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By: Kealia Reynolds

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Sunday helps you cultivate rich, living soil for a healthy and sustainable lawn. They use cutting-edge plant science and a variety of macronutrients and healthy ingredients to ensure your lawn stays healthy and is free of chemicals and pesticides, like Glyphosate, MCPP, and Trifluralin.

Best Natural Lawn Care Company


  • Natural ingredients and nutrients for your lawn
  • Access to support team
  • Custom packages tailored to your lawn care needs
  • Easy and punctual delivery

Money-back guarantee

Backed by leading PhDs in turf science

Free lawn care guides and advice

Who is Sunday?

Sunday takes a new approach to lawn care—instead of using toxic chemicals and pesticides on lawns to maintain their appearance, this lawn care company uses natural ingredients and nutrients. With ingredients like seaweed and molasses, and products like liquid compost and soil builders, Sunday lawns are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

What to expect from Sunday

Sunday will complete a lawn analysis for your property, using soil and climate data to send you  the right nutrient mix for your yard. A box will be delivered straight to your door and contain a lawn tips booklet, custom instruction sheet, soil test kit, hose end sprayer, and custom nutrient pouches.

To apply the nutrients to your lawn, simply attach your hose to the sprayer, turn on the sprayer, and hose the nutrients onto your lawn.

Services and Features

  • Variety of nutrients to choose from
  • Lawn care kit delivered to your door
  • Weed control options


Sunday offers an annual smart lawn plan that starts at $129. This custom plan includes three shipments every year, nutrients pouches, a lab soil test, a hose end sprayer, custom instructions, and support from the Sunday team.

Since all lawns are different and require different nutrients, fill out a lawn analysis on Sunday’s website to get a full understanding of what your lawn needs are.

Sunday ingredients

Sunday offers a variety of ingredients for your lawn, including:

  • Food waste—The company uses leftover grocery produce to create a nutrient-dense plant food.
  • Molasses—This plant-derived source has sugar that activates soil life and builds fertility.
  • Urea—This macronutrient powerhouse has been used in farming for years.
  • Iron—Another macronutrient, iron helps grass develop its rich, dark green color.
  • Seaweed—Sunday gathers this powerful plant nutrient off the coast of Maine.
  • Leonardite—This is rich in humic acid and complex nutrients.
  • Potassium acetate—Used in food production, this ingredient is a rich source of potassium.
  • Surfactant—This works to reduce surface tension and improve water flow throughout the soil.
  • Salicylic acid—This ingredient is part of grasses’ natural defense system.
  • Phosphorus—Also used in food production, ammonium polyphosphate is used only if a soil test shows it’s deficient in this nutrient.
  • Micronutrients—These include iron, manganese, zinc, copper, and many more.

House Method’s Sunday review

House Method recommends Sunday for their natural offerings, money-back guarantee, and customer support. Not to mention, the company is extremely intentional in making sure that the ingredients you put on your lawn are safe for you, your pets, and the planet.

Customer reviews

Here are just a few Sunday customer reviews from their site:

“Applied my first application and have been mowing at the highest setting on my mower—lawn looks great! And I’m very happy they use a non-toxic formula.” — David from Ohio

“Sunday is the perfect blend between professional services (no thinking, convenient) and DIY (affordable).” ”

— Niraj N.

“Every box was sent in a timely manner, and every application was applied in the recommended timeframe and according to the custom application instructions. My lawn has never looked better or healthier. I can honestly say, without bias, that my yard is the best looking on the block—and has been all summer! I’ve received countless compliments from passerby and nearby neighbors, and without hesitation replied, “All thanks to this new company called Sunday.” — Zack W.

Sunday history and years of experience

With a new home and lawn to care for, Sunday’s founder discovered that there were a lot of lawn care products that were full of chemicals and pesticides. Knowing he didn’t want to use chemicals on his lawn, he and his brother set out to create a healthier, natural way to care for lawns all over the country.

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