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We analyze consumer reviews to find the best products on the web. We buy products with our own money and test them in our lab. We also interview experts and conduct independent research to pick the winners. We have affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of revenue from purchases. It’s how we fund our Research Lab and bring you better reviews and comparisons. Read more.

Best Strollers Updated November 2018





Vista Stroller
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Includes a bassinet and reclinable toddler seat, but tricky to fold, lift, and store.
This stroller absolutely glides—like butter. A napping baby will appreciate the smooth ride as you go out for some fresh air.
This stroller is bulky and heavy (53 pounds), but it’s durable enough to be checked on airplanes.


Revolution Flex Stroller
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This durable 3-wheeler is convenient for active parents who enjoy jogging through the neighborhood and local trails.
Parents love how adjustable this stroller is. The canopy, 5-point harness, and handlebar all adjust. It also has the highest weight limit on our list (70 pounds).
Only a small diaper bag can fit in the limited storage basket.


Roomfor2 Click Connect
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This double stroller, which costs less than some single strollers, might be a little too compact for two toddlers. But it includes some convenient features that are hard to resist.
This Graco stroller compatible with all Graco car seats, and the design allows a toddler to sit or stand in the back. There are two trays and four cup holders—one set in the front and another in the back for parents.
Some customers reported that this stroller wasn’t spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two toddlers, and the single canopy only covers one rider.


B-Agile and B-Safe
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Super sleek design for the modern parent.
Britax is a leading (and trusted) brand in the baby world. This stroller is compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats.
We all wish there was a footrest on this stroller. A tray and cup holders would be nice to have as well.


Cloud Plus
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It’s very affordable and light as a feather, making it a great secondary stroller for traveling or to keep at grandma and grandpa’s house.
You can’t get much lighter or more compact than this. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus weighs less than 12 pounds and folds effortlessly into a self-standing position.
The locking mechanism doesn’t keep this stroller folded very tightly.

Our process

Customer Reviews

Our team highlighted the five best strollers and highlighted the pros and cons of each product above to make this buying decision as easy for parents as possible. We went through thousands of stroller reviews, tuning into the real-life stories from parents, grandparents, and caregivers who have tried and trusted these strollers with their own littles. In our shopping guide below, we’ve identified the key differences between seven types of strollers and created a checklist of six factors you should consider before you buy.

Stroller reviews guide

Venturing outdoors with your baby can be a frightening experience at first. Parents, especially first-timers, have a tendency to focus on all of the things that could go wrong—moving vehicles, bug bites, sunburn. We can’t promise you that nothing bad will happen, but a safe and comfortable stroller can make a world of difference.

Today, there are hundreds of strollers available from many different brands and with endless features to consider. Like many purchases for your child, these options can be as overwhelming as stepping outside for the first time with a newborn.

We know parents have busy schedules and spend most of their day worrying about their children. That’s why wanted to make this decision for you. We test drove baby strollers in our lab and compiled real customer reviews to find the best strollers. You can find our top five products above and learn more about stroller style and safety below.

Best stroller for everyday use UPPABABY VISTA STROLLER

We couldn’t believe how smooth this stroller glided across our office floors, sidewalks, and parking lot. All of our House Method team members loved it—even those who don’t have kids—but their first follow-up question was always, “How much does it cost?” That’s the bummer about the UPPAbaby VISTA. It’s pretty darn expensive. However, our counterargument to a bigger price tag is that you’ll take this easy-to-use stroller everywhere.

The Mayo Clinic warns parents that some strollers aren’t suitable for children until they are at least six months old. The stroller must recline or be compatible with an infant car seat to accommodate a newborn baby.”

Which stroller do you need?

Full-sized strollers

  • Pros—These standard strollers aren’t basic by any means. Full-sized strollers usually include some cool features like convertible seats, expansive canopies, and bigger storage baskets.
  • Cons—Just as the name suggests, these are heavier and bulkier strollers.

Jogging strollers

  • Pros—Joggers have three wheels instead of four for a seamless transition across different terrain types. A built-in suspension rod also absorbs the bouncing produced as you walk or run.
  • Cons—Most doctors will advise parents to avoid running with their stroller until their baby is at least six months old. These strollers don’t have much storage either.

All-terrain strollers

  • Pros—Unlike most jogging strollers, the front wheel of these three-wheeled designs swivel for more mobility across all terrain types.
  • Cons—Unless the stroller is compatible with infant car seats, riders should be at least six months old.

Lightweight or umbrella strollers

  • Pros—Portable and affordable, a lightweight stroller is helpful for families that travel often and for grandparents or caregivers who want their own stroller for when the children visit.
  • Cons—Umbrella strollers aren’t always suitable for all terrain types or supportive enough for newborns.

Car-seat stroller frames or carriers

  • Pros—With the press of a button, this frame-on-wheels transforms into a stroller. Simply click your car seat into place and you’re ready to roll.
  • Cons—Babies will outgrow their infant car seat quickly.

Travel systems

  • Pros—Transfer baby from stroller to car without a fuss and save money by buying the car seat and stroller together.
  • Cons—It’s tough to find a car seat that you love equally as much as a stroller. Babies will outgrow an infant car seat quicker than a sit-up stroller, but this still might be a good choice if you have a growing family.

Double strollers

  • Pros—Parents can push both kids at once.
  • Cons—Double strollers are almost always bigger than single strollers. The Graco stroller, which is actually smaller than the BOB Revolution stroller, is an exception though.

Travel systems make it more tempting to let baby nap inside their car seat, but doctors say that leaving a child inside a car seat over two hours at a time can cause development and breathing problems.”

Best stroller for two GRACO ROOMFOR2 CLICK CONNECT

Our only featured double stroller, this Graco stroller is ultra convenient for a growing family. This stroller is compatible with all Graco car seats, and the canopy keeps baby comfortable up front. Toddlers have the option to sit or stand in the back—and we know toddlers love their freedom. What’s better than a snack tray and cup holders? Two trays and four cup holders—one set in the front, one in the back for mom or dad.

First-time buyer’s guide

Location—Your home base will make some strollers better than others. If you live in a city, you’ll have to maneuver around sidewalks and quickly across crosswalks. You’ll want a stroller that you can easily fold before boarding public transportation. If your family lives in a suburban area, you might prefer a stroller that’s suitable for all terrain types for walking or running around parks and on off-road trails.

Your family and lifestyle—Reflect on your lifestyle to determine the type of stroller you’ll need. You’ll love a stroller with a toy tray and cup holders to keep kids entertained and fed as you run errands. Do you or your partner walk or run every day? A jogging or all-terrain stroller will keep you active. A lightweight stroller might be your first choice if you have a vacation coming up or major travel plans. Are you expecting another little one soon? Invest in a double stroller or a bassinet stroller with and a toddler seat attachment.

Accessories and attachments—Some strollers include storage bins, rain covers, blankets, sunshades, cup holders, trays, and more. If your baby has special needs that require extra equipment, you’ll probably want a stroller with more storage.

Brakes—Brakes should be easy for parents to operate and out of the rider’s reach. Look for a stroller with brakes on both wheels for extra security and peace of mind.

Base—A wider base provides more stability and prevents strollers from tipping, especially when strolling across uneven pavement.

Footrest—Look for double strollers with a single footrest. Tiny toes can get caught between separate footrests.

Like car seats, register your stroller with the manufacturer to be notified of recalls and possible malfunctions in the future.”

Frequently asked questions

How much does a baby stroller cost?

The strollers we reviewed range from $69 to $899. Parents can expect to pay between $50 and $300 for standard full-sized strollers. Since you are paying for a car seat and a stroller, travel systems cost more than $150 on average. All-terrain strollers, high-end brands, and strollers with additional features and inserts can cost more than $700.

Can you put an infant in a stroller?

Infants that cannot sit up on their own or hold their head up should be placed in a bassinet stroller or a stroller that reclines. Some strollers, like umbrella and jogging strollers that aren’t designed to recline, won’t accommodate babies until they’re at least six months old.

When can you put a baby in a stroller without a car seat?

Six months is the standard for using a stroller without a car seat. Or wait until your baby outgrows the size requirements of their infant car seat.

Can any car seat fit in a stroller?

Travel systems include an infant car seat and stroller. Research the manufacturer to find out whether your stroller is compatible with other brands’ car seats or if it has an exclusive travel system setup.

If you don’t buy a travel system pair by the same brand, you can purchase a car seat adapter to turn your stroller into a travel system. Before you buy, verify that the car seat adapter will work with both brands, models, and years in question.

Are baby strollers allowed on airplanes?

We wish we had a more concrete answer for you, but stroller and luggage policies differ by airline. Generally, the more collapsible and portable a stroller is, the further you’ll get with it on the plane. Bigger strollers that cannot collapse will have to be checked as luggage at the ticket booth or gate.

Bulkier strollers, like jogging strollers, must be checked at the ticket counter, which of course is inconvenient since the distance between the ticket counter and an airplane can be over a half-mile long. Many strollers can go through security and be checked at the gate while smaller strollers can even be carried on the plane. Some strollers can be carried on free of charge while you’ll have to pay the checked luggage fee for others.

In addition to checking the airline’s policy, you can always ask the gate staff or flight attendant about where you should leave and retrieve a stroller.

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