Blue Raven Solar Review

By Kristina Parren

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Did you know that the average consumer spends 7% of their annual income on energy? The average cost of a monthly electric bill for Americans is $183, which is a large chunk of monthly take-home pay. Solar energy can seem like a big investment, but Blue Raven Solar makes solar energy more accessible by promising easy and affordable solar panel installation and real cuts in your monthly power bill.

Why do we recommend Blue Raven Solar as the best value for solar panels? Read our review of the company’s services, financing options, and customer service below.

Blue Raven Solar Highlights

Best Value Option for Solar Panels

  • Lower your power bill up to 30% with Blue Raven Solar panels.
  • Take advantage of the BluePower Plus+™ financing option and get your first 18 months free.
  • Installation takes just one to two days.
  • Blue Raven Solar is available in 10 states: Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington.

Who Is Blue Raven Solar?

Since 2014, Blue Raven Solar has installed solar panels in residential communities across the states it serves. They help homeowners cut down on their utility bills by analyzing their home and current energy usage and implementing an installation plan based on that information. Installation is simple and quick, so you can get the benefits of solar energy right away.

Currently, Blue Raven Solar offers the BluePower Plus+™ financing plan, which comes with no upfront costs, as well as full solar panel ownership.

Blue Raven Solar Services

There are many benefits of installing solar panels, including reduced power bill costs, independence from fossil fuels, and even a 30% federal income tax credit for the total cost of the system. Blue Raven Solar delivers on these benefits through its BluePower Plus+ plan.

The BluePlowerPlus+ Plan

BluePlowerPlus+ is Blue Raven Solar’s principal financing plan. It includes:

  • Solar panel ownership (vs a lease)
  • 18 months of free solar power
  • $0 upfront for design, permitting, and installation costs
  • Fixed monthly payment and interest rate on your loan
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 25-year panel warranty
  • Production, maintenance, and workmanship guarantee
  • Quality, modern, black solar panels and inverters
  • One free WiFi thermostat
  • LED lighting for your home

Blue Raven Solar is committed to transforming not just your energy bill, but your home in general. The LED lighting that comes standard with the BluePower Plus+ package is energy efficient and makes your home greener than before. In addition, Blue Raven Solar’s sleek, black panels fit any home’s roof, so you can increase the value of your home in efficiency and style.

With the BluePower Plus+ plan, you are expected to save between 10 and 30% on your current power bill. Some customers have reported even greater savings:

We were paying anywhere from $150 to $220 every month in power, and ever since we got the solar panels installed we’re at $0, other than the $9 connection fee to be tied into the grid. We love that!”

- Swenson Family

Customized Design and Easy Installation

Part of the appeal of the company’s services is the simple design and solar panel installation process. The process is completed in three steps:

  1. A Blue Raven Solar representative will visit your home to speak with you about the benefits of solar energy and your expected savings. Blue Raven Solar will take a look at your energy usage from the past six months to one year to better estimate your savings.
  2. A survey team will visit your home to create a customized solar panel system.
  3. The installation team will install your solar panel system within one to two days.

Ownership vs. Leasing

With many other providers, you lease your solar panel system, but with BluePower Plus+, you own your solar panel system. Why is this a better option?

  • Home Value: When you own your solar panel system, you invest in a valuable addition to your home that appreciates its value. When you lease or rent, you don’t get to keep this investment.
  • No Third Party: Leasing a solar panel system allows a third party to determine the terms of your energy.
  • Savings: As an owner, you get to keep all of your power savings.
  • Fixed Payments: With a lease, you are at risk of an escalator rather than a fixed monthly payment on a loan.

We like Blue Raven Solar’s ownership offering, because it gives you control of your energy savings.

Addition Blue Raven Solar Benefits:

  • Online tools to monitor energy production 24/7
  • Online bill payment
  • Company responsibility for permits, inspections, and installations
  • Energy savings kit (including LED lights and thermostat)
  • Cash bonuses when you refer family and friends

Blue Raven Solar Costs

As of 2018, the average cost of solar panel systems in America is $15,428 before tax credits. Blue Raven Solar makes solar energy affordable and attainable for the average American household.

As a Blue Raven Solar customer, you’ll pay low monthly payments of $120. With an average power bill of nearly $200 per month, you’ll save substantially each year. Blue Raven Solar projects savings of $2,490 in your first year, before you are required to start making payments on your loan. Over 10 years, your expected savings are projected at $15,552 while you make payments, and an additional $36,327 in savings is projects over the next ten years. The company makes these projections based on the current monthly retail price of electricity provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

You can estimate your savings online on the Blue Raven Solar website.

Blue Raven Solar Ratings and Awards

In addition to affordable solar financing, House Method recommends Blue Raven Solar for its trusted reputation. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ BBB rating for transparent company practices.

Blue Raven Solar also boasts the following partnerships and accolades:

Customer Reviews

Besides an A+ BBB rating, Blue Raven Solar customer reviews set it apart from competitors. Here’s what current customers have to say:

The Blue Raven Solar installers were very punctual, polite, and well versed in their knowledge about the system and all other solar systems. They were a very qualified team and very productive in getting it installed. They showed up at 7am and got straight to work and was finished by 11:30am. Amazing!”

- Holly L., Denver

“I had my system installed last August and it’s been life changing! My electricity bill is on average $5. This was my first winter, running my gas furnace, Christmas lights, and a space heater downstairs, my highest bill was $25.00. Well worth my investment. Customer service is really good. Real people. Real answers. No salesman mentality. They really do honestly see if the system works for your house at your location, and you ultimately make the decision if you want to go ahead. I am really happy I did. Thank you, Blue Raven.” – Courtney K., Orlando

Blue Raven Solar is awesome! My panels have been up and running for a year, and everything has run smoothly and as planned. Every interaction with them has been professional and courteous. Plus, my panels have performed 10% better than expected and the environmental impact for this past year equates to planting 350 trees. So pleased!” – Rebecca B., Portland

“Everything was very smooth and pretty quick. It was really nice they gave us a piece of paper with our roof and the panels laid out, so we were able to see what it would look like on our roof before they did the installation. When the installation company came, they said they would have it done in about 8 hours and were actually done in 6 hours.” – Swenson Family

Blue Raven Solar Quick Facts

  • Company Name: Blue Raven Solar, LLC
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Headquartered in: Orem, Utah
  • BBB Accredited: Since 2015
  • Partnerships/Endorsements: Peterson Partners, MountainWest Capital Network

Get a Savings Estimate Today

Visit the website or call to speak to a Blue Raven Solar representative. You’ll get a personalized estimate and be on your way to bigger savings and a greener home.

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