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Roof Hail Damage: Identification Guide, Repair, & Costs

Updated Dec 20, 2022

Updated Dec 20, 2022

Home > Roofing > Roof Hail Damage: Identification Guide, Repair, & Costs

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Wondering about hail damage roof impacts on your home? You can’t control the weather and the speed that hail hits your roof, but it’s good to be clued up on the types of damage that hail can generate on your roof.

In this article, we’ll uncover hail’s impact on your roof, the reasons to regularly inspect your roof, and the effects hail can have on your home.

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What Does Hail Damage Look Like on a Roof?

Here are some of the damage that hail can cause on a roof.

Hail DamageWhat this looks like
Broken or cracked roof shinglesPhysical breakage to shingles that could require complete replacement.
Roof dentsDents and holes in your roof that can cause severe water damage.

Broken or Cracked Roof Shingles

When hailstones are large and heavy enough, they can impact your shingles, causing them to crack and even completely break. With this breakage, the shingles can function improperly, potentially requiring a complete replacement. If you inspect your roof shingles, you might notice that pieces have fallen off.

Roof Dents

If hailstone hits the roof hard enough (which can be caused by the size of the stones and the wind force), they can leave visible marks on some areas of your roof. While these dents can look unpleasing, they can also cause shingles to come loose. And, with a closer roof inspection, you might notice sections where granules have scraped off, leaving gaping holes on the surface.

It’s difficult to spot these dents, as your roof is obviously higher up than the rest of your home. This is why we recommend regularly inspecting your roof (or hiring a professional to do it), to check for signs of hail damage. If it goes unnoticed and unaddressed, you can encounter bigger issues, such as leaks and water damage.

What Size Hail Will Damage a Roof?

Knowing what hail size can cause roof damage can help you to know when’s the right time to contact a roofing contractor.

¼ Inch

A mild hailstorm produces sizes of around ¼ inch and typically lasts for several minutes. In most scenarios, this size isn’t large enough to impact your roof, unless your current roof has existing damage.

½ Inch

This is around the size of a marble and usually won’t cause roof damage, as it’s not big enough to cause dents. However, there are certain factors (such as wind speed and direction) that can make the hailstorm more powerful, so take necessary precautions to keep your roof prepared for this weather.

¾ Inch to 1 Inch

This size range is more severe and can create dents and cracks in your roof that can lead to more significant damage later. Consider contacting a roofing contractor in preparation for this storm. We understand that you can’t always predict and plan for severe weather, but don’t turn a blind eye to any significant damage, as this can make roof repair more expensive and extensive.

1 ¾ Inches+

Hail that measures 1 ¾ inch and above can create issues with your shingles, gutters, and even damage your home and car. The best action is to contact your insurance company to discuss your options. You might even be able to make an insurance claim for any destruction caused.

Homeowners can expect this size of hailstone to create roof leaks, roof dents, and lead to water damage. All of these matters should be addressed immediately to avoid further structural implications.

What Are the Effects of Hail Damage On a Roof?

Weakened seal stripThis can wear down the seal in between your shingles.
Broken fiberglass matThe fiberglass mat can weaken and crack.
Granule lossWhen a single loses granule, the asphalt coating is exposed, resulting in aging.

Weakened Seal Strip

In severe winds, hail can wear down the seal in-between your shingles, causing them to blow off. This can lead to leaks and even cause other singles to wear down and break.

Broken Fiberglass Mat

This damage might be more difficult to distinguish if you’re not a trained professional. Hail can cause fiberglass mats to tear and crack to the point that you’ll need an entire replacement.

Additionally, hail can cause cosmetic damage that causes the shingles to break apart from the fiberglass mat below.

Granule Loss

Once a shingle loses granules, it exposes the asphalt coating, which can cause aging. Inspect your gutters and downspouts immediately after a hailstorm to check if the granules have separated from the shingles.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Hail Damage Roof Repairs?

Hail damage roof costs range from $285 to $57,500 with the national average being around $10,000.

Factors That Affect Roof Hail Damage Repair

There are several elements that can affect the cost to repair hail damage on your roof. These include:

Factors that affect roof hail damage repairDetails
Storm damageHow much damage has the hail created? This can include water leaks, holes, and cracks.
Labor costsObtain quotes for the hourly rates of labors before hiring them.
Gutter damageYou make need a complete gutter repair if the hail has cracked and split elements.
MaterialsMore premium roof materials are less likely to crack and break, so consider upgrading your roof tiles.

The Storm Damage

The more destruction and the extent of the damage will determine the cost of repairs. A skilled team will need to inspect the hail damage to assess what needs fixing and to provide you with a quote.

Water damage can lead to structural implications such as warped walls and floors, and it can create mold and mildew. Water repairs can cost up to $1,100 whereas flooring damage is around $200–500. Mold, which causes the most tremendous damage, can cost thousands. Fortunately, you can catch mold earlier by fixing any holes and leaks promptly.

Labor Costs

Depending on the company you hire, expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $200 per hour for a laborer to make any amendments. The more repairs that are required and the more severe they are, the longer it’ll take to fix, which will increase your cost.

Gutter Damage

High winds can create split gutters and even cause them to fall off the roof completely. You can expect to pay $175–$550 for gutter repairs, and if there’s damage to your downspouts, too, you might need to replace your whole gutter system.


Roofing materials can make a difference to the overall cost with the more premium ones requiring more expense. Roof tiles cost around $700–$800 per square and asphalt shingles are around $1–$5 per square foot. Repairs to metal roofs run ar $100–$500.

Roof Hail Damage Insurance Guide

If you have a large amount of damage to your entire roof caused by hail, your insurance company will soon become your best friend. Here’s a guide to unveiling hail damage roof insurance policies to have a successful claim.

How Much Is Roof Hail Damage Insurance?

You can expect to pay around $83 a month for your insurance to cover hail damage.

When to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Hail Damage?

Generally speaking, you have one year to make a claim for roof hail damage. But every insurance operates differently, so always check the fine print of your provider to ensure that you’re not too late to file a claim.

How to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Hail Damage?

The first step of your claims process is to call your insurance provider to inform them that hail has damaged your roof. Do this as soon as possible to avoid any delays. The last thing that your insurance company wants is for you to put forward a claim for a lot of damage, so it’s best to contact them immediately.

You can speed up the process of your claim by obtaining a roof quote from a reputable supplier. However, don’t get too many quotes from various businesses, as your insurance company will choose the cheapest company without any hesitation or researching their reputation.

How Much Does Insurance Pay for Roof Hail Damage?

If you have an insurance policy, the average payout is around $12,000. However, you’ll need to check with your provider for the specific amount. The great thing about making a claim for roof damage through your home insurance is that hail falls under a natural event, so it’s unlikely that the company will penalize you for making a related claim.

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