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A home warranty protects systems and appliances throughout your home. Read our articles below to learn more about what to expect from protection for these items, as well as how to maintain them.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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The Best Air Conditioning Warranty

You can do your best to extend the life of your HVAC system with routine tune ups, cleanings, and filter changes, but eventually it will be need to be repaired or replaced. Having an air conditioning warranty can help you avoid these high costs.

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HVAC Warranty Guide (2019 Update)

As you research, you’ll see that a home warranty isn’t the only way to cover your HVAC unit.

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When to Replace Your HVAC System

As your heating and cooling units age, they break down and lose efficiency. Here are the telltale signs that you need an HVAC replacement.

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Furnace & Heater
Troubleshooting Guide

Your comprehensive furnace and heater troubleshooting guide—identify the source of the problem and determine whether to call in the the professionals.

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Open home furnace just ready for cleaning and repair

Common Reasons for Furnace and Heater Repairs

Problems and issues will arise with your heater and furnace—some you can handle, and others where it makes good sense to hire a professional.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

Also known as mini-split air conditioners, ductless are conditioners are a particularly good fit for people who are looking to cool a small space.

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How to Change Air Filters

Learn how to change a disposable or reusable air filter and other practical tips for maintaining your air conditioning system to ensure high quality indoor air.

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The Basics of Geothermal
Heating Systems

Learn the basics of how geothermal heating systems—how they work, types, cost, energy efficiency, maintenance, and installation.

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Cleaning Air Ducts: What You Need to Know

Keeping your HVAC system in peak condition includes keeping the air ducts clean. See how you can save money, increase comfort, and breathe easier.

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Manufacturer Warranties

Is the GE Warranty for Appliances Your Best Option?

Use this guide to determine if registering your GE appliance is worth your time, and how you can benefit from a home warranty.

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This Is What You Should Know About Your Honeywell Warranty

Honeywell warranties are available for their wide selection of products and solutions, including those for your home.

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What Does a Whirlpool Warranty Cover?

If you own this brand of appliances, read on to learn about the Whirlpool warranty and options for warranty coverage after the basic warranty expires.

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What You Need to Know About Your Kenmore Appliance Warranty

Your appliance probably came with a warranty from the manufacturer, but you might be wondering what coverage is offered or if there are more efficient ways to protect your appliances.

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Frigidaire Product Registration & Warranty Information (2019)

When you buy a Frigidaire product, you get to enjoy their 10-Year Parts Warranty and 10-Year Comfort Quality Pledge—but what exactly does that entail, and how do you begin the Frigidaire product registration process?

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White kitchen with American Standard plumbing products

American Standard Warranty Information to Know

When you buy American Standard products, you join the American Standard warranty program, which provides coverage under a manufacturer’s warranty.

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Does the Samsung Warranty Offer the Best Protection for Your Products?

If you own a Samsung product or are considering purchasing one, you may be curious if the Samsung warranty provides the best protection for your new item.

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Maytag Warranty for Appliances and HVAC (2019)

Maytag home products include a range of powerful kitchen and laundry appliances and HVAC systems that are built to last. On the rare occasion that a broken machine derails your daily routine, you need a warranty to cover your Maytag product.

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I Have a Sears Warranty. Am I Protected?

If you’re a Sears Home Warranty or appliance customer, it’s likely you now question whether your home, systems, and appliances are still protected by Sears.

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Best Home Warranty

House Method reviewed the top home warranty providers. See what we learned and who we recommend.

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