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Best Snow Blowers


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Best Snow Blowers Updated November 2018





24-Inch 208cc Two-Stage Electric
Check Price at: 1 store
An ideal choice for homeowners and businesses in need of a high-performing snow blower, with adjustable skid shoes and the ability to work on any surface.
Works on any surface type with ease and features a heated handle to keep your hands nice and warm while clearing snow.
Keep an eye out for rocks in your path, as this can do a substantial amount of damage to the Chinesium impeller.

Snow Joe

Ultra 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric
Check Price at: 1 store
Easy-to-use capability and takes on heavy snowfall. Great choice for those wanting to clear their driveways.
Top-of-the-line 13.5-amp motor is powerful enough to move 650 lbs of snow per minute, allowing you to clear up to 2450 square feet in an hour.
Needs to be tethered to a power cord, so you need to map out your snow blowing route strategically.


18-Inch 15 Amp Electric
Check Price at: 1 store
Moves snow quickly and easily and is known to prevent clogging. Discharges snow in a variety of directions with a 160-degree chute.
Sets up in minutes and is easy to assemble. Completely clears the snow of the desired area by propelling the snow great distances in any desired direction.
Only recommended for light duty jobs, and cannot perform optimally in heavy snow conditions.

Poulan Pro

27-Inch Two-Stage Electric
Check Price at: 1 store
Powerful ribbon augers break through even the hardest snow and ice. Make even the toughest snow blowing job quick and easy.
Extremely powerful and can break through snow and ice you’d never think could be moved. A perfect device for heavy snow.
Speed of this snow blower is far too fast, and the reverse speed is far too slow.


Deluxe 28 in. Two-Stage Electric
Check Price at: 1 store
Provides an even easier snow blowing experience with its auto-turn steering and versatility to snow blow both driveways and walkways with ease.
Engine offers powerful blowing capacity along with easy to maneuver controls and large rear tires for easy pushing through heavy snow.
Keep a close eye on the transmission of this snow blower. One customer mentioned that halfway through snow blowing their driveway for the first time, the transmission broke down.


Customer Reviews

If you live in an area that deals with the cooler climates that bring snow, you understand the necessity of having a good and reliable snow blower to ensure your property is safe and free of snow. When making such a large purchase, you want to ensure you have the right snow blower to fit your needs. Whether you are in need of a lighter snow blower, or a heavy-duty snow blower to get rid of that mountain of snow that seems to pile up overnight, we have reviewed the top rated snow blowers to help you in selecting the best one for your needs.

Snow Blower Reviews Guide

Snow blowers may seem simple enough, but inside that fairly compact piece of machinery are many different moving parts that allow you the safely and easily clean your driveway, sidewalks, and patios.

Snow blowers are used by the action of plowing snow with very sharp devices called “augers” or “impellers” that break down the snow. The snow is then pulled into a chute and tossed into another location, typically into your yard.

Best snow blower for large surface areas TORO 18-INCH 15 AMP ELECTRIC

When you are dealing with large surface areas, the last thing you want to think about is where you are going to move the snow. The Toro snow blower takes that issue away with its 160-degree chute that allows you to move your snow in almost any direction you need in order to prevent any repeat snow blowing.

3 Factors to consider

There are a wide variety of snow blowers available on the market that offer different capabilities as well as varying levels of power, depending on what you need around your home, sidewalk or driveway.

  • Gas versus electric: Gas blowers tend to have much more power behind them. Electric blowers can be found in a variety of options and can be purchased as either battery-operated or corded. Unlike gas snow blowers, electric snow blower options are much kinder on the environment since they avoid harmful emissions. However, be sure to investigate all electric options, since power-levels can vary.
  • Size: The snow blower you select needs to be the right size based on your home, lawn, or driveway and how much and how quickly you need to move snow. Because of this, be sure to review the snow blowers size as well as how long it takes to clear a square foot of the surface area. You don’t want to invest in a heavy-duty snow blower for light work and vice versa.
  • Features: Nowadays, you can enjoy a wide selection of features in your snow blower. This can include anything from automatic steering, handle warmers, and an adjustable chute to eject the snow in any direction you’d like. Depending on your needs, review all the features available in the snow blowers you research to find the features that you value.
Best snow blower for any surface and any level of snow HUSQVARNA 208CC TWO STAGE ELECTRIC

Whether you are clearing out a mountain of snow or just looking for touch up around your home, the Husqvarna is perfect for you. With its convenient handle warmer for those longer jobs and adjustable skid shoes for any level of snow or surface, this snow blower performs well in a variety of situations.

The term “snow blower” is considered a misnomer because snow blowers never “blow” the snow away, they simply move the snow to another location.”

Best snow blower for smaller areas and for light snow. ARIENS DELUXE 28 IN. TWO- STAGE ELECTRIC

If you deal with lighter snowfall or tend to clear your snowed-in areas regularly, then the Ariens Deluxe is a perfect option. With its heavy duty tires that allow for easy push and easy-to-navigate controls, the Ariens Deluxe is a perfect fit for small snow blowing jobs.

Safety Considerations

There are a few safety factors to keep in mind when using your snow blower. Because the impellers are very large pieces of machinery, you should never touch the impellers while they are in use. Also, similar to lawn mowers, keep a close eye on the area you are using your snow blower on. If your snow blower encounters a foreign object in its path, such as a rock, it can cause damage to both the user and the machine.

Best snow blower for the everyday “Joe" SNOW JOE ULTRA 18-INCH 13.5-AMP ELECTRIC

Not everyone is a snow blowing aficionado, and with the Snow Joe, you really don’t need to be. With an automatic steering feature and an engine powerful enough to move 650 lbs of snow, just about anyone can use this snow blower to take on any size job without intimidation.

Frequently asked questions

Who makes the best snow blowers?

There is no one company that makes the best snow blowers. Instead, it is best to look at a variety of different brand snow blowers along with the features each provides, as well as the reviews. According to our research, the Snow Joe offers the best value and the Husqvarna offers the best overall best features.

What should I consider when purchasing my own snow blower?

The biggest factor to keep in mind when purchasing a snow blower is the type of snow and the amount of snow you are needing to move. If you do not have a lot of heavy and wet snow in your location, then do not invest a lot of money in a heavy duty snow blower. The reverse is also true – if you deal with a lot of heavy and wet snow, do not skimp on your snow blower. Be sure to review how much snow each blower can handle and be sure to purchase accordingly.

What is the difference between a single and two-stage snow blower?

Single stage snow blowers are simple and lightweight snow blowers that work by an auger moving the snow into the blower and out through a chute. It is a great option for those that handle light snow during the winter months. A two-stage snow blower, such as the Ariens Deluxe,  works by adding an impeller that helps push the snow through the snow blower and out through the chute. This is ideal for users that have more than eight inches of snow.

Are three-stage snow blowers better?

A three-stage snow blower is basically a two-stage snow blower that features an accelerator that moves ten times faster. Technically, a three-stage snow blower works better than a snow blower, for this reason, however, this is only necessary if you live in an area that experiences heavy and wet snowfall during the winter months.

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