Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia

By: Toni Matthews-El

Why should Georgia residents be on the lookout for the best home warranty? At some point, you’ll likely need to have home systems like your HVAC or plumbing replaced. Important appliances around the home will also need to be repaired at some point. Additionally, as a Georgia resident, there are unique maintenance challenges you’ll face throughout homeownership that will make a home warranty a great idea.

For example, you might be fond of life in Atlanta but not so crazy about the cost of getting rid of termites, a common Georgian pest. With the right home warranty, it’s possible that your pest control worries could get covered with a local professional sent out to deal with the problem immediately.

Home warranties are meant to offer just a little extra protection, filling in the gap that’s often left by home insurance and expired appliance warranties. If you’re looking for a home warranty in Georgia, keep reading to learn about the best home warranty companies in the state, home maintenance issues faced by Georgia homeowners, and important home warranty buying tips.

Georgia’s best home warranty companies

  • Potential for annual discount of $150
  • Well-rated for offering a transparent and easy-to-understand home warranty agreement
  • Covers roof repairs for free no matter which plan you decide on
  • Provides emergency services to its customers
  • High comprehensive coverage limits without overcharging for service

  • Multi-property discounts available
  • More likely than competitors to accept rather than reject a claim
  • Low service fee with a coverage limit higher than the industry average

  • If selling your home, you have the option to transfer your policy to the new homeowner
  • Not only connects you with pre-screened, qualified, and insured professionals, but these technicians are monitored and graded to ensure customer satisfaction
  • No fee for transferring your home warranty

  • More than a decade of home warranty experience
  • Offers customers the chance to customize their plan and avoid paying for services they don’t need
  • If a covered item isn’t available to be replaced, Choice Home Warranty will provide a cash payment equal to the amount of the estimated replacement cost

James Oglethorpe founded Georgia, one of the original 13 colonies, in 1733. He founded the colony in the hopes of letting it become a refuge for debtors and the poor. In its time, Georgia has boasted multiple state capitals: Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, and Milledgeville. After shifting the capital around over the years, the state eventually settled on Atlanta.

The state is located deep in the southern United States, with North Carolina and Tennessee bordering it to the north. South Carolina borders the state to the northeast. It shares a western border with Alabama and its southern border with the state of Florida. A portion of southeast Georgia lies directly on the Atlantic Ocean.

Georgia is a state rich with history, and millions are proud to call it home. Although the peach is perhaps the most famous symbol of Georgia, other state symbols include peanuts and Vidalia onions. The state has produced famous artists and musicians like Ray Charles, James Brown, and the band R.E.M.

Top home maintenance problems in Georgia

A clogged gutter, a malfunctioning garage door, a garbage disposal that stopped working. These are common issues that Georgia homeowners face. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have the right coverage to help replace or repair home systems and appliances. A home warranty makes sense for those who deal with issues related to their home systems and appliances. These are the top homeowner issues that Georgia natives face.

Home repairs after a weather-related disaster

Georgia is located in an area of the United States that’s highly vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. The most recent hurricanes to impact the state include Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Michael in 2018. Because of the very real threat of severe weather knocking out power or causing damage to the home, homeowners are encouraged to have as much coverage as possible.


Unfortunately, many southern states have issues with termites and Georgia is no exception. The likelihood of having termite issues will depend on certain factors such as the home structure, construction type, and how often homeowners carry out routine maintenance. Although pest control isn’t generally covered by home warranties, some companies do provide coverage for this issue.

HVAC breakdowns

The ability to cool your home during the simmering Georgia summer months is an absolute must. Functioning air conditioning systems are a top priority, and if the system malfunctions or is outdated and in need of replacement, you’ll want a home warranty that can take the guesswork out of what professionals to call to get it fixed.

Preventative maintenance can help avoid issues, which is why it’s recommended that you service your central air before temperatures start to climb.

Cleaning the gutters

Taking care of your home’s gutters might not be something you immediately think about. At least, not before clogging leads to a leaky roof or water damage around the inside and outside of the house. These issues are often avoidable if you remember to perform seasonal maintenance to get rid of dirt, sticks, and leaves.

Wastewater disposal issues

Some Georgia communities struggle with issues related to wastewater due in large part to heavy rains. For instance, the Atlanta sewer system is aging and there are accusations that the city has failed to overhaul the system, leaving residents vulnerable to massive sewage-related issues. You’ll want to make sure that you have sewer and plumbing coverage in the event of an emergency.

Electrical rewiring

The cost of repair and rewiring can get surprisingly expensive. If paid on your own, you might expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars. The alternative is a dated system prone to failures. Fortunately, most home warranties offer some form of basic coverage to protect your electrical system.

Who should get a home warranty in Georgia?

The first and most obvious answer to who should look into getting a home warranty is a homeowner. After all, you’ll want every bit of protection for your home that might not be covered by traditional home insurance. Additionally, as appliances age, manufacturer’s warranties will expire. Homeowners are likely to want a bit of extra protection to cover these systems, in addition to help finding the best professionals throughout Georgia to repair or replace whatever’s covered.

In addition to homeowners, here are some other individual groups that could benefit from a home warranty.

Real estate agents

By throwing in a one- or two-year home warranty, real estate agents could have the upper hand in selling properties. For new homeowners, it can be upsetting to finally get settled into a home and have something break. If they’re new to Savannah or Atlanta, GA, they might not know the best technicians to consult.

A home warranty will help stave off some worry about who to call and how much to pay for repairs or replacements. Aim to have the plan go into effect within 30 days of the new homeowners signing the papers.

Former renters

If you’re transitioning from renter to homeowner, you might not be used to the idea of having to pay out-of-pocket for a broken HVAC system or a new appliance altogether. Having to locate a trusted professional and then cough up the full price for new appliances and repairs might feel very intimidating.

A home warranty puts previous renters in a position that they’re used to by having someone to turn to when appliances break or the heater stops working.

Rental property owners

As mentioned above, renters are used to relying on others to cover the cost of repairs in their apartments or homes. Usually, it’s the rental property owner who pays to replace broken appliances. Having a home warranty on qualifying rental properties can allow you to protect your renters, network with top professionals throughout Georgia, and save money on repair or replacement costs. 

Homes that qualify for a home warranty

What sort of homes qualify for a home warranty? It’s possible to receive a home warranty for a single-family or multi-family home. While more traditional homes represent the coverage norm, some companies will extend coverage to a duplex or mobile home.

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Georgia home warranty coverage

Though most home warranty companies cover similar items, certain types of coverage matter more than others for Georgia natives. Here are the types of items you’ll want to be covered under a Georgia home warranty.

Cooling or heating system

The temperatures during the summer make it unwise to go too long without a cooling system. If something breaks down, you’ll need to get service as quickly as possible. That said, although winters aren’t as frigid in Georgia as some places, you should make sure your home warranty provides timely heating system coverage.


Beating the heat often means lounging around the pool. But it’s possible that the home warranty doesn’t automatically cover your pool or pools at all. Pool owners should double-check to make sure coverage is available, even as an extended option.

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It’s very easy to forget about cleaning the gutters, and the consequences aren’t pretty. It’s possible to ruin your roof by not performing seasonal maintenance. Luckily for Select Home Warranty customers, roof repairs are covered no matter which plan you choose.

Pest control

This isn’t necessarily a common item covered under home warranties, but it’s definitely worth asking about. Georgia natives have to deal with pests such as termites and ants, and their presence can cause severe damage to the integrity of the home over time. Having pest control coverage can prevent a massive headache down the road.

Note: A home warranty is meant to cover the cost of repairing or replacing appliances that succumb to normal wear and tear. If you were to do something that broke the appliance, this likely would not get covered as it doesn’t fall under “normal wear and tear.”

Another area you could run into trouble is with a so-called pre-existing condition. If something was already broken or in need of repair before you connected with a home warranty business, there’s a chance they could reject the claim.

For instance, American Home Shield has said that it’s willing to cover a claim for an “undetectable pre-existing condition.” Specifically, this covers any errors or defects that “could not have been detected by a visual inspection and/or simple mechanical test.” You should clarify upfront what types of situations are considered a pre-existing condition and if coverage is still possible.

How much does a Georgia home warranty cost?

How much you pay for a home warranty is determined by the type of plan you choose. Some home warranties cover only appliances and others include both appliances and home systems. You might pay $40 per month for coverage of the kitchen and laundry room or about $50 to cover the whole house.

On average, you should expect to pay between $350 and $800 per year. Less expensive plans will cover certain home systems or appliances, while more expensive plans envelope most or all of the home, including items outside the house, such as a pool or sump pump.

Additionally, when you request service from a home warranty company, you’ll have to pay a service fee, typically ranging between $75 and $100. 

How does a home warranty work?

When you reach an agreement with the home warranty company, you’ll pay a set amount for each month of coverage. If a covered item breaks, you submit a claim and if that claim isn’t rejected, the home warranty company will go through the process of reaching out to a Georgia service professional near you to begin the process of repair or replacement.

In the case of a replaced appliance, do not automatically assume that the new appliance will look exactly the same. There’s a good chance the warranty doesn’t require the business to offer an exact clone of what needed to be replaced. It might be that service contracts require the home warranty company to provide a working appliance that meets certain criteria, and the look of the new version has no part of that. 

The best way to understand what you’ll be getting from your home warranty is to carefully read through your contract, contact the home warranty company with any questions, and compare multiple companies. You should also think very carefully about whether you’re getting everything you need out of the home warranty before signing up.

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Why is a home warranty necessary?

It’s fairly common to buy home insurance with the expectation that it will cover every emergency, only to find out later that this isn’t the case. With appliances, although they often come with a warranty, you’re left without protection after they expire.

A home warranty fills in the gaps, offering you protection on your appliances and major systems in the event that something goes wrong. This proactive measure prevents you from getting startled should you find out that, for instance, your trash compactor warranty expired a few months before it broke. It also keeps you from finding yourself in a situation where you need repairs but aren’t sure who to call. 

A home warranty is meant to act as a safety net, reducing stress and helping you save money.

Buying a home warranty in Georgia

Here are a few practical tips for anyone looking for the best home warranty options in Georgia:

Seek comprehensive and affordable HVAC coverage

It gets far too hot in Georgia to be without quality coverage for your cooling system. Heat might even become a safety concern at certain times of the year. Make it a point to not only perform seasonal checks and maintenance on your HVAC system but also make sure that the home warranty company you’re considering will respond to issues in a timely manner and provide assistance immediately.

Additionally, you’ll want to shop around to make sure your service call fees and monthly payments are as fair as possible.

Ask about pest control

As mentioned earlier, Georgia is a state where termites are a major concern for some homeowners. There are certain pests that can negatively affect the integrity of your house and your overall quality of life. Even if pest control will cost extra money, it’s still a good idea to seek out home warranty businesses that offer this form of coverage.

Have upfront knowledge of fees and other out-of-pocket costs

Many customers who are unhappy with their home warranty contracts express a feeling of being blindsided by unexpected costs and uncovered claims. The best home warranty companies will let you know the circumstances under which a claim is likely to be rejected.

Also, fees might not necessarily be uniform with the price changing according to the appliance, system, or specific problem. Before you agree to any home warranty, you should have a fundamental understanding of what fees you’ll have to pay and any other out-of-pocket expenses you might be expected to cover. 

Georgia home warranty reviews

Below are some home warranty reviews regarding the companies we recommend for Georgia homeowners:

Select Home Warranty

Customers repeatedly mention Select Home Warranty’s speedy response to their issues. The company gets repeatedly praised for its service options, the speed at which it processes claims, and its customer service.  Sareena of Atlanta, GA writes,

“They worked according to my schedule, explained the issue to me, and left only after I was fully satisfied.” 

Pride Home Warranty

One of the most satisfying aspects of dealing with Pride Home Warranty according to reviewers is its affordable pricing practices. For instance, customers can expect to pay $40 for service fees. This is much cheaper than the average service fee cost of $75. Its coverage cap is attractive, extending to $3,000 depending on your plan. Compared to local rivals, some of which offer a cap of less than $1,000, Pride Home Warranty comes across as a transparent, fair, and affordable option.

Choice Home Warranty

For Georgia customers, especially those with breakdowns relating to their cooling system, time is very much of the essence. Angela of Baxley, GA, shared that Choice Home Warranty was able to approve of her AC unit repair within 24 hours.

Living in the South, it’s very important to have a quick response.

Total Home Protection

This home warranty is priced competitively, with plaudits for offering high-quality services. The company’s customers appreciate the pricing and their willingness to work with your budget. Though it’s not been in service as long as other companies, Total Home Protection has earned a strong reputation for trustworthiness. Its technicians are very courteous and customers repeatedly mention how they clean up before and after they finish their service.

First American Home Warranty

Most customers shared that they had a relatively easy time getting their claims. Additionally, First American Home Warranty was quick to react to reviews left by verified customers, with the exception of negative reviews. One such review comes from Flavia of Atlanta, GA, who said,

The basic coverage is beyond not worth it as there are so many coverage exceptions.

While there are customers that have good and bad experiences, you should do your own research and ask questions in order to be as knowledgeable as possible about what First American Home Warranty will and will not cover.

Frequently asked questions

Are home warranties required by law?

Home warranties are not required by law and are optional to purchase. They exist to provide you with a bit of extra protection for your appliances and home systems like plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC.

What’s the difference between a home warranty and home insurance?

Home insurance is a way of protecting your home and belongings should unexpected damage occur from a natural disaster or theft. While it’s true that home insurance might cover you in the event of a hurricane, this type of insurance might not come through for seasonal challenges.

Home insurance policies might cover the cost to remodel or repair your home after a hurricane, but if your refrigerator breaks down due to normal wear and tear, there’s a good chance that it won’t be covered by your insurance.

To prevent this kind of setback, it’s a good idea to get a home warranty for everyday repair and replacement needs.

When buying a home, should I check to see if a home warranty is available?

There are real estate agents and home sellers who make it a point to include a home warranty, but not always. This is something you should ask about when considering a home purchase.

Our conclusion

With a home warranty from trusted companies like Select Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, Choice Home Warranty, Pride Home Warranty, and First American Home Warranty, you can feel confident about coverage for your appliances and home systems. For Georgia residents, the best home warranty can help ease the strain of replacing an aging HVAC system before summer heat becomes a problem or remedy the issue of rampant pests.

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