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Best Wet/Dry Vacuums‎


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Best Wet/Dry Vacuums‎ Updated November 2019





WORKSHOP High Capacity 16 Gallon
Check Price at: 1 store
Best all around product. Offers powerful suction for all types of surfaces, including your house, boat, and RV.
Offers extremely powerful suction that can be used in a variety of surface areas and has a hand wand for hard-to-reach places.
There is no storage to hold the wand accessories. Also, be careful when moving the vacuum because the top does not seal well and water sloshing can cause leaks.


18/20-Volt MAX Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
A great deal on a wet/dry vacuum that offers the convenience of being either corded or cordless for small jobs.
Created for convenience, it’s small and lightweight tools allows you to perform quick cleanup without being tied down to a cord.
Not a good fit for those needing a heavy duty wet/dry vacuum to clean up larger messes, as it only holds two gallons and doesn’t have a lot of power behind it.


Wet/Dry Vacuum, 3 Gallon, 3 HP
Check Price at: 1 store
An overall easy-to-use, portable and convenient wet/dry vacuum for quick clean up while on a job site.
This is the perfect wet/dry vacuum if you are on site at a job and need a quick cleanup. It is extremely lightweight and portable for simple cleanup.
Does not offer a lot of power behind its suction. Only good to be used for smaller messes.


5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP
Check Price at: 1 store
A well-rounded wet/dry vacuum for an affordable price. Can pick up just about anything and offers the convenience of a variety of wand accessories.
Easy assembly, including wheel, handles, and a dust filter. It is especially good at containing debris such as sawdust.
There is a limited amount of accessories that come with the wet/dry vacuum, the rest are sold separately. There are also several reviews that complain that the hose clogs very easily.

Brand Craftsman

6 Gallon
Check Price at: 1 store
A great vacuum that provides a ton of power at a great value and is perfect for larger areas.
Has incredible suction power and has a larger than average hose to help prevent clogging.
Some users have complained that more accessories should come included, instead of needing to be bought separately. Also, if the vacuum tips, it will lose its suction until it is flipped over correctly.


Customer Reviews

Having a wet/dry vacuum around either your home, your workstation, or even in your garage can prove to be an essential tool in taking care of large messes that can be cumbersome to deal with. When making an investment such as a wet/dry vacuum, you want to make sure you buy the best product that fits your needs, whether it is a smaller and more convenient cordless wet/dry vacuum or a larger heavy duty vacuum.

The experts at House Method have dedicated themselves to performing extensive research on the products you need the most.

Best wet/dry vacuum for large messes in a variety of locations EMERSON WORKSHOP HIGH CAPACITY 16 GALLON

Whether you are cleaning your house, or out exploring in your boat or RV, the Emerson Workshop is able to take on virtually any mess and has a large enough capacity to take on any size mess. With a wide selection of attachments available, this wet/dry vacuum is also great to clean up most hard to reach places.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Reviews Guide

A wet/dry vacuum is a vacuum that offers the versatility and power to clean almost any surface and suck up a variety of debris. Typically found in many warehouses and garages, “shop-vacs” are known to be able to suck up anything from sawdust to screws. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in a household, however. Wet/dry vacuums have been known as a great tool to grab pet hair and other pet debris, spilled food, and large amounts of dirt.

Wet/dry vacuums also come in a variety of power levels and sizes and have a wide range of features such as included accessories and cordless options. No matter your household size, you will be sure to find great use for a wet/dry vacuum.

Did you know the power level of a wet/dry vacuum is measured in horsepower? ”

How Does a Wet/Dry Vacuum Work?

  • A wet/dry vacuum consists of three main units: the collection chamber that houses the debris that is sucked in, the motor, and the hose that you use to vacuum the debris.
  • The motor holds a fan that creates the suctioning that is increased in both speed and power as it passes through the hose.
  • Once the debris is suctioned and then collected into the collection chamber, the air flow slows down and passes through an air vent.
est wet/dry vacuum for those wanting easy assembly and easy handling SHOP-VAC 5-GALLON 4.5 PEAK HP

The 5-Gallon Shop-Vac is compact enough for you to use in almost any area and has more than enough power to get the job done well. You don’t need to be an expert in wet/dry vacuums either to use this tool. It can be assembled easily and has tons of accessories to use in those hard-to-reach places.

3 Major Factors to Consider

Depending on the needs you have for your wet/dry vacuum, there are several factors to make note of when deciding what type of wet/dry vacuum you need:

  • The size of the collection chamber: Measured by gallons, if you have a large area that you need to clean on a regular basis, you will want to opt for a larger wet/dry vacuum, which can go up to 16 gallons.
  • Power level: Depending on the type of debris you are wanting to clean up, a model’s horsepower will prove to be a very important measurement in determining the best wet/dry vacuum for your household.
  • Corded versus cordless: In terms of convenience, wet/dry vacuums come as both corded or cordless. Keep an eye out for the horsepower and the way the vacuum is charged. If you have a large area to clean, you do not want to stop to charge the vacuum and you also want to make sure that even though the wet/dry vacuum is cordless, it still has the power you need to clean up a hefty mess.

Care and Maintenance of Your Wet/Dry Vacuum

Just because this is a heavy duty vacuum, doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a level of maintenance and care in order to get the most use out of your vacuum. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your wet/dry vacuum:

  • Keep an eye out for what you’re sucking up. Certain liquids, such as oils and paints, should be sucked up with caution to avoid clogging the vacuum’s hose. The best way to clean up an oil or paint spill is to wipe away as much as possible with paper towels, then soak up the excess with sawdust, cat litter, or sand. Then you may use your wet/dry to vacuum up the mess.
  • Clean your wet/dry vacuum regularly with a power washer. This will help prevent buildup from accumulating and causing the vacuum’s hose to clog.
  • Empty the debris you suck up regularly. Whenever you clean up a large mess, you want to make sure you start with an empty collection chamber. If not, the debris previously sucked up could collect at the bottom and cause the power of the suction to not work as effectively.
  • Change your wet/dry vacuum filter regularly, especially if you see a tear in the filter or see any type of debris stuck to the filter, such as paint.
  • Be sure to stay safe when cleaning a wet environment. Even though wet/dry vacuums are made to clean up wet messes, make sure that you only use a GFCI extension cord to prevent electric shocks.

Frequently asked questions

How is the size of a wet/dry vacuum measured?

The size of a wet/dry vacuum is measured by gallons. Because you can use your wet/dry vacuum to clean up debris that is both, well, wet or dry, the unit of measurement is most easily compared to that of the container it is holding the debris in, which would be gallons.


Why type of outlet can I plug my wet/dry vacuum into?

Most wet/dry vacuums can be plugged into a regular GCFI outlet, however, to be sure, it is best to check with the manufacturer of the wet/dry vacuum you choose to purchase.

How are cordless wet/dry vacuum charged?

Typically cordless vacuums will either have an option to charge the vacuum when it isn’t in use, or it will offer batteries. Be sure to check what type of batteries are needed, however, because they may be specific for the manufacturer. For example, the DEWALT Corded/Cordless Wet-Dry Vaccum only allows DEWALT batteries.

Can you purchase other accessories for a wet/dry vacuum?

Most wet/dry vacuums come with a few accessories when you purchase the vacuum, however, most manufacturers offer additional accessories that can be purchased in addition to what you already have or if one of the accessories breaks.

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