Best Home Warranty Companies in Kansas

By: Natalie Yerger

If you live in Kansas, you know that, just like your vehicle needs regular maintenance to run well, your home needs year-round attention to stay well-maintained. Violent winds, heavy snow, and freezing rain can affect your Kansas home from early fall through late winter, impacting the A/C system, roof, water pipes and pressure, foundation, and many other essential systems and appliances.

While a well-maintained home will save you money from repairs in the long run, it’s impossible to guarantee that one of your home’s systems and appliances, like garbage disposals, washers, heating systems, and refrigerators, won’t give you trouble at some point during your homeownership.

A Kansas home warranty can provide you peace of mind, covering the cost to repair or replace systems when they break down. If you’re looking for a home warranty in Kansas, keep reading to learn about the best home warranty companies in the state, common home maintenance issues faced by Kansas homeowners, and important home warranty buying tips.

Kansas’ best home warranty companies

  • Two plans plus optional add-ons
  • 90-day repair guarantee
  • After hours customer service

  • Four plans plus optional add-ons
  • Build your own plan option available
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited
  • Pool, spa, and guest unit coverage available

  • Three plans plus optional add-ons
  • Optional septic system coverage
  • Free coverage for roof leaks
  • Responsive customer service team

  • Has a devoted staff of local service providers ready to help
  • If the item can’t be fixed, the technician will replace it
  • Available across 49 states
  • Offers two comprehensive plan levels

  • Two plans plus optional add-ons
  • No cap on HVAC coverage
  • Limited exclusions
  • Covers systems and appliances that were improperly installed or maintained

Kansas, nicknamed the Sunflower State and the Wheat State, is located in a region of the United States where plains and prairies are abundant. It’s located in the center of the U.S. and is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. In 1822, hundreds of wagons were brought through Kansas from the Santa Fe Trail, and the population grew. Kansas officially became a state in 1861. Today, cattle, wheat, corn, and soybeans are the base for the agricultural economy. 

The largest city is Wichita, K.S., with a population of almost 400,000 people. Kansas is the 34th most populous state in the United States. According to Zillow, the median price of a home in Kansas is $189,900, a number that’s climbed almost $50,000 since 2012 but is below the median new home price across the United States. Homes in populous cities, like Overland Park and Lenexa, have higher median home values of roughly $250,000.

Kansas is no stranger to natural disasters, and the state’s propensity for tornados was notably memorialized in The Wizard of Oz. Moreover, heavy snow, wind, and even soil movement can create serious structural damage that impacts the home’s foundation, roof, appliances, and systems. For this reason, Kansas homeowners in the market for a home warranty should consider whether structural repairs, roof repairs, and cosmetic corrections are covered in their chosen plan.

Top home maintenance problems in Kansas

For Kansas homeowners, home maintenance is a year-round battle. Once spring cleaning has wrapped up, the hectic schedule of summer brings residents quickly to fall, at which time winterizing and preparing for storms is crucial. Here are some of the most common appliance and home system problems Kansas homeowners face.

  1. Clothes washers may experience problems in winter, as this water-centric machine’s pipes can freeze, especially if the machine is located close to an exterior wall.
  2. Excessive organic materials and expansive soils, or shifting soils, are a big problem for Kansas home foundations.
  3. Roofs are susceptible to leaks from violent rainstorms, and forgotten gutters and downspouts filled with debris can fail to drain properly or rot, causing structural and foundational damage.
  4. Refrigerator and ice makers are some of the most common appliances to break down, whether from regular wear and tear or because cleaning has been neglected.
  5. Fireplaces and gas appliances that aren’t properly vented or annually inspected can fail in the coldest part of winter.
  6. Water supply lines in exterior walls are susceptible to freezing during cold spells. Lines for the kitchen sink are often under the sink on an exterior wall, and if a homeowner forgets to wrap them in insulation or heat tape, they may freeze.

Who is eligible for a home warranty in Kansas?

Whether you live in a mobile home in Wichita, recently purchased a single-family home in Kansas City, or own a condo in Overland Park, there’s a home warranty out there for you. The age of your home or its style shouldn’t impact your eligibility, nor should the age or brand of your home’s systems and appliances.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, some newly built homes come with a home warranty that provides limited coverage for various components. Some home warranties are backed by the builder, while others are purchased from an independent company like American Home Shield, Select Home Warranty, or Choice Home Warranty. In this case, the duration and warranty type will be pre-determined for the home buyer based on what the builder or realtor has selected.

What is covered under a Kansas home warranty?

A home warranty can cover repair or replacement costs for appliances, major home systems, or both. Typically, a home warranty contract will be eligible for a preset period of time, like 12 months or two years. 

When deciding between the best home warranty companies in Kansas, it’s important to reflect on what you’d like covered so that you’ll be prepared to select a plan that covers the majority of your preferred items when you’re shopping around. Sample contracts and customized quotes are available from most credible home warranty companies via their websites or a phone call with a customer service representative.

Here’s more information about what each of our recommended Kansas home warranty providers’ plans do and don’t cover:

  • Select Home Warranty provides coverage at an excellent value. Appliance-only, system-only, and appliance and system combo plans are available. Optional septic system coverage is offered and all customers receive free roof leak coverage. This company doesn’t cover improperly or insufficiently maintained systems and appliances.
  • Choice Home Warranty offers a basic plan and a total plan, which cover 14 and 18 home appliances and systems, respectively. The total plan’s additional four covered items are the air conditioning, clothes washer, clothes dryer, and refrigerator. Optional coverage add-ons include septic tank plumbing and roof leaks.
  • American Home Shield allows for customizable home warranty plans, which is beneficial for those who want to cover only certain appliances. You can select 10 items from 21 options that you want covered.
  • First American Home Warranty has a Basic Plan and a Premier Plan, which cover appliances, and appliances and systems, respectively. They also offer no cap on HVAC coverage for hot Kansas summers. If you’re dealing with a pest infestation, First American provides additional pest control services.
  • The Home Service Club offers two home warranty plans—Standard Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage. Standard Coverage includes the most common systems and appliances, like air conditioning, heating, your stove cooktop, or your water heater. Comprehensive Coverage protects almost 20 items and includes coverage for water leaks. Add-ons for roof protection and pool and spa coverage are available.

How much does a home warranty cost in Kansas?

The average home warranty in Kansas costs between $300 and $600 annually, but your home warranty’s cost will depend on the plan you choose and where you live. Keep in mind that the monthly premium you’ll agree to is just one part of the potential out-of-pocket fees associated with investing in a home warranty plan.

Most providers require that customers pay a service fee with every local pro or technician visit, and if your coverage caps are low, you may end up paying out-of-pocket for repairs and replacements that exceed them.

Below is a chart of the average costs and stated service fees for our recommended Kansas home warranty providers:

Provider Average Monthly Cost Service Fee
Choice Home Warranty $32+ $75$125
American Home Shield $20–$65 $75–$125
Select Home Warranty $36–$42 $75
The Home Service Club $33+  $65–$125
First American Home Warranty $28–$50 $75

How does a home warranty work?

Given the option, most of us would volunteer to spend our weekends and weeknights on the couch rather than worrying about a home repair or appliance replacement. Thankfully, a home warranty is rather simple, requiring just a few simple actions from you in order to give a problematic appliance or system the attention it needs. Here’s how a Kansas home warranty process would work for an issue with a kitchen sink water pipe:

  1. Once you notice a problem with the water supply to your kitchen sink, contact your home warranty provider to file a claim via their 24/7 customer service phone line, brief online form, or email.
  2. The home warranty company will contact you, assuming the appliance or system in question is covered under your plan, to schedule a time for a local pro to visit your home.
  3. A technician will inspect and diagnose the issue at the agreed upon time and, in most cases, repair or replace the appliance or system on the same day. In other cases, the technician may need to visit a second or third time after waiting for a replacement part to arrive. 
  4. Prior to the repair or replacement, the technician should be able to communicate to you the cost of the service and whether it exceeds the appliance or system’s coverage cap. This will indicate to you how much of the repair or replacement you’ll need to pay for out-of-pocket.
  5. Once the issue has been resolved, you’ll receive a bill from your Kansas home warranty provider for a service fee (usually about $75) to cover the technician’s visit, as well as a bill for any expenses that exceeded the item’s coverage limit. 
  6. Once you’ve paid the service fee, which can usually be done in a few minutes online, you’re back to enjoying the peace of mind that your home is taken care of.

Why is a home warranty in Kansas necessary?

There’s no place like home, but you might not want to be there if a heating, air conditioning, or electrical issue arises. From Wichita to Topeka, a Kansas home warranty plan can help protect your budget by taking the cost of the repair or replacement of covered items off of your list of expenses. Coverage should be provided regardless of the age, make, or model of the item.

Kansas home warranty buyer’s guide

It’s easy to gloss over the details of a home warranty plan, but it may cost you down the line. Some of the most common complaints against home warranty companies are the result of customers overlooking details, like coverage caps, limitations, and exclusions, in the fine print. Here are some questions you should get answers to as you explore the best home warranty companies in Kansas:

Weigh the monthly cost of the plan against the cost of repairs.

For example, if you use the stovetop frequently and repair is more than the monthly premium, or if your Kansas city experiences frequent snow storms and a broken heater could cost thousands of dollars, a warranty is well worth the investment. Considering the value of your key appliances and systems can shed light on whether a warranty is a wise investment.

Consider service fees.

On average, service fees range from $75 to more than $125. Take not of how many appliance and system issues you’ve had in previous years. Multiply these incidents by the service fee to get a sense of how much you may pay for technician visits with your warranty plan.

Think about additional coverage.

Heavy storms can cause roof damage in Kansas, so roof leak coverage as a free plan inclusion or an optional add-on is something to look for. Additionally, ice machines are the most common part of a refrigerator to break down, but many home warranty plans don’t include them. Check for this exclusion in the fine print of the contract.

Review the limitations on your home warranty plan.

If you live in an older Kansas home, you’ll want to look into whether the company has limitations on used appliances. Some providers won’t cover appliances or systems that have been improperly maintained or installed.

Read customer reviews. 

The company’s reputation for customer service is important. Do they offer 24/7 hotlines? Is the company BBB accredited? What’s the company’s BBB rating? Check out reviews websites, like TrustPilot and Consumer Affairs, to get a sense of how satisfied customers are with their home warranty experience.

Kansas home warranty reviews

Online review websites can provide insight into the customer experience. We recommend reviewing customer reviews on the BBB website, TrustPilot, and ConsumerAffairs. Here are several reviews we found for our recommended warranty providers.

  • Select Home Warranty has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau. Dan of nearby Nebraska writes, “Fast response and repair on our furnace during some wicked weather. Professional service that explained what the problem was and fixed it and gave recommendations of what service we should do in the future to keep it functioning well.
  • Choice Home Warranty has a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • American Home Shield has a B rating from the Better Business Bureau and is BBB accredited. Jamie T. writes, “I’ve been an American Home Shield customer for over a decade and have always received fast, efficient, professional responses to my repair needs.
  • First American Home Warranty has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • The Home Service Club is not rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a home warranty cost in Kansas?

The home warranty cost will vary depending on the plan you choose and the provider you go with. Annual costs can range from $300 to more than $600, which doesn’t include services fees or out-of-pocket payments that result from repairs and replacements that exceed coverage caps.

What does a home warranty cover?

A home warranty can cover systems, appliances, or both. The exact systems and appliances that are covered in each plan varies from provider to provider. Some home warranty companies offer customers a “build your own plan” option, which allows you to choose from a preset list of appliances and systems to create a plan that covers the most essential items in your household.

Will how well I maintain my home affect my home warranty coverage?

It can. Some providers have exclusions and limitations based on how well the system or appliance is maintained by you or, in some cases, past owners. Be sure to read the fine print of each plan as to whether you’ll be required to prove the item’s maintenance and installation history in order to receive coverage for a repair or replacement.

Our conclusion

Home warranties are a promise in peace of mind, but you’ll need to ensure the monthly fees of the company you choose are well below what they’re willing to pay out for repairs and replacements. In the best case scenario, the plan should be affordable, coverage should be generous with limited exclusions, and customer service should be responsive, helpful, and fast.

We recommend getting started by contacting the five companies we’ve recommended for a Kansas home warranty. You can receive a free, customized quote for your home and a sample contract from Choice Home Warranty, American Home Shield, and other providers in order to compare plans. Check reviews websites to learn about the experiences of Kansas residents with the company and how long repairs typically take.

Everyone deserves to make a thoughtful, informed purchase decision, and we hope this guide to the best home warranty companies in Kansas has been a helpful start in your home protection journey.

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