Best Home Warranty Companies in Maine

By: Jennifer Merrigan

There are over 370,000 owner-occupied family units in the state of Maine. Between that large number and the unique weather conditions that may affect your home and its appliances, now is the perfect time to purchase a home warranty. Keep reading to learn about the best home warranty companies in the state, common home maintenance issues faced by Maine home buyers, and how to successfully buy a home warranty.

Maine’s best home warranty companies

  • Technicians are pre-scanned from CHW to ensure reliability
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  • Nearly two million customers served across the U.S.
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  • Has paid out $2 billion worth of home warranty claims

  • 4.5-star rating on Consumer Affairs
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  • Easy appliance repair and replacement process

  • Unlimited request service calls
  • Appliance protection guarantee
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  • One month free, plus $50 off when you sign up
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Maine is one of the northernmost states in the U.S. and is bordered by New Hampshire, as well as the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. Maine is known as The Pine Tree State and Vacationland, the state bird is the Black-capped chickadee, the state tree is the Eastern white pine, the largest city is Portland, and the oldest city is Kittery.

Maine’s population is projected to increase 1% over the next 10 years, so if you’re in the market to purchase a home, now is the best time to start and pair it with a home warranty.

Top home maintenance problems in Maine

Home maintenance is an important factor when it comes to your home. With the majority of homes being slightly older in Maine, and the cooler weather causing some unique home maintenance problems in the state, it’s crucial that you address issues as they arise. Here are some common problems Maine homeowners experience and tips on how to regularly maintain them.

Plumbing Appliances Electrical Basement
Maintaining your home plumbing system will prevent you from taking on a larger cost over time. With the drastically cold winters in Maine, your home may experience plumbing problems, such as frozen water lines. Clean your appliances regularly and review the user manual for any regular maintenance. Most Maine houses were built in 1977, so if your home has dated appliances, it’s likely that the manufacturer’s warranty is probably expired, making a home warranty all the more necessary. Check all circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters on a seasonal basis. Since some homes in Maine were built as early as 1939, the electrical wiring can prove to be a problem. Keep an eye out for cracks in the foundation and moisture, which could lead to costly, long-term issues that may not be covered  by homeowner’s insurance.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind while maintaining your home:

  • Look for any exposed wiring at least twice a year and fix frayed cords or wires.
  • Make sure the water inlet filters in your washing machine are clear and there are no hoses that need to be replaced.
  • Vacuum any lint out of the dryer ducts and in the surrounding areas.
  • Clean the drain hole in your refrigerator, wash the door gasket, and vacuum the condenser coil.
  • Check for leaks occurring around your toilet, especially toward the bottom of your tank.
  • Make sure all your sink faucets are working properly and all hose bibs and supply valves aren’t leaking.
  • Check for leaks occurring under your sinks, showers, or tubs.
  • Be sure to clean your hot water heater regularly to get rid of any sediment.

Who is eligible for a home warranty in Maine?

Any homeowner is eligible to buy a home warranty at any time in Maine. Before purchasing one, think about the current condition of your home and if there are any repairs that need to be made in the near future. Although some warranties cover repairs and replacements right away, some may take into consideration the current condition of your appliances—this is why it’s important to get a warranty when you first purchase your home.

Here are a few types of homes that are eligible for a home warranty

Home style Valuable information
Mobile home The biggest drawback of mobile homes is that they are less sturdy than a single-family home and can be damaged easily from inclement weather. Discuss the integrity of your home with your home warranty specialist.
Single-family home This is a singular structure created for one family. This type of home usually comes with a separate yard and features dedicated to its own property, such as a patio, driveway, and pool.
Duplex With this style of home, you’ll have the same features that could potentially come with a single-family home, but it will be shared with another family.
Townhouse A townhouse is a multi-family structure that’s typically has two floors, with each home organized side-by-side. Usually, a townhouse will have a dedicated driveway with a garage but will share a backyard.
Condo The layout of a condo will vary depending on the condo complex, but some features include a separate garage or storage space, a parking lot, and a selection of amenities such as a community pool or gym.

What is covered under a Maine home warranty?

What your home warranty covers will depend on the plan and company you choose. When thinking about what you need and don’t need under a home warranty, look into different plans as well as what each company offers and covers.

If you want to cover select systems and appliances, you may want to choose a company like American Home Shield that offers customizable plans. If you’re purchasing an older home, you may want full coverage on your home’s appliances, which may lead you to choose First American Home Warranty.

Most basic home warranty plans include home appliance repair and replacements for items like your washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater, sump pump, air conditioner unit, heater, and refrigerator. Some optional add-ons could include coverage for features like your water heater, pool, or second refrigerator you have in your garage or basement.

There are a few items that you might not find typically covered under your home warranty plan. These items may include your flooring, insulation, and cabinetry.

How much does a home warranty cost in Maine?

The average cost of a home warranty in Maine is between $350 and $600 per year. If you’re in need of additional coverage for special home features, like a pool or septic system, you can expect to pay an additional $100 to $500 per year. Keep in mind that the specific coverage you choose will be a big factor in determining price.

How does a home warranty work?

If you have a home warranty and one of your covered systems or appliances breaks, you’ll typically follow a quick and easy process of filing a claim with your home warranty company. The company will contact a trusted service technician and have them come to your home to repair the damage or issue a replacement.

Note: The condition of the appliance (before you purchased your home warranty) and the cause of the damage will have an effect on the coverage you’re awarded.

Home warranty regulations

Each individual Maine home warranty can come with their own restrictions and regulations. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Most home warranties only cover damages that are caused due to normal wear and tear from using the appliance.
  • Some home warranties will take into account the current condition of the appliance and whether or not coverage will be issued for that appliance when it breaks down or needs to be replaced.
  • Home warranties do not cover all appliances in your home—only the appliances listed under your warranty plan.

Why is a home warranty necessary?

If your appliance isn’t currently covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, you want to make sure you have a home warranty to cover the item in the event that it breaks down. If you don’t have coverage and an appliance breaks down, that repair or replacement cost will have to come out of your own pocket.

Purchasing a home warranty ensures that when an emergency strikes, you’ll be covered by professional contractors to fix your home’s appliances. Did you know that the average cost to have your refrigerator repaired can cost up to $1,300? By investing in a home warranty, you can end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.

How to buy a home warranty

Purchasing a home warranty in Maine is quick and easy, especially if you’re about to purchase a home. Start by calling your potential home warranty provider and asking for a quote based on the items you want covered. Once you agree on the terms, you’ll be sent over a contract that outlines coverage details, limits and exclusions, and pricing.

If you’re just getting started with the home warranty buying process, ask yourself these questions to narrow your search:

  • How new is your home?
  • What appliances are already covered under warranty?
  • What issues popped up on your home inspection?
  • What is your budget?
  • What systems and appliances do you want covered?
  • What does the claims process look like?
  • How much are the service fees?
  • Are there coverage caps for certain appliances and systems?
  • Is there a limit to the amount of service calls you can make in a year?

After answering these questions, you’ll be able to better understand what you need in a home warranty and narrow down the different home warranty companies you’d like to get quotes from.

Maine home warranty reviews

Below are a few home warranty reviews from Total Home Protection customers in Maine:

“Fantastic service! My claim was handled promptly and professionally.”

“Thank you for the outstanding assistance and customer-oriented approach to your business. All three people I dealt with were professional, courteous, and genuinely concerned and helpful. I will share this experience and recommend your company at every opportunity.”

Frequently asked questions

What do home warranties cover?

Home warranties usually cover your home’s most popular appliances, such as your dishwasher, refrigerator, air conditioning unit, clothes washer, and dryer. Depending on the company you purchase a home warranty from and the plan you select, you may opt to include an “extended warranty” to your home warranty plan, which would protect covered items like your water heater and pool.

Do the age of home appliances matter?

The age of your home appliances does not matter, nor does whether or not you purchased your appliance new. What does matter is the condition your appliances are in and the cause of the damage when you file a claim.

Is a home inspection required before a home warranty purchase?

Home warranties do not require a home inspection, however you may want to schedule one to verify the current condition of your home systems and appliances.

Our conclusion

Keeping your home appliances protected is of the utmost importance as a Maine homeowner, and there’s no better way to stay protected and get peace of mind than with a home warranty. Some of the best home warranty companies in Maine include American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty.

You can be covered and protected in a matter of minutes with these home warranty companies so that when a home emergency strikes, you know you’ll receive the best care from one of their personally selected technicians. Give them a call to discuss their home warranty plans and your appliance protection needs.

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