Best Home Warranty Companies in Michigan

By: Kathleen McCoy

Because Michigan is prone to cold winters and hot, humid summers, it’s imperative that your heating and air conditioning systems are working correctly. If you’re covered by one of the best home warranty companies in Michigan, you can rest easy knowing that a professional in your area will respond promptly to repair or replace a covered appliance or household system.

 In addition to extreme climate considerations, homes in Michigan are older than the national average. If you own an older home, or are considering purchasing one, a comprehensive home protection plan from a highly rated Michigan home warranty company could save you time, money, and frustration.

When compiling our list of the four best home warranty companies in Michigan, we researched company history, read countless reviews online, and looked at accreditations and certifications. We also considered plan offerings, price, and optional add-ons that are applicable to property owners throughout the state.

Keep reading to learn more about the best home warranty companies in your area, common home maintenance issues faced by Michigan homeowners, and our four tips for buying a home warranty.

Michigan’s best home warranty companies

  • Offers multiple programs to fit homeowner needs
  • Small service fee for each claim
  • Optional coverage is available for pools and spas, well pumps, septic systems, water filtration systems, and more

  • Has nearly 2 million customers nationwide
  • Offers three plans starting at $34.99 per month
  • A “Build Your Own Plan” allows homeowners to cover up to 10 systems or appliances for a reasonable fee

  • Over 30 years of experience offering homeowners comprehensive coverage on home systems and appliances
  • Low $75 service call fee
  • Appliance coverage up to $3,500 per appliance
  • First Class Upgrade can be added for further coverage, including cranes for rooftop HVAC units and building permits for repairs

  • Flexible home warranty plans
  • Pre-screened local technicians
  • Coverage begins 30 days after the contract is signed
  • Optional coverage is available for pools/spas, well pumps, sump pumps, central vacuum, limited roof leak, septic system, and more

Much of Michigan’s beauty comes from the 11,000 lakes and over 35,000 miles of streams in the state. Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline on the planet (Alaska is the only other state with more shoreline than Michigan). You’re never far from a water source in Michigan, and it’s estimated that you’re never more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes when in the Wolverine State.

Michigan firsts

  • The first university established by any state was the University of Michigan in 1817
  • Detroit telephone customers were first in the U.S. to be assigned phone numbers in 1879
  • The first international underwater railway tunnel was opened between Michigan and Ontario, Canada, in 1891
  • The first air-conditioned automobile was manufactured in Detroit at the Packard Motor Car Company in 1939
  • Michigan was the first state to ensure tax-paid high school for every child
  • This was the first state to establish public libraries via their state constitution

Today, Michigan continues to recover from the recession, and home values remain affordable, with the average home price in Detroit 61% below the national average. In some areas of the city where revitalization continues, homes can be purchased for $50,000, and the overall average home price in Detroit is just $79,962 as of 2019. 

According to the 2010 census, 713,777 people lived in the city of Detroit, and the 2018 population estimate is 672,662. As population seemingly continues to decline, developers and philanthropists are investing heavily in the larger cities, including Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Warren, to bring residents back to these thriving cities.

Revitalization plans and expanding job opportunities from Quicken Loans, Whirlpool, Kellogg, and Penske Automotive are bringing people back to the cities to purchase homes in communities where they can thrive. After years of decline, Detroit area automotive manufacturing plants now produce more cars and trucks than any other state in the nation. In addition to manufacturing, more than 2,000 facilities in the state are focused on engineering, testing, design, and research for this burgeoning industry.

While the state continues to recover from the economic troubles of a decade ago, some areas are ripe for home investing. This includes the charming city of Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, and one of the cities in Michigan with the lowest unemployment rates.

Median home prices are rising in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, but great deals can still be found. When purchasing a home in up-and-coming areas of Michigan, consider taking out a construction loan for homes that need a little extra TLC and buying a comprehensive plan from one of the best home warranty companies in Michigan.

Top home maintenance problems in Michigan

Property owners in Michigan face unique challenges. Of course, winters are cold and summers can be hot and humid. While climate does play a role in home maintenance, other challenges, including Michigan’s high water table, must also be considered. Here are the top four home maintenance problems in Michigan that can cause costly repairs or replacements. 

1. Heavy snow and roof ice dams

Roof ice dams are a real challenge for many homeowners in the state: they’re caused by the buildup of melting heavy snow that refreezes at night.  After several days of recurring thawing and freezing, significant damage can occur in the attic and ceilings of your home. To combat this, make sure your gutters are large enough to ensure proper runoff. Additionally, before the snow arrives for the season, clean your roof and remove any debris to allow the gutters to whisk away melting snow.

2. Heat and humidity

Summers can be hot and steamy in Michigan. Because of this, the majority of Michigan homes have central air conditioning to cool the air and remove excess humidity from the house. When homes don’t have a dehumidifying system, they can become a prime habitat for mold and mildew which, if left unchecked, can cause significant structural damage and put residents at an increased risk for respiratory problems and diseases.

3. Well water contamination

According to Michigan State University’s Department of Geology, most communities get their water from municipal wells. Michigan has abundant water resources underground and, if needed, can tap into the supply of the Great Lakes.

Contamination of underground water sources is quite common in Michigan, so if you have a home on a well, or live in a community where groundwater is provided by a utility company, a whole-house water filter may be necessary. Check with home warranty service companies you’re considering to see if they cover water filtration systems before you sign a contract.

4. Ground water levels

As you would assume from a state with so many rivers, streams, and lakes, groundwater levels are quite high in most areas of Michigan. Because of this, many homes need permanently installed sump pumps to keep the foundation and below-grade levels dry. In some low-lying areas of Michigan, sump pumps are used to remove excessive standing water around the property. When selecting which plan to choose from, be sure that sump pump protection is offered.

Who is eligible for a home warranty in Michigan?

The vast majority of residential property owners in Michigan are eligible to purchase a home warranty. This includes investors and property owners of second homes. Landlords in Michigan may benefit from the streamlined evaluation, repairs, and coverage of major systems and appliances in the house.

What is covered under a Michigan home warranty?

The best home warranty companies in Michigan offer a wide range of plans designed to be flexible for homeowners to find the plans that cover specific home systems and appliances they desire. Many home warranty companies offer optional coverage for systems, including pools and spas, septic systems, and more. 

When purchasing an older home in Michigan, it may be wise to select a plan that covers systems including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Ask your Michigan real estate agent to inquire if the seller is including a comprehensive home warranty in the sale of the home. Remember: homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover household systems and appliances—you need a home warranty for those items.

Pride Home Warranty

Pride Home Warranty’s program offerings are a bit different than the other best home warranty companies in Michigan that made our list. Pride Home Warranty offers property owners the option to buy additional protection for extra items in the home, including well pumps, septic systems, pool and spa equipment, and other expensive auxiliary systems that are expensive to repair.

Major Systems Premium Platinum Platinum Plus Optional Add-ons
Air conditioning Air conditioning Air conditioning Pool/Spa
Ductwork Ductwork Ductwork Additional stoves
Heating system Heating system Heating system Additional cooktops
Electrical system Electrical system Electrical system Second refrigerators
Plumbing system Plumbing system Plumbing system Stand alone freezer
Plumbing stoppages Plumbing stoppages Plumbing stoppages Sump pump
Water heater Water heater Water heater Second water heater
Whirlpool bathtub Whirlpool bathtub Septic system
Garbage disposal Garbage disposal
Oven/Range/Stove Oven/Range/Stove
Cooktop Cooktop
Dishwasher Dishwasher
Built-in microwave Built-in microwave
Ceiling fans Ceiling fans
Exhaust fans Exhaust fans
Garage door opener Garage door opener
Kitchen refrigerator
Clothes washer
Clothes dryer

American Home Shield

American Home Shield is one of the best home warranty companies in Michigan. The company offers four plans, including a “Build Your Own Plan” that allows you to cover up to 10 systems and appliances in the home. Here’s a coverage breakdown of the three static plans:

Appliance Plan Systems Plan Combo Plan
Refrigerator Heating with ductwork All appliance and systems covered in individual plans
Dishwasher Electrical
Clothes washer Water heater
Clothes dryer Garbage disposal
Ranges/Oven Trash compactor
Built-in microwave Air conditioning
Ice maker Ceiling fan
Garage door opener Doorbell
Trash compactor

First American Home Warranty

If you’re purchasing a home in one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Michigan, First American Home Warranty may be the best home warranty plan for your property. First American is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.

Unlike many home warranty companies in Michigan, First American offers a “First Class Upgrade” that covers major appliances and systems that were improperly installed or not maintained properly, with up to $250 per occurrence where building permits are required, up to $250 to correct code violations, and much more. Plans start as low as $28 per month. Here are the three plans currently offered:

Basic Plan Premier Plan Optional Additions
Clothes washer Clothes washer Central air conditioning
Clothes dryer Clothes dryer Additional refrigerator
Dishwasher Dishwasher Pool equipment
Refrigerator Refrigerator Spa equipment
Oven/Range Oven/Range Well pump
Microwave Microwave First class upgrade
Garbage disposal Garbage disposal
Trash compactor Trash compactor
Plumbing system
Plumbing stoppages
Heating system
Water heater
Electrical system
Garage door opener
Central vacuum

Choice Home Warranty

The median age of Michigan homes is between 40 and 50 years old. If you’re purchasing an older home in the state, Choice Home Warranty’s limited number of exclusions may be of interest to you. At application, some home warranty programs disqualify homes over a certain age—Choice Home Warranty doesn’t deny coverage due to the age of the home. If your home has auxiliary equipment or systems, be sure to ask Choice Home Warranty about additional coverage options.

Basic Plan Total Plan Optional Coverage
Heating system Heating system Pool/Spa
Electrical system Electrical system Limited roof leak
Plumbing system Plumbing system Additional spa
Plumbing stoppage Plumbing stoppage Stand alone freezer
Water heater Water heater Central vacuum
Whirlpool bathtub Whirlpool bathtub Second refrigerator
Oven/Range Oven/Range Well pump
Dishwasher Dishwasher Septic system
Built-in microwave Built-in microwave Sump pump
Garbage disposal Garbage disposal Septic tank pumping
Ductwork Ductwork
Garage door opener Garage door opener
Ceiling and exhaust fans Ceiling and exhaust fans
Air conditioning system
Clothes washer
Clothes dryer

How much does a home warranty cost in Michigan?

The best home warranty companies in Michigan base the cost of their plans on several factors, including the size and age of the home. The majority of home warranty companies offer several tiers of pricing depending on what the homeowner wants covered under the protection plan. In Michigan, you can expect to pay:

  • Basic/Appliance plans: $25–$55 per month
  • System plans: $25–$55 per month
  • Total plans: $40–$70 per month
  • Add-ons: $6–$15 per month, per option

How does a home warranty work in Michigan?

After you sign a contract with a home warranty company in Michigan, you’ll likely have a 30-day waiting period before you can file your first claim. After the waiting period is over, you can file a claim with your home warranty company after a covered system or appliance fails. Most home warranty companies charge a modest service for each claim. Service fees vary significantly from company to company, so be sure to ask what the charge is for service fees under your contract. 

Once your claim is filed, your home warranty company will contact a service technician in your area. Often, the technicians will reach out to you within 24 hours of your service call to schedule an appointment. Once they arrive at your home, they will diagnosis the problem and begin repairs. If a covered item can’t be repaired, the best home warranty companies in Michigan will provide a replacement.

Carefully read and understand your contract’s limitations and exclusions, so you’re not surprised by any costs that may pop up during a repair or replacement.

Why is a home warranty necessary?

General wear and tear on household systems and appliances occur. As our homes age, additional maintenance and repairs are necessary. Major household systems like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical can be extremely expensive to fix, and in Michigan, you definitely don’t want to be left without proper heat during the winter for an extended period.

Seniors on a limited income, first-time homebuyers, single parents, and families on a budget can be protected from unexpected large expenses with a comprehensive home warranty plan. 

Buying a home warranty in Michigan

When you’re ready to buy a home warranty in Michigan, consider these four tips:

1. Evaluate your budget

Do you have an emergency fund you can immediately tap into to fix large household systems? Your emergency house fund should have at least $2,500 in it for unexpected repairs of appliances and systems. If it doesn’t a home warranty is a wise decision.

2. Inventory the appliances in your home

What items do you have in your house that you would like coverage for? Walk through your home and make a list of all specialized equipment and appliances including central vacuum, spas, pools, whirlpool bathtubs, septic systems, well pumps, water filtration systems, and sump pumps.

3. Compare your options

Use this guide to help you determine which home warranty is best for you. Speak to at least three different home warranty company representatives and make sure that they’re willing to send you a contract in writing before you commit. 

4. Review your contract

Before opting into a home warranty, be sure to read the contract and understand what’s included in coverage, limitations, exclusions, and fees.

Michigan home warranty reviews

Below are a few reviews from Michigan homeowners who have a home warranty:

Pride Home Warranty

The Better Business Bureau’s rating of Pride Home Warranty is currently a C+, in part because this home warranty company has been in business for a relatively short time. Customer reviews on the BBB’s website indicate that experiences with the company vary widely.

After a review of the complaints, the majority seem to be centered around poor communication and slow service. Positive reviews tout Pride Home Warranty’s prompt repair or replacement of appliances. 

Brad R. says,

“Overall happy with service and the price I got. My oven was repaired and all I had to pay was $60 deductible.” 

Page W. says,

“I am pretty happy with my disposal being replaced. It was stress-free and was done the same day which I am very surprised. Thank you Pride Home Warranty.” 

American Home Shield

American Home Shield is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and has a B rating. A review of American Home Shield’s file shows that while there have been a significant number of complaints nationwide, the company is very responsive to complaints and resolving issues. 

Kathryn C. says,

“Very happy. Air conditioner was fixed within 24 hours after requested service and it saved us money.”

Doug D. says,

“I’ve been with AHS for over 7 years. Every time I need help they are quick and efficient in addressing it for me. The [service] companies that do get assigned – I have had no issues with. Always timely in appointments and they get the job done. I highly recommend AHS to anyone who wants a service that works for YOU.”

First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty has been in business for 35 years and are accredited with the BB. The company currently has a B+ rating and a review of their file indicates that they’re responsive to complaints, with the majority being listed as “resolved.” 

G.B. says,

My garage door would not close properly. First American Home Warranty provided a repair person who said he adjusted a spring and the door would work. It did not. Second repair tech from the same company came out; naturally the door worked. He left and the door again wouldn’t work. They provided a third repair person from a different company and proceeded to fix it. The door works perfectly. I appreciate that First American Home Warranty follows up on repair services and that they are so easy to deal with.”

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. They currently have a B- overall rating. After review of comments on the BBB’s website, it seems the majority of complaints stem from poor communication and denied claims. However, many people comment on their appreciation for their speedy service and highly experienced technicians. 

John C. says,

“I have had Choice Home Warranty on three of my homes for a couple of years and I’ve never had any issues with any of my claims. They are prompt and check to make sure the claim was taken care of.” 

Sharon L. says,

“This was our first service request with Choice Home Warranty. Submitting the request was very easy. We immediately were assigned a technician who in turn called us promptly to set up an appointment. The tech was very polite and got the job done right away.”

From Nisha P,

“I am happy with Choice Home Warranty. Quick service and good service. If you need peace of mind then only buy Choice Home Warranty.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the best home warranty company in Michigan?

The best home warranty company in Michigan is the one that covers the systems and appliances you need for a fair price. It’s vital to read and understand exclusions, limitations, and service fees before signing any contract. If you have a variety of auxiliary systems that need coverage, like pools, septic systems, and sump pumps, choose a company that offers add-ons.

Is a Michigan home warranty worth it?

Michigan’s unique climate, groundwater characteristics, and the median age of homes make home warranties a good idea. First-time homebuyers, seniors on a fixed income, single-parent households, and busy families can rely on the best home warranty companies in Michigan to have their backs when household systems and appliances fail.

What costs are associated with a home warranty?

Home warranty companies in Michigan may charge service fees or an annual deductible. Speak to several companies to learn about fees and exclusions that may require you to partially pay for some claims.

Our conclusion

Here are the best home warranty companies in Michigan based on our extensive research and client reviews:

  • Pride Home Warranty
  • American Home Shield
  • First American Home Warranty
  • Choice Home Warranty

In Michigan, a home warranty can protect your family against expensive and unexpected home repairs when heating, electricity, or plumbing systems fail. Choose the company and plan that best fits your needs, and when an appliance or system fails, submit a claim, pay the service fee, and leave the rest to the home warranty company.

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