Pick My Solar Review

By Collins Earp

The House Method team researches, reviews, and recommends a number of services, including solar panel installation. Affiliate disclosure.

Solar panel systems bring benefits to your home and the environment, but can be a burden on your wallet. Pick My Solar has designed a business that aids this issue by having installers bid on your project, saving you time, money, and allowing a choice in provider.

Making the best decision when installing a solar energy system onto your home can lead to an extensive research project. House Method has reviewed Pick My Solar so that you can get the information you need.

Pick My Solar

Simplified Solar

  • You get multiple installation quotes at one stop
  • Installers bidding on your project means you get the best price
  • 100% online makes comparing providers easy
  • TriGuard Guarantee for production, workmanship, and manufacturer parts

The Pick My Solar process

Pick My Solar was founded to make it simpler for people to install clean, renewable energy in a residential neighborhood. They identified the cost, time, and complexity that comes with solar panel installation and built a business around combating these issues. Their website allows you to pick your provider through a simpler process, cutting out hours of research.

  1. Meet your energy advisor—Chat with an advisor to learn about your energy options and what type of system is best for your home based on your unique setup.
  2. Remote system design—Once your project is defined, Pick My Solar’s design experts will map out a system for your roof.
  3. Review your options—A network of vetted installers will bid on your project, allowing you to compare your options while Pick My Solar provides you with expert advice.
  4. Pick your solar—Take the offer you want, then Pick My Solar tracks your project and ensures that it’s covered with their TriGuard Guarantee.

Pick My Solar features

There are a few key features that differentiate Pick My Solar and make it easier for you to get your project underway.

  • Free advice and guidance—Instead of charging you for consultations, Pick My Solar will provide you with an advisor to guide you toward the best option for your home.
  • Educational approach—Utilizing their online guides and expert advice, you will be fully informed on the available options and the installation process.
  • Informational online service—Their system is 100% online, allowing you to get research and guidance on your time.
  • Simplicity—Pick My Solar only needs basic information to design your system and create a list of offers for you to look through.
  • Multiple offers—They create a list of approved installation companies that bid on your project, allowing you to choose the best price from a reliable company.
  • TriGuard Guarantee—Assures that the production of their design team and the installation partner will meet their standards, workmanship issues will be covered for at least 10 years after the system is installed, and that the manufacturer’s system components will be free from defect for at least 10 years.

Pick My Solar also provides home batteries for after your solar panels are installed. These allow you to further your energy independence in a variety of ways. The energy that your panels produce during the day is used to power your home, but whatever is not used is stored in your battery. This stored energy can be used instead of grid power during peak times of the day when power companies charge more for electric. You can also use this power as a backup generator during blackouts or for night-time use to avoid being on grid energy.

House Method’s Pick My Solar review

House Method recommends Pick My Solar because of their ingenuity and dedication to providing you with clean energy in the simplest way possible. Utilizing an online presence and creating a one-stop shop for researching and finding the right provider makes it easy for you to get the service you need.

These are a few features that we believe are worth a final note:

  • The TriGuard Guarantee, ensuring the quality of the work
  • Multiple bids from installers provides you with the best price
  • Guides and educational videos
  • Free expert advisors throughout the process

Customer reviews

According to their Better Business Bureau review, in which they’re rated an A+, this is what people are saying about Pick My Solar:

I used Pick My Solar to get quotes and find an installer for my solar array in Massachusetts. PMS did a terrific job. My main point of contact was responsive, provided good advice, and took the time to educate me. In the end I chose a solar installer (Sunlight Solar) who did an excellent job on a complicated install, and I am very happy with the results.”

“They helped us pick the best installer and best product to meet our needs. Our solar system is live and we are thrilled. I recommend this company to anyone who is thinking of going solar.”

“An absolute flawless experience. I would have put solar in earlier had I known about their service earlier! My biggest worry was not knowing who to go with. Pick My Solar did all the legwork and research for us.”

Pick My Solar: Quick Facts

  • Company Name: Pick My Solar
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Headquartered in: Los Angeles, CA
  • BBB Accredited: Yes, since 2016

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