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Best Towel Warmers





Radiant Hardwired Curved
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Many customers recommend installing a timer with this wall-mounted towel warmer.
The sleek stainless steel rack will blend right in with your bathroom décor. It’s stain- and rust-resistant. We really love that all 10 crossbars and the vertical bars get warm.
It may require professional installation and it does get hot to the touch, so we advise against using this in a kids’ bathroom.


Towel Warmer
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Warm 2 oversized towels in this freestanding bin—one for your hair, one for your body.
This towel warmer heats up to 120 degrees in just 10 minutes. It’s the quickest on our list.
Cycle it a few times before using it to get rid of the plastic-like smell.


Hyde Park Family Size Floor Standing
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This freestanding rack has 8 crossbars for drying or warming towels, swimsuits, and even bedding.
Minimal assembly, a built-in illuminated on/off switch, and a 7-foot power cord are all important features that many towel warmers don’t have.
It takes 15–20 minutes to warm up, so you’ll want to turn it on a few minutes before your shower.


Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding
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A versatile rack that can be mounted or remain standing. It’s great for small, humid bathrooms.
An easy-to-install towel warmer that heats up to 122℉ in 30 minutes to keep your towels dry.
It’s pretty small, so you can only dry one bath towel at a time.


Check Price at: 1 store
This cabinet-style warmer is a spa favorite. Warm 24 washcloths or 2 bath towels at a time.
The padded cabinet is well-insulated and retains heat well. We love that this one has an internal temperature control.
Takes 45–60 minutes to really get warm and the design is a little bulky if you don’t have counter space.


Customer Reviews

Towel warmers seem like luxury items—mere accessories that may not be worth the money. We wondered how efficient these towel warmers really are, so we turned to hundreds of customer reviews to find out. In our research, we learned that towel warmers are arguably more functional than they are luxurious. Keep reading to learn why a towel warmer may be a necessity.

Towel Warmer Reviews Guide

A room temperature bath towel may not make much of a difference in the transition from a warm tub to a cold bathroom. You could consider tossing towels in the dryer before your shower, but this life hack is not very efficient, especially if your washer and dryer aren’t conveniently located in your bathroom.

Towel warmers are the solution. These bathroom accessories are installed in your bathroom and keep towels warm and within reach.

If you’re ready to buy a towel warmer, scroll up to our comparison of the five best towel warmers on the market. If you’re still warming up to the idea, continue reading our buyer’s guide below. We’ve answered popular questions about towel warmers and outlined some criteria to narrow your search for the best towel warmer.

Types of towel warmers

Rail towel warmers

  • Pros—These tall and slender racks are space-saving options compared to cabinet-style warmers. Some can be mounted to the wall while others remain standing on the floor. They keep towels, delicates, and sheets dry in the most humid room of the house.
  • Cons—You’ll have to weave your towel through the crossbars to take it from dry to warm. Some wall-mounted warmers must be hardwired by a professional.
  • Best heated towel rail: Amba Radiant Hardwired Curved (wall-mounted) or Warmrails Hyde Park Family Size Floor Standing (freestanding)

Bin towel warmers

  • Pros—Heat is contained, so towels will heat up quickly and stay hot.
  • Cons—You can only warm one or two towels at a time.
  • Best bin-style towel warmer: Brookstone Towel Warmer

Cabinet towel warmers

  • Pros—This type of towel warmer is a favorite among massage therapists who use warm washcloths and hot stones. It heats up fast and tends to get towels hotter than rail towel warmers.
  • Cons—These are somewhat clunky and take up quite a bit of vanity space. They also can’t dry your towels.
  • Best cabinet-style towel warmer: Elite Cabi-Warmer

Warm towels can be used to open pores and clear skin, promote circulation, relieve pain or tension, and relax muscles.”

5 Major factors to consider


Before you buy a towel warmer, consider how permanent of a structure you want. Some wall-mounted warmers will have to be hardwired by a professional. The towel warmers we featured are electric, but some use hydronic heat which requires the help of a licensed plumber. If you’re a renter, you may want to go with a freestanding towel warmer. With this type of towel warmer, you’ll need an outlet somewhere close by to plug the warmer in.


Consider your available vanity and floor space. A cabinet-style warmer may be fine if you have a double vanity or sturdy, open shelving. If you can afford the floor space, go for a freestanding towel warmer. A wall-mounted towel warmer may be a better route for those with a small bathroom.

Temperature and timers

All of the warmers we reviewed take some time to heat up and most won’t reach the scorching temperatures it takes to get a steaming, spa-like experience. Though most towel warmers won’t heat up right away, the Brookstone Towel Warmer heats up in just 10 minutes—the fastest out of all the towel warmers we reviewed. Many customers recommend installing a timer on your towel warmer, so you can preset it to warm your towels before you shower and have them waiting for you when you’re done.


Towel warmers do more than keep your towel toasty. Moisture builds up in bathrooms and can be a problem if you live in a humid climate or if your room lacks proper ventilation. Towels can absorb this moisture and take on an unpleasant, mildewy scent. A towel warmer can keep your towels dry and retain that clean, cotton smell.

Safety features

If you’re worried about adding another electrical element in the bathroom, look for towel warmers with an automatic shut-off feature. With this feature, the towel warmer may shut off while you’re in the shower if you tend to take long showers or baths.

To get the most out of a heated towel rack, weave your towel throughout the crossbars so most of the towel comes in direct contact with the heated rails.”

Frequently asked questions

What is a towel warmer?

A towel warmer is a heated rack, cabinet, or bin that keeps towels dry and warm before they’re used. These are often considered bathroom accessories, but they are a must-have if your bathroom lacks proper ventilation or if you live in an especially humid climate.

Do towel warmers work?

They work but they don’t get as hot as many customers expect. They usually max out around 100–120℉ and it takes a while to reach that temp. They also work with other linens like bedding and delicate garments.

Do towel warmers heat the bathroom?

This depends on the size of your bathroom and how powerful your towel warmer is. In most average-sized bathrooms, you won’t feel much of a difference in room temperature with the towel warmer on.

How high should a towel rail be from the floor?

The industry standard is 48 inches from the floor, but you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before you install your towel warmer.

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