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By Elizabeth Bunn

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For nearly 70 years, COIT has provided a superior cleaning service to more than 12 million homes nationwide and pioneered the 100%-satisfaction guarantee to improve customer happiness.

Founded in San Francisco as a drapery cleaning company, COIT has quickly grown to provide an ample amount of cleaning services including but not limited to carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and disaster restoration.

Hiring a cleaning service is a necessary yet intimidating task, but with COIT’s full satisfaction guarantee, you can put your worries to rest. Below is House Method’s review and evaluation of COIT’s services and promises to simplify the process.

COIT Services

Best Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Nearly 70 years in business
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency restoration services
  • Cleaned more than 12 million homes
  • IICRC -certified technicians
  • Competitive pricing & great discounts


BBB Accredited
Family owned and operated
Fast response

Cleaning Services

  • Air duct
  • Carpet
  • Drapery and blinds
  • Wood floors
  • Furniture
  • Tile and grout
  • Natural stone
  • Concrete
  • Area rug
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold remediation
  • Content restoration

What you can expect from COIT

A visit from COIT’s highly trained, certified and trusted technicians will leave you feeling at ease before the home cleaning begins.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is prioritized in the COIT processes. COIT believes that the quality of your air plays a significant role in maximizing the health of your home. To achieve this, COIT services remove harmful bacteria, dust particles, and other contaminants that can build up in your air ducts, carpets, tile and grout, and other areas of your home.

COIT services help reduce the symptoms of asthma, allergies, headaches, and other conditions that may result in bad air quality.

When cleaning other surfaces such as tile and grout or furniture, COIT may apply COITGard™ or COITColorSeal™ to seal and protect the surface from further damage.

COIT also aims to improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems and dryer to potentially lower your energy bill.

At the end of the day, COIT wants to promote a cleaner, healthier home for you and your family.

About COIT’s 100%- satisfaction guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with COIT’s cleaning service, you are backed by the industry’s strongest 100%-satisfaction guarantee. There are some steps COIT will take to ensure you are satisfied:

  • Reclean any areas or items.
  • Refund the service if you are still not satisfied.
  • Repair any damage due to work by COIT.
  • Rectify the issue if they can’t repair the damage by crediting you with item’s cash value* toward a replacement from a COIT source.

*As determined by customary industry standards


While the prices for cleaning services are not available online. COIT does provide a simple process to request a quote and schedule a service appointment, along with a list of their current promotions. You may also call at 1-800-FOR-COIT for an estimate.

COIT upholstery cleaning

House Method’s COIT review

House Method recommends COIT because of their devotion to improving not only the customer’s home appearance but also their devotion to ridding the home of any harmful particles that decrease the air quality.

COIT’s loyalty to customer satisfaction through their full-satisfaction guarantee provides a peace of mind, knowing that the job will get done and to the utmost standards.

Other COIT perks:

  • COIT has been around for nearly 70 years, proving to be a trusted, successful business.
  • Their 24/7 emergency restoration service is readily available to help.
  • They are known for their fast response and excellent customer service.
  • Their technicians are IICRC-certified and background-checked, providing their customers with the best service.
  • They have competitive pricing and great discounts.
  • The company has remained in the family since Louis Kearns founded it in 1950, creating a sense of genuine care across the 12 million homes they serve.

Testimonials from COIT website

Here is an experienced event planner Cynthia W. shared:

“Two children under 3 years old. My daughter just throws milk everywhere, and my son is the dirt devil. It’s very important for me to have my carpets and my couches cleaned with all the nitty-gritty out of it. COIT did a phenomenal job. They did a really, really good job and I loved it. I loved the experience and I loved the price.” 

I couldn't believe that there was that much dust and dirt in my air ducts! Thanks to COIT, my daughter and I are both breathing easier!”

Maryann M.

BBB Rating

COIT maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited since 1982. The BBB takes into account COIT’s responsiveness to consumer feedback.

COIT’s History and Experience

COIT was founded in 1950 by Louis Kearn in San Francisco. The company started as a drapery cleaning company but quickly grew in variety. They were the first company to offer a full-satisfaction guarantee to its customers. This makes the company preferred by many homeowners, property managers, and insurers to this day. The company is still owned by the Kearn family and remains loyal to the more than 12 million homes it has cleaned.

COIT carpet cleaning

COIT Cleaning and Restoration

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