Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum Review

The House Method team tested the iRobot Roomba 890 on carpets and hard floors and measured suction power, maneuverability, noise, mobility, and more. Read our full review here.

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If you’re in the market for a robot vacuum, you’ve come to the right place. Robot vacuums are increasing in popularity as a result of their outstanding performance and cordless convenience. At the forefront of the robotic vacuum industry is iRobot. This company has engineered some of the best robot vacuums on the market, including the Roomba 890.

This model comes with an advanced, triple-stage cleaning system; high-performance, tangle-free brushes; and five times more power than the iRobot Roomba 600 and 700 series. Keep reading to determine if the Roomba 890 is the best vacuum for you and your cleaning needs.

Overall score: 9.77/10

The value prop

Delivering better performance than the vacuums in the 600 series, the Roomba 890 is a great option for those who want a more advanced robot vacuum that provides more efficiency and less maintenance.

  • Its battery delivers 60 minutes of efficient cleaning.
  • It comes with patented, tangle-free brushes that handle pet hair with ease.
  • It doesn’t come with visual navigation cameras (like the ones found on the Roomba 980).
  • It has a shorter run time than the Roomba 690 and 980.

Roomba 890 design

With a height of only 3.6 inches, the Roomba 890 is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas in your home like under your bed and TV stand. Built with a circular design, the Roomba 890 can provide a closer clean to your furniture than most traditional vacuums.

A black outer ring surrounds a copper-colored interface, creating a sleek and modern look. A bumper ring lines the perimeter of the 890, allowing it to absorb pressure when it bumps into walls or other objects. There’s also a handle that’s built into the top of the Roomba, allowing users to carry the robot vacuum with ease.

Some other important design features of the Roomba 890 include:

  • An advanced triple-stage cleaning system—Complete with edge-sweeping brushes, this system allows the vacuum to loosen, lift, and suction dirt, debris, and pet hair.
  • A high-efficiency filter—This filter is made from a special material that captures 99% of dust, mites, and allergens as small as 10 microns (for reference, a human hair is about 75 microns across).
  • A full bin indicator—You’ll never have to worry about an overflowing dust bin. The full bin indicator alerts you when it’s time to empty the bin. You can also view the Bin Full status in the iRobot HOME App.

Vacuum assembly

Assembly with this vacuum is quick and easy. Once you open up the packaging and remove all the parts from the box, simply charge the vacuum and set it loose once it reaches a complete charge (this usually takes around two hours). While the vacuum is charging, we recommend setting up the iRobot HOME App and connecting it to your robot. Note: this app isn’t necessary to control your vacuum, but it does allow you to schedule when you want your Roomba to clean your house and helps monitor cleaning performance.

How the Roomba 890 cleans

The Roomba 890 cleans with a three-stage cleaning system that agitates dirt and debris, lifts it from your floors, and sucks it into its dust bin. Powered by a suite of intelligent sensors and iAdapt navigation, the Roomba makes more than 60 decisions per second to adapt to your home and thoroughly clean your floors. There are also several sensors located around the vacuum that allow it to drive around your house and map out a plan of where to clean. Cliff Detect sensors prevent the robot from falling down stairs or tumbling over drop-offs.

Additionally, this Roomba features dirt detection technology that uses optical and acoustic sensors to spot debris-ridden areas and clean those areas more frequently than others. It also has a high-efficiency filter that traps particles so they don’t enter back into your home—this facilitates better indoor air quality and is great for those with asthma or allergies.

One of our favorite features of the Roomba 890 is its ability to spot clean: if you spill something on the floor, the 890 goes over the mess in a spiral pattern, picking up all of the debris and giving the area a much more thorough clean.

What to note about the Roomba 890

The Roomba 890 is a self-charging vacuum, meaning it will return to its base when the battery is low. It can also be scheduled to clean anytime—use the iRobot HOME App to see the status of cleaning jobs or schedule it to vacuum up to seven times per week.

How big is the Roomba 890?

Dimension Measurement
Height 3.6 inches
Length 13 inches
Width 13 inches
Dust canister 0.2 gallons

Accessories included with the Roomba 890

Like other Roomba vacuums, the Roomba 890 includes a dual-mode virtual wall barrier that enables you to section off areas of your home that you don’t want your Roomba to go. You can order multiple virtual wall barriers through Amazon or the iRobot site if you find yourself wanting to section off more areas in your home. This Roomba vacuum also comes with a charging station and an extra filter.

iRobot Roomba 890 vs. iRobot Roomba 690 vs. iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is middle-of-the-line in the iRobot Roomba series. Though it offers some impressive features, it still isn’t the best when it comes to robotic vacuums. Here’s a comparison of the top Roomba vacuums available.

Dust bin capacity
Run time
Charge time

iRobot Roomba 890

Dust bin capacity

0.2 gallons


8.4 pounds

Run time

60 minutes

Charge time

120 minutes


Dual-mode virtual wall barrier, charging station, extra filter, cleaning tool

iRobot Roomba 690

Dust bin capacity

0.08 gallons


7.8 pounds

Run time

90 minutes

Charge time

120 minutes


Dual-mode virtual wall barrier, charging station, extra filter, cleaning tool

iRobot Roomba 980

Dust bin capacity

0.8 gallons


8.7 pounds

Run time

120 minutes

Charge time

120 minutes


Two dual-mode virtual wall barriers, charging station, extra filter, cleaning tool

Cleaning tests

We performed three different tests that measured suction power, maneuverability, and mobility on hard floors, low-pile carpet, and high-pile carpet. For our suction tests, we used Cheerios, kitty litter, coffee grounds, and pet hair.

Cleaning score: 9.58/10

Test 1—Suction test on hard floors

With the exception of the coffee grounds, the Roomba 890 excelled in removing all of the substances from hard floors. The coffee grounds took an additional swipe to pick up, preventing the Roomba 890 from receiving a perfect score on this test.

Test 2—Suction test on high-pile carpet

The Roomba 890’s ability to transition from hard floors to carpet and provide the same suction power is incredible. It performed really well on the high-pile carpet and only had to pass over the coffee grounds twice. It picked up the Cheerios, kitty litter, and pet hair in one pass.

Test 3—Suction test on low-pile carpet

While the Roomba 890 didn’t perform poorly on low-pile carpet, it did have a more difficult time than it did on hard floors and high-pile carpet. It removed the Cheerios, kitty litter, and pet hair in a couple passes, but it took more than seven passes for the Roomba to remove the coffee grounds.


Because of its circular design, the Roomba 890 can turn 360 degrees, allowing it to maneuver easily around and under furniture. Another feature that aids in this vacuum’s maneuverability is its smart mapping—using an onboard camera and several sensors, the 890 maps out your home and remembers which areas need more cleaning than others.

During our tests, this robot vacuum provided a very close clean around furniture and seamlessly glided under our low coffee table. Aside from occasionally struggling to get on the high-pile carpet from the hard floors, the Roomba 890 did a great job at transitioning from one flooring surface to another. If it did get stuck on a carpet corner, it was able to free itself and find a different way onto the carpet.


Using this unit is incredibly simple. To start a cleaning job, click the “CLEAN” button on the top of the vacuum cleaner, use your WiFi-enabled device to start it, or schedule the robot to clean at different times during the day. Each option is easy to control, making this vacuum’s usability quite simple.


The average noise made by a vacuum ranges between 78 and 80 decibels. The Roomba 890 measured an impressively quiet 66.2 decibels. So if you’re trying to get some vacuuming done while your children nap, the Roomba 890 is a great option.

Roomba 890 maintenance

Removing the contents from the Roomba 890 dust canister is easy and doesn’t require you to touch the contents. It took us about 20 seconds to empty the canister. In our test, we found that if you exceed the bin’s limit, dust and debris may fall out when you remove the canister from the vacuum. We recommend emptying the dust bin every one to three uses, or any time it gets full to prevent this from happening. Remember: this model has a Full Bin indicator that alerts you when the bin is full.

We also recommend examining the spinning brush, debris extractors, and rolling brushes for tangles to ensure your vacuum performs to the best of its ability.

iRobot recommends replacing the following accessories as follows:

  • HEPA filter—2 months
  • Spinning brush—6 months
  • Front wheel—12 months
  • Debris extractor—12 months
  • Battery—18–36 months


The Roomba 890 filter should be gently washed every two months. To wash the filter, remove the dust bin, open the filter compartment, and pull on the yellow tabs to remove and clean off the HEPA filter. Be sure it’s completely dry before inserting it back into the Roomba (a filter usually takes around 24 hours to dry).

Is the Roomba 890 a good value?

It’s baffling how a robot vacuum can work so well and be so similar to a vacuum that’s about double its price. If you’re looking for the best value and aren’t concerned with having the newest Roomba model, then the Roomba 890 is for you. Though it does have a shorter battery life than newer Roombas, it still comes with advanced navigational features and delivers powerful suction, providing a terrific value to users.

Who should buy the Roomba 890?

We recommend the iRobot Roomba 890 if you’re looking for the following:

  • A moderately priced robotic vacuum—This definitely isn’t the cheapest robot vacuum, but it’s not as expensive as those in the Roomba 900 series. As a mid-tier robot vacuum, the Roomba 890 delivers exceptional cleaning performance and comes with updated features that give your home a thorough clean.
  • Advanced cleaning technology—Equipped with Roomba’s best cleaning technology, this robot will map out your home, memorize where it needs to go, and create a cleaning pattern from these maps. It also detects dirt and debris with an onboard camera and sensors.

Roomba 890 specifications

Below is a list of the most important iRobot Roomba 890 specifications.

Type Robot
Manufacturer iRobot
Model Roomba 890
Length 13 inches
Width 13 inches
Height 3.6 inches
Weight 8.4 pounds
Run time 60 minutes
Charge time 120 minutes
Floor type All floors
Dust bin capacity 0.2 gallons
Cordless or corded Cordless
Bagless Yes
Warranty 1-year limited

Consumer ratings

See how other sites rate the iRobot Roomba 890.

Source Consumer rating Number of ratings
Amazon 4.1 stars out of 5 1,853
Bed Bath & Beyond 4.2 stars out of 5 169
Walmart 3.8 stars out of 5 53
Best Buy 4.3 stars out of 5 311
Sylvane N/A N/A

Customer reviews

This thing has been a life saver. We recently built a decent sized home, and our downstairs is around 2800-square-feet. Keeping up on vacuuming/sweeping was almost impossible with 2 young kids, a cat, and a dog! My mom talked me into one of these, swearing by it. I was super skeptical of spending $330.00 on a machine that I may need to sweep up after frequently. I haven’t touched a vacuum in 2 weeks!!! Our Great Room/Kitchen/Dining/Laundry is all hard surfaces (tile and hardwood) and this thing picks up nearly EVERYTHING that falls on the floor! It picks up MORE than sweeping.” — Amazon review

“This is one of those things you may think you can’t justify, but if you can afford it, definitely buy it. It may not replace your vacuum entirely but it does a mighty job of carpet sweeping whatever it can get to with no participation on your part (although it may hit some initial trouble spots on its first few runs). Circumstances have me living with four cat roommates which inevitably means the daily annoyance of tracked litter everywhere—no more! I run this guy once a day and each day I am amazed!” — Amazon review

Buy the Roomba 890

Frequently asked questions

How long does the Roomba 890 run?

The Roomba 890 runs for around 60 minutes. It takes about two to three hours to charge.

How do I know my Roomba is charging?

If you’re using a charger, make sure the charger has a solid green power indicator when plugged into an outlet. If you’re using a Home Base, the power indicator should blink once every four seconds when plugged into the charger. With some Home Bases, the power indicator will go out after four seconds (this is considered normal behavior and occurs to conserve energy).

Does the Roomba 890 work on carpet?

The Roomba 890 can clean on low-pile and high-pile carpet, though it may have a harder time moving around on high-pile carpet. It’s also capable of cleaning hard floors like tile, laminate, vinyl, concrete, and hardwoods.

What is AeroForce?

The AeroForce Performance Cleaning System uses a combination of three breakthrough technologies—tangle-free debris extractors, an airflow accelerator, and a high-efficiency vacuum—to deliver more cleaning power and less maintenance.

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