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Lumina Solar Review: Costs, Financing, & Reviews (2023)

Updated Jan 12, 2023

Updated Jan 12, 2023

Home > Solar > Lumina Solar Review: Costs, Financing, & Reviews (2023)

Continue reading to uncover these Lumina Solar reviews, as we share this solar company’s history, background, and information about their services, warranty, finance options, and much more.

Our Lumina Solar Review

Lumina Solar provides three services, which are more than the industry standard and offers extensive warranties. However, they operate in fewer states than other solar energy companies, which could make them more restrictive.

Lumina Solar Company Profile

Lumina Solar launched in 2018 in Baltimore and has a leading team that has over 150 years of experience in the solar industry combined. They currently offer their solar panels in three states: MD, VA, PA, and Washington D.C.

Lumina Solar Summary
Company nameLuminar Solar
Year founded2018
ServicesSolar panels and solar batteries (Tesla Powerwall)
CertificationsTesla Powerwall certified installer, installation technicians certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
# of Employees11–50
BBB rating:A+
Our Rating:4.7
Average Cost:The website doesn’t state the cost, as you have to receive an inspection for a quote

Pros & Cons of Lumina Solar


  • Generous warranty cover
  • Referral company
  • Provides contributions to charities


  • Might not offer services in as many states as other solar panel companies
  • Still a relatively new company compared to their competitors

Solar Services & Cost

Lumina Solar provides the following services:

Lumina Solar

This is their main operation, which handles every part of solar panel installations. Their solar consultants will guide you through every step of the entire process.

Fusion Solar Services

This service ensures that your solar panels function for a long time and helps to enhance the lifespan of your system for maximum efficiency.

Fusion Roofing

This service involves a team of experts that survey your roof before installation to determine if you need a roof replacement beforehand.

Solar Panel Installation

This service allows Lumina Solar to offer renewable, clean energy to residential and commercial individuals/companies of a range of sizes. Their team’s skill set and knowledge enable them to create a personalized solution that suits your system size, goals, and budget.


A high-quality roof is integral when installing a solar panel system. That’s why Lumina Solar has roofing contractors who understand the requirements of a roof along with the skills to make any necessary repairs.


It’s essential to keep a close eye on your roof to ensure that your solar system functions properly without any hiccups. That’s why Lumina Solar offers Fusion Solar Services to provide expert solar maintenance. This helps to ensure that your solar panels continue working for many years to come.

How Much Does Lumina Solar Cost?

Their website doesn’t provide information about the cost of purchase and installation of solar panels. Instead, you need to contact their phone number to enquire about a visual inspection to obtain a quote.


Lumina Solar provides the industry-standard warranty, which includes 25 years on their solar panels and 25 years on their inverters. Additionally, the Tesla Powerwall has a 10-year warranty.

This solar provider also offers a 10-year workmanship warranty on each of their installations and offers a Solarinsure 30-year extended warranty. This makes them one of the most extensive coverage options in the solar industry, as they also cover labor, roof penetrations, ownership transfers, and the cost of parts.

Financing Plans &  Options

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

This financial plan enables you to install a solar system without putting any money upfront. This means that Lumina Solar handles the finance, installation, permit, and design, so you can relish in saving up to 30% on your utility bills.

These three PPAs include long-term maintenance, warranty, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Specials or Incentives Offered

Here are the incentives you can receive in each U.S. state Lumina Solar provides services in.

$1,000 Rebate

  • Maryland

This incentive, called the Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program, enables you to receive a $1,000 rebate from the installation cost. It’s eligible for all systems that meet the requirement of 1 kW.

Property Tax Exemption

  • Virginia

The Virginia state makes you exempt from the residential property increase that comes with adding solar systems. However, there are only 30 localities in this state that have the property tax exemption in place.

No Sales Tax

  • Maryland
  • Washington D.C.

This 6% sales tax allows you not to lose out when your home gains value due to installing a solar system.

Unique Low-Income Solar Adaptionn Program

  • Washington D.C.

This incentive enables low-income homeowners to receive financial aid for solar panels. This program offers $10,000 to cover the cost of installation of 3kW–4kW solar panels.

SRECs and Net Metering

  • Maryland
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington D.C.
  • Virginia

These two incentives let you benefit from excess energy your solar system produces by allowing you to sell the energy to companies.

Interested in solar energy but not sure where to start?

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In-House or Contracted Installations

Fusion Roofing is an external roofing company that provides roof repairs and replacements for Lumina Solar customers and is an important step to solar installation.

Service Area & Availability

Lumina Solar provides services in MD, VA, PA, and Washington D.C.

Lumina Solar Reviews From Actual Customers

Here are some reviews of the customer experience we discovered online.

“Shane Williams was a great salesperson. He was very personable and negotiated a reasonable price for our solar panel systems. The Lumina installation team was very professional and nice. We had an electrical problem a few days after the installation and they sent an electrician that realized the problem wasn’t related to their system but still took the time to fix it. He also took the time to go over the whole electrical system of the solar panel. I would recommend this company to anyone!” 

Meghana P.

“​​We are very pleased with the solar panels, battery and energy system installed by Lumina Solar. Their sales pitch was informative, more than pressure sales. We discussed options available for solar and we selected Lumina Solar after considering two other companies. All of their team members were professional and thorough. We even experienced a small problem with our installation and their CEO stepped in to make things right, without hesitation. We highly recommend Lumina Solar to anyone who is actively looking to install solar panels for their home”.

Dante P

“Lumina were great all the way through. Philip Jordan was great as the guy who explained it all to me and helped figure out the design. He made it easy to understand and kept in touch with me throughout the process and after. The office staff handled the paperwork wonderfully and were very quick to respond to questions. The inspection and installation people were friendly and great. They really know what they are doing. When it came time to have the installation inspected, the inspector told me he’d inspected 8 or 9 other installations from other companies that week and mine was the only one that he approved. Overall, I have only positive things to say about my experience and would recommend Lumina to anyone”.

Ian Small

Bottom Line: Is Lumina Solar a Good Company?

These Lumina Solar reviews share this Mid-Atlantic company’s background, services, warranties, and more. Overall, we think they’re a great company, and we’re impressed with the three services they offer and their thorough, quick processes from the beginning to installation.

Lumina Solar FAQs

How long has Lumina Solar been in business?

Since 2018.

Where is the Lumina Solar headquarters?

Baltimore, United States.

What inverter does Lumina Solar use?

There’s currently no mention of this on their website.

Who owns Lumina Solar?

Michael Kirby is the CEO.

Is maintenance included with the solar panels?

Yes. This applies to Solar leases and PPA.

What services does Lumina Solar provide?

Lumina Solar, Fusion Solar Services, and Fusion Roofing.

House Method’s Solar Ranking and Review Methodology

At House Method, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each solar energy company/service according to our methodology.

Our research team dug deep into the fine print of contracts, combed through more than one hundred customer reviews, and thoroughly investigated all of each solar energy company’s services, costs, and products. We’ve done the homework for you by researching nearly all of the solar energy companies on the market so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

We developed a formula to objectively determine the best solar energy companies and give each a score out of 100 based on the following criteria:

  • Plan Options (30): Do they provide a variety of plan options? We looked at the number of plans each solar energy company offered and the flexibility of adjusting the plan.
  • Services offered (20): How many services are offered in each plan? We looked at whether the company manufactures its own solar panels, whether it contracts out installation, and what additional products each company offers.
  • Trust (10): What do customers say after their solar panels are installed? Does this company offer a guarantee? We considered how satisfied customers are post-service if the company does what it says it will, BBB accreditation, and service guarantees.
  • Prices (10): How reasonable are the costs of the plan or service in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors that offer the same solar energy services.
  • Unique perks (10): Does the company offer discounts or special services such as financial incentives, rebates, or a useful mobile app? We looked for extras each company offers that set them apart from the competition.
  • Customer Service (10): How is the customer experience when contacting the company? We considered the speed of response, weekend/holiday availability, and ease of communication through phone calls, email, and online chat functions.
  • Nationwide availability (10): How many states does the company offer its services? Companies that operate nationally and in all zip codes are favored over those with limited availability.

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