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Home warranties not only save customers money from costly repairs and replacements of major appliances and systems, but they also lend peace of mind. Homeowners can rest assured that the major components keeping their households running efficiently and comfortably are covered in the inevitable event that something breaks down due to age or normal wear and tear.

The Home Service Club’s motto reflects this priceless feeling of security—No worries. Just service.

The Home Service Club offers two home warranty plans—Standard Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage. If you want to cover an item that’s not on either list, look to the list of optional add-ons you can add to your plan in an à la carte fashion. Read The Home Service Club review to learn more about The Home Service Club, its protection plans, and how it compares to other top-rated companies.

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Data and ratings accurate as of January 2019

Best home warranty for fast coverage

If you’re anxious to protect your home, The Home Service Club is your best bet. Its waiting period of 10 days is the shortest we’ve seen among all home warranty providers we’ve reviewed. That means coverage begins less than two weeks after you sign up. Most companies will make you wait 30 days to ensure all of the covered appliances and systems are in working order when coverage begins. A lot can happen in a month, especially for homebuyers moving into a new house as they start to use the different appliances and systems included in the home sale. You may find that even though these items passed inspection, they may be well past their expiration date or on their last leg. This 10-day waiting period is why House Method awards The Home Service Club as the best home warranty for fast coverage.

10-day waiting period
Quick turnaround on claims
Nationwide coverage

The Home Service Club cost

The Home Service Club offers monthly plans that start at $35.95 per month. Prices vary by your location and the level of coverage you choose. You can get a free quote from The Home Service Club on its homepage by simply entering your zip code and contact information. You’ll be given a personal quote that you can customize by upgrading coverage—Standard to Comprehensive—selecting optional add-ons—such as additional coverage for a well pump, sprinkler system, or second refrigerator—and choosing your own service fee.

Service fee

Customers will be charged a $65–$125 service fee each time a claim is approved. As mentioned above, customers are able to opt into a cheaper premium for a higher service fee or vice-versa. For reference, the average homeowner submits two claims a year. If you have new appliances or don’t expect to make more than a couple of claims a year, a higher service fee may be worth a lower monthly premium. Repairs are guaranteed for 30 days on labor and 90 days on parts. You won’t be charged for repeat visits should the problem need attention from a contractor again within one month or if a part should fail within three months of the initial appointment.

The Home Service Club coverage

Standard Coverage Comprehensive Coverage Optional add-ons
Air conditioning Air conditioning Roof
Heating system Heating system Spa & spa heater
Central vacuum Central vacuum Pool/spa equipment
Plumbing (faucets & systems) Plumbing (faucets, systems & stoppage) Outside sewer line
Water heater Water heater Additional water heater
Electrical system Electrical system Outside power/electric line
Garage door opener Garage door opener Sprinkler system/home irrigation line
Ceiling fans Ceiling, exhaust & attic fans Grinder pump system
Garbage disposal Garbage disposal Freestanding freezer
Refrigerator Refrigerator Additional refrigerator
Freestanding ice maker Freestanding ice maker Additional freestanding ice maker
Oven/range/cooktop Oven/range/cooktop Additional oven/range/cooktop
Built-in microwave oven Built-in microwave oven Additional microwave oven
Built-in food centers Built-in food centers Utility lines
Trash compactor Trash compactor Outside gas line
Dishwasher Dishwasher Additional dishwasher
Clothes washer/dryer Clothes washer/dryer Additional clothes washer/dryer
Recirculating hot water pump Sewage ejector pump
Water dispenser Water softener
Water leaks Outside water line
Sump pump Well pump
Whirlpool motor & pump assemblies Jetted bathtubs
Telephone wiring
Alarm wiring
Smoke detectors
Gas leaks
Pest control

Coverage length

Unlike most home warranty companies that have waiting periods of 30 days, home warranty coverage from The Home Service Club will begin after only 10 days of signing up. Home protection plans are a one-year service contract that customers can renew at the end of the year. You can also cancel at any time. The Home Service Club does offer one to five months of coverage for free on a promotional basis when you enroll in a one- to five-year plan.

Coverage exclusions

Your appliances and systems are covered through The Home Service Club when they fail or malfunction due to age or normal wear and tear. The Home Service Club does not cover items that have been improperly installed or inadequately maintained, including rust and corrosion. This verbiage is standard across the majority of home warranties.

Home warranty coverage through The Home Service Club is capped at $2,000 per claim, $6,000 per year for Standard Coverage, and $9,000 per year for Comprehensive coverage. Repairs and replacements of each covered appliance and system are also capped at a certain dollar amount ranging from $350 to $5,000. Limitations and exclusions are standard across all home warranty plans, but House Method considers coverage caps to be generous when they exceed $500 per item. You can access The Home Service Club’s sample contract online.

The Home Service Club claims

The Home Service Club customers may file an unlimited number of claims during their contract term. To do so, you should submit a claim as soon as a covered item breaks by calling customer service or submitting a service request online. The Home Service Club’s customer service is only available via phone from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST on Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. This is limited compared to the after-hours service many other companies offer.

Perhaps to make up for its limited availability, The Home Service Club does aim to approve claims and schedule service within 12 hours of receiving the claim. Note: this process may take up to 48 hours on weekends and holidays, but it’s still faster service than the majority of home warranties can provide. Most other claim processes take 48 hours to 4 days.

Summary of benefits

Starting cost per month $33
National availability 49 US states
Service fees $65–$125
Contract length 1 year
Time in business 10 years
BBB rating C
Review last updated: January 10, 2019

More about The Home Service Club

Years in business

The Home Service Club has been in business for 10 years. A decade is a decent amount of time in the home warranty industry, which is less than 50 years old itself. The company prides itself on its fast, dedicated, and professional service.

The Home Service Club ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives The Home Service Club a C rating, but customers give it 4 out of 5 stars on the BBB’s website, which is a high rating for a home warranty company.

HomeWarrantyReviews awarded The Home Service Club with its Editor’s Choice award this year and its Best in Service award in 2015 and 2016. Consumers Advocate gives The Home Service Club a 9 out of 10 due to customer satisfaction and its consumer-centric philosophy.

House Method gives The Home Service Club 4.25 out of 5 stars. We think the best people we can turn to in our reviews are the real customers who have experienced the product before and can give us honest and unbiased feedback. Although it has slightly higher premiums and service fees than other providers we’ve reviewed, The Home Service Club reviews are the best we’ve seen yet. This home warranty must be worth the price.

The Home Service Club reviews

Responsive customer service is prized in the home warranty space and it’s a trait The Home Service Club prides itself on.

One homeowner’s review on HomeWarrantyReviews reads:

Our ice maker has worked steadily for years without a problem, however, it’s time came just about a week ago. I think we overused it for a pre-Thanksgiving party. I called [The] Home Service Club and they had the thing fixed in less than two days. —Catarina Swathi of Jersey City, New Jersey

A couple of rental property owners left the following comment on ConsumerAffairs:

From start to finish, nearly no time passed at all. We filed a claim to have the HVAC unit checked at our renter’s request. [The] renters were immediately called by the service company and were out to the house. After a thorough check, a part was ordered and an appointment [was] made at [the] renter’s convenience to have the part replaced and the unit fully operational again. [We] would definitely recommend both the home warranty company and the service company. Crazy fast and efficient! —Fred and Melissa of Phenix City, Alabama

What can I say? This company has been reliable and responsive. We’ve only been under contract with them for about six months, but [we] quickly had a problem with our furnace. I spoke with Amanda on the phone and she dispatched a repairman promptly. She also followed up afterward to ensure the work was completed. Really nice service. —Nadine S. from San Jose, California

Ready to sign up?

Compare home warranties

Compare The Home Service Club to the competition.

Company Best home warranty for Plan options Service fees Additional perks Risks to consider
The Home Service Club  Fast coverage 2 + add-ons  $65–$125 Only a 10-day waiting period for coverage to kick in (most waiting periods are 30 days long), 1-5 months free with 1- to 5-year plans (available on a promotional basis) Higher service fees than most providers
Choice Home Warranty Overall 2 + add-ons $60–$75 90-day repair guarantee, freon fully covered (most companies charge $10 per poun), first month free (available on a promotional basis), referral reward Coverage by CHW is not available in California or Washington
First American Limited exclusions 2 + add-ons $75 Covers improperly installed or insufficiently maintained systems and appliances, no cap on coverage for heating, cooling, and ductwork A sample contract is difficult for homeowners to access online

Frequently asked questions

What does a home warranty cover?

A home warranty covers repair or replacement costs of major home appliances and systems that break due to age or normal wear and tear. The Home Service Club offers two home protection plans and optional add-ons. Major appliances and systems are covered under the Standard Coverage including—but not limited to—your air conditioner, heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, water heater, refrigerator, and clothes washer and dryer.  You can opt into an upgraded plan for Comprehensive Coverage, which includes everything under the Standard Coverage plan plus items like a sump pump, whirlpool motor and pump assemblies, alarm wiring, and pest control. You can pay an extra fee for optional coverage of additional refrigerators, pool and spa equipment, or a water softener.

How does a home warranty work?

A home warranty saves homeowners time on researching professionals and money on repairing or replacing appliances and systems. The Home Service Club’s claim process takes only 12 to 48 hours although, this may take longer if parts or a replacement have to be ordered and installed.

First, customers should submit a claim—either over the phone or online—as soon as a covered item breaks. The home warranty company will approve a claim if it’s A) a covered item and B) has failed or malfunctioned due to age or normal wear and tear.

After the claim is approved, the provider will schedule an appointment with a local, licensed contractor who will assess the problem, repair it if possible, or order a replacement. The contractor will come back to install the new appliance or system if one was needed.

Customers will only have to pay a relatively small service fee for repairs and replacements under a set dollar amount. If the new item exceeds the coverage cap, the homeowner will be responsible for paying the rest of the bill, but you can think of this as a generous discount on a brand new appliance or system.

What is the best home warranty company?

The Home Service Club is one of the best home warranty companies because of its fast coverage. House Method reviews home warranties based on cost and coverage, limits and exclusions, the claims process, customer reviews, and ratings from other review sites.

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