How to Organize a Closet: An Interview with a Professional Closet Organizer

By Kealia Reynolds
Photo by Priscilla du Preez

Out of all the rooms in your home that require the most organizing, your closet probably tops the list. And for good reason. If you’re like me and tend to jam as much as you can into the tiniest space possible, complete closet reorganization is a must. We interviewed Kimber Holcombe, founder and image consultant at KW Consulting, a Dallas-Fort Worth closet organization company, and learned her recommendations for organizing a closet.

What’s the first action you should take when organizing a closet?

The first thing I always do is set a goal. Your goal can be to get rid of old things, use the space better, or just reorganize to see what you actually have. Regardless of the focus, your goal should be specific so that after you put in the work you can feel the achievement of fulfilling the goal.

How do you recommend effectively organizing a closet?

Each closet is different, just like every person is different. But regardless of that, I believe a good closet organizing can only begin after you clean out any unused, overused, or out-of-date clothing. When it comes to organization, it’s very dependent on how a particular person thinks and what their needs are.

If a client is unsure [of how to organize their space], I typically start with most-reached-for items in the front and then color coordinate from there. For example, if a client wears dresses most often I would want them to have easy access [to them] and then organize by occasion and color.

Are there organizing tips to follow based on the size or layout of a closet?

Tips for a small closet

  • Use risers to create extra shelving.
  • Add a dresser to store intimates and athletic items.
  • Don’t be afraid to use storage containers with labels.

Tips for a large closet

  • Try organizing by occasion.
  • Put it all out in the open.
  • Have fun with it!
Photo by Alexandra Gorn

Some closets have a tendency to get messy quickly. How can you manage upkeep and organization?

To maintain a clean closet, you have to stay up-to-date on what you’re wearing and what you aren’t. Do a seasonal clean of your items by asking: When did you last wear them? Are they too worn? Are they out of style?

What are some benefits of having an organized closet?

By having a well-organized closet, you are able to not only see what you have but explore more options and truly know what you like! This will bring confidence and a fresh perspective to your closet. I hope it empowers you to try new things!

Any other tips for organizing a closet?

Stay up-to-date on your closet clean out! Put up your clothes after you wear them or wash them to keep up the standard. Try to make sure you can see everything in your closet so you know what you have!

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