides discounts for customers, with strong savings and fair plans.
  • THP doesn’t charge a fee to those customers attempting to transfer their home warranty from a different company.
  • The company is upfront with customers about what its service covers and what it does not.

  • CHW lets customers cancel their agreement within 30 days.
  • Should a repair fail, the company will cover the reservice.
  • The age of the appliance and systems doesn’t matter. CHW will cover the items as long as they’re well-maintained and in good working order.

  • HSC provides a sample contract on its website so that potential customers have an idea of what an agreement might look like.
  • It has one of the highest coverage caps around, with coverage limits going as high as $9,000.
  • It has plans that extend available coverage to outside the home.
  • The policy can go into effect as soon as 10 days after signing.

  • AHS covers the cost to not only repair and replace covered items, but the cost to remove them from your home.
  • It provides the option to create a completely custom plan to avoid paying for coverage you don’t need.
  • AHS provides email notifications on the progress of your call.

Prior to European exploration and American settlement, Nebraska was populated for thousands of years by a variety of indigenous peoples. Tribes native to the region include the Pawnee, Omaha, Otoe, and Missouria to name a few. The Great Plains state was also home to a portion of the Lakota or Sioux tribe. In fact, Nebraska’s name originates from the Siouan name for the Platte River.

Nebraska joined the United States in 1867, just two years after the conclusion of the Civil War. Its capital city is Lincoln, but the oldest continuous city in the state is Bellevue, which was incorporated in 1855. Omaha is Nebraska’s largest city.

Nebraska’s state bird is the Western Meadowlark and the state flower is the lovely Goldenrod.

Nebraska is a state that not only boasts a lower cost of living than the national average but a lower unemployment rate as well. This factor helps make the midwestern state an attractive location to settle down. Still, there are some factors that home buyers should be aware of. Nebraska is one of several U.S. states that make up a region known as “Tornado Alley” and residents typically experience warm summers and dry winters.

Whether its weather-related concerns or the reality of everyday wear and tear, Nebraska homeowners should look into home warranty plans to protect their homes. As explained in the next section, there are some key maintenance issues that also might encourage a Nebraska resident to get a home warranty.

Top home maintenance problems in Nebraska

Nebraska homeowners have some important home maintenance issues they need to be wary of and watch out for. Such issues include:

Freezing pipes

A major concern during the winter months are pipes that freeze and break due to very cold temperatures. During circumstances like these, a service request for repairs could cost a lot of money. In addition to preventative measures, a home warranty plan that covers your plumbing system is essential. 

Garage door maintenance

Homeowners should carry out seasonal testing and maintenance of their garage doors. Is the opener malfunctioning? Has the sensor stopped working? Without properly checking and treating any related issues, it could result in a costly repair or replacement.

Tornado wind damage

Nebraska is a state prone to a lot of tornado activity. Because of this, there’s a high probability of contention with wind and tornado-related damage. In addition to home insurance, it would be wise to seek out additional home warranty coverage to make sure that should the worst-case scenario play out, it will be easier to return your home situation to normal.

HVAC system malfunction

No one wants to be without a functioning AC system during the summer or without a reliable heating system in the winter. In the event of a breakdown due to wear and tear, you’ll want to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Connecting with a reliable technician becomes that much easier with a home warranty plan in place.

Electrical system failure

One major consequence of serious tornados is the accompanying loss of power. However, power failures can strike for a variety of reasons, such as an aged electrical system in need of replacement. Many top home warranty companies will provide the necessary coverage for the repair and placement of your electrical system.

Who is eligible for a home warranty in Nebraska?

If you live in a single-family home, it’s fairly easy to get a home warranty. It’s also possible for Nebraska homeowners and home buyers to ask about coverage for multi-family homes or duplexes, condos, townhomes, guest homes, and multi-unit properties.

It might be trickier to find coverage on manufactured and mobile homes but not impossible. For example, mobile homeowners can reach out to Choice Home Warranty and First American Home Warranty for quotes about coverage.

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Aside from Nebraska homeowners and rental property owners, other individuals who should consider buying a home warranty include:

A real estate professional

No matter how attractive a house happens to be, it will certainly look better to potential buyers should it come with a one- or two-year home warranty. Getting used to a new home can take time, and having to worry about appliance repairs or the air conditioning tearing up can add unnecessary stress. Giving them coverage during that crucial first year or two will give them the kind of peace of mind that makes them happy customers⁠—and boosts your professional reputation.


Home warranty businesses often team up with contractors and send them relevant business. At the same time, affiliated contractors can refer their customers to a reliable home warranty company. This opportunity can allow local Nebraska businesses to develop a pool of clients, potentially indefinitely, thanks to working with and recommending the best home warranty companies to their customers.

Former renters turned first-time homeowners

There’s no landlord to call when your home systems and appliances break down. But a one- or two-year Nebraska home warranty can help former renters feel a familiar sense of security. In addition, the money you save on covered items could provide the opportunity for you to save and budget. That way, you’ll have money on hand to cover any emergency repair needs. Even then, filing a home warranty claim can potentially prevent you from paying the full price on repairs or replacements.

What is covered under a Nebraska home warranty?

No two home warranty companies are alike. Rather than assume a home system or appliance is automatically covered, it’s wise to do your research and determine what’s covered under each policy. Certain home warranty companies might only cover a few home systems and appliances upfront, such as HVAC, plumbing, and your electrical systems and some might charge extra to cover your refrigerator and swimming pool.

  • American Home Shield provides a customizable home warranty plan, letting you pay for what you need and avoid shelling out cash for what you don’t. In addition, there’s a plan that covers only appliances such as your clothes washer and dryer, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and built-in microwave. The available systems plan covers air conditioning, heating and related ductwork, plumbing, water heaters, garbage disposals, and more.
  • Total Home Protection earns its name by covering more than a dozen essential home systems and appliances, including your refrigerator, heating, and air conditioning. This is an example of an ideal warranty in that you’re able to work as much of your items into a basic warranty as possible without having to pay too much for add-ons.
  • The Home Service Club features a special real estate home warranty plan targeted to anyone that’s buying or selling a home. Its standard plan covers the most common systems, such as your AC, heating, electrical systems, and water heater. It also prioritizes the most important appliances like your refrigerator, oven and cooktops, trash compactor, laundry washer and dryer, and dishwasher.

Note: What you get covered under your home warranty will depend on the unique agreement you make with a specific company. Carefully review your contract, as not everything is automatically covered. It’s possible that a home warranty company will reject your claim if there’s a pre-existing condition on one of your items. Certain home warranty businesses will allow coverage of a pre-existing issue as long as there was no visual way to know it existed. In any case, make sure you ask questions while coming to an agreement on the nature of your home warranty.

How much does a home warranty cost in Nebraska?

What you can expect to pay for your home warranty often varies by state. On average, a Nebraska residence can expect to pay between $300 and $700 per year. It might run lower or higher depending on the plan you choose, any add-ons you select, and the city you live in. Service fees will vary as well, but you can expect to pay between $50 an $100 when a technician makes a visit to your home.

How does a home warranty work?

For Nebraska homeowners, a home warranty provides extra protection for their appliances and systems. While home insurance is capable of covering serious emergencies, it won’t provide coverage for an aging dishwasher that’s starting to break down. Without the proper coverage, repair and replacement costs could run into the thousands.

A home warranty is paid month to month or on an annual basis. Let’s say you have an electrical system failure and this was covered by your warranty. The company would contact a local Nebraska electrician to assess the issue. The warranty would then cover the cost for repairs, with you only needing to pay the service fee.

Why is a home warranty in Nebraska necessary?

Living in Nebraska can be challenging, especially with the constant threat of turbulent weather. A home warranty provides a little extra peace of mind and prevents you from having to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket costs in the event that a major home system or appliance breaks down. Whether it’s bad weather or aging appliances, you can feel better knowing that these products are covered.

Buying a home warranty in Nebraska

Here are some important tips for buying a home warranty in Nebraska:

Make sure your most essential systems and appliances are covered

If you decide to go for a basic plan, you might have some essential systems excluded. This can be a costly issue later on. The best home warranty companies will often automatically cover your HVAC system, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other systems and appliances that you tend to use the most. While it’s possible to get extra items covered as add-ons or in more expensive plans, it’s best to see warranties that place a special emphasis on the items that homeowners use the most.

Take common maintenance issues into consideration

Even if you routinely inspect items around the home, there will likely come a time when something needs to be repaired or replaced. There could even be issues that are more common depending on which part of Nebraska you call home. Be sure to ask your future or new neighbors about any recurring maintenance concerns you should be aware of, like freezing pipes, then see which home warranty companies provide related coverage. 

Aim for a company that provides maximum coverage for your repair needs

Certain home warranty companies have coverage caps that are rather small. It can be very inconvenient to have to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket because a repair cost wasn’t entirely covered. Seek home warranty businesses with a high enough coverage ceiling that when you do make a service call, you only have to worry about a small service fee and not making up the difference.

Nebraska home warranty reviews

Below you’ll find the results of our research into top Nebraska home warranty companies.

Total Home Protection

Although THP typically receives positive feedback across the board for its service and the technicians it employs, it’s worth noting that some customers complained about how hard it was to get their claims covered. There are some Nebraska natives who were satisfied with the protection provided by Total Home Protection.

Here’s what Lizzie from Omaha has to say:

“I had a gold plan with this company and have recently decided to upgrade to a platinum plan. I found that it was pretty useful and wanted to ensure that even more of my appliances were covered.”

Choice Home Warranty

Most Nebraska reviews for CHW were positive, with praise for how much money was saved and how fast it took the technician to repair the problem.

Luke in Lincoln said,

“Everything was easy and excellent. I received information on how to save money on the service and when I did need it, I had a technician at my home in a matter of minutes and the problem fixed in less than an hour.”

But not everyone agrees that a home warranty with this company is worth the trouble. Bill of Omaha complained that one of the two technicians recommended was outside of his service area.

“Choice has written their contracts to totally protect their investments while only minimally sustaining the customer.” 

Customer experiences may vary and it’s ultimately up to you to do your research and make sure the contract provides the coverage you’re looking for.

The Home Service Club

The HSC gets kudos for its customer service and response time.

Liam of Omaha wrote,

“The Home Service Club sent a repair team that showed up promptly and were super efficient. Night [and] day difference from the company I used previously.”

It’s worth noting that one unhappy customer named Phil who’d been with the Home Service Club for four years decided to recommend its rival, American Home Shield.

“I had them before HSC and had two claims that went smooth and when I left, I actually got a prorated refund and just switched back.”

American Home Shield

Although AHS is known for its flexibility and the wide range of coverage options it provides, some Nebraska customers aren’t necessarily happy with the technicians AHS sends out or the speed at which the company moves to respond to claims.

Michael in Beatrice complained,

“They take forever to ship out parts, and give you no information on the part or how it was shipped.”

However, most Nebraska AHS customers seem to be happy overall.

Larry in Bellevue writes,

“The first home warranty company we had does not even compare to AHS and we dropped them right away.”

Frequently asked questions

Do those with home insurance need a home warranty?

Home insurance can help cover costs in the event of an emergency, like flooding or theft. However, insurance is often meant to protect you against the unusual rather than the wear and tear of everyday life. This is especially true for appliances, which could merely break down due to aging.

As unfortunate as this is, a home insurance company might not have you covered. Additionally, if the appliance’s warranty is already expired, you’re usually left with no choice but to pay money replacement. Buying a home warranty allows you to close coverage gaps when it comes to the systems and appliances in your home.

How long does a home warranty last on average?

It’s common to buy a home warranty that lasts one year, though some are available for two years. Rarely are there home warranties that last longer than the two-year mark. If you’re satisfied with the coverage, you can buy a new agreement once the contract ends or set your policy to automatically renew.

Why might it be harder for those in mobile or manufactured homes to get coverage?

When you’re living in “Tornado Alley,” some homes don’t necessarily provide a stable or protective foundation. It’s almost expected that they (and everything inside of them) will be destroyed. The perceived low value, as well as the expected ease of destruction during dangerous weather events, might make it very hard to get coverage for mobile and manufactured homes. However, this isn’t universal. If you’re a mobile homeowner, consider these home warranty plans.

Do home warranties make it easier for me to sell my home?

When putting your home up for sale, consider offering home warranty coverage, especially if you’re leaving behind aging appliances and systems that could fail within a few years. Rather than leave a very possible problem on the shoulders of a new homeowner, this act can help the home sale process flow more smoothly.

How much should I expect to pay for a home warranty each month?

Because the average home warranty costs anywhere from $300 to $700 per year, you might be able to pay less than $20 per month for a monthly payment plan. The overall cost will depend on your chosen home warranty plan and any add-ons you agree to be charged for. Remember that your payments do not cover service fees, which must be paid separately.

Our conclusion

Nebraska homeowners have weather-related challenges and other issues that homeowners in other states don’t have to think about. For this reason, it’s a good idea to seek as much coverage as possible. To fill those protective gaps for your appliances and home systems,consider purchasing a home warranty. The best home warranties in Nebraska can get purchased through Total Home Protection, American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, and The Home Service Club.

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