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Best Shark Vacuums


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Best Shark Vacuums Updated November 2019





Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet
Check Price at: 1 store
This Shark pet vacuum is the ultimate dander picker-upper across all surfaces.
Fingertip Controls allow you to easily switch from hard floors to carpet mode. The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter are assuring for allergy sufferers.
The Shark Rotator can be challenging to carry up and down stairs.


Rocket with DuoClean
Check Price at: 1 store
This stick vacuum is great for those who don’t want (or need) a large, bulky vacuum.
With the ability to convert into a handheld vacuum, the Shark Rocket is flexible and convenient. It also comes with LED lights, DuoClean Technology, and a competitive Shark vacuum warranty.
This one doesn’t come with a HEPA filter.


Navigator Deluxe Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
Lightweight design, bagless technology, and reliable suction offer an equally easy and thorough cleaning.
The Shark Navigator Deluxe has a large-capacity dust cup that extends cleaning without interruption and it’s easy to empty
This upright vacuum has a shorter cord than most upright vacuums (25 feet) and has an average-looking design.


Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
Weighing just under 8 pounds, this vacuum is one of the most versatile and effective Shark vacuums available.
The Shark Rocket is supplemented with a wide range of tools and add-ons that deep cleans every nook and cranny.
The dust cup is smaller compared to other Shark vacuums, requiring more frequent emptying.


Navigator Lift-Away
Check Price at: 1 store
A lighter upright option that doesn’t skimp on suction. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away provides a powerful cleaning experience, even in homes with pets.
The Brushroll Shutoff feature is great for deep carpet and gentle hard floor cleaning. It also has swivel steering for excellent maneuverability around furniture.
Some customers find this vacuum to be a bit top-heavy and the handheld piece feels bulky too.

Our process

Customer Reviews

Shopping for a new Shark vacuum can get complicated. Shark has more than 30 vacuums with very similar names (example: Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum versus Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum). No worries though. We did the decoding for you. We sorted through Shark vacuum reviews and brought some Sharks into House Method HQ for a test drive in order to present you with five can’t-go-wrong options.

Shark vacuum reviews guide 

Shark vacuums are some of the best on the market. Not only are they powerful, they have a sleek, modern design that’s comparable to Dyson vacuums. If you’re looking for a vacuum that provides powerful suction on both hard floors and carpets, and you don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money, we recommend purchasing a Shark vacuum.

For a comprehensive rating across all vacuums, we scored Sharks on assembly, suction, noise, smell, maneuverability, mobility, maintenance, warranty, filters, accessories, and attachments. A number of Shark vacuums aced the test. In addition to in-studio testing, we compared Shark vacuums based on real customer reviews to create a comprehensive guide to the “Shark state of clean” experience.

Types of Shark vacuums

Shark Rotator

If you want a vacuum with excellent maneuverability, the Shark Rotator line is your best bet. These vacuums have Shark Powered Lift-Away Technology with a removable canister and swivel steering for a more comprehensive clean.

Shark Rocket

The Shark Rockets are part of the Shark stick vacuum line. Corded and cordless, these vacuums are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and powerful (their suction power is comparable to traditional upright vacuums). They all come with a hand-vac mode, which allows you to convert the stick into a portable vacuum and clean hard-to-reach spaces.

Shark Navigator

Shark Navigators are included in Shark’s original vacuum line. They’re bigger than other Shark vacuums and useful for cleaning larger homes.

In addition to vacuums, SharkNinja Operating LLC sells steam mops, irons, garment steamers, blenders, food processors, coffee and tea makers, pressure cookers, air fryers, and slow cookers.”

6 Major factors to consider

Suction power

Suction power is perhaps the factor with the most weight when buying any vacuum cleaner. If you have hard floors all over your house, you’ll want a vacuum that does extremely well on that specific surface. It’s a bonus if you buy a vacuum that does well on both carpets and hard floors. Typically, upright vacuums have stronger suction power than sticks, but with the Shark vacuums, we found that both did an exceptional job at cleaning all messes—big and small—on each type of floor.


If you live in a small space or if you have a lot of furniture in your home, you might be more interested in purchasing a slender stick vacuum instead of an upright vacuum. Also, pay close attention to swivel and steering capabilities, like the upright Shark Navigator Lift-Away has. Sticks are typically lighter and easier to maneuver under low-set furniture and around tight corners while uprights do a better job of vacuuming bigger, open spaces.


Upright vacuums are considerably heavier than sticks. If you have difficulty carrying heavy objects for an extended period or don’t want to lug a 15-pound vacuum up and down the stairs every time you clean, we suggest a Shark stick vacuum. However, if you don’t mind the weight of the vacuum and want a product that can clean a larger area in one go, the traditional upright vacuum might be better for you.


The amount (and type) of accessories you get will vary with each vacuum. In general, Shark vacuums come with some variation of a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. The crevice tool lets you reach under couch cushions or on top of ceiling fan blades, the dusting brush is for cleaning delicate items like blinds or computer keyboards, and the upholstery tool targets pet hair and other dirt on furniture.

Dust cup size

Upright vacuums have a bigger dust cup capacity than sticks. If you have a big house, we recommend buying an upright vacuum so you won’t have to stop cleaning to empty the dust cup on a frequent basis. But if you live in a small home or apartment, especially with limited storage, a stick may be just what you need.

HEPA filters

Allergy sufferers beware. You’ll want a vacuum that contains a HEPA filter. These filters trap even the smallest particles and prevent them from circulating back into the air in your home. The Shark uprights we tested had HEPA filters while the sticks did not.


This Shark Rotator does an effective job at removing pet hair from all types of surfaces, especially on bare floors. It comes with several cleaning tools, one of which is the pet multi-tool that’s great at removing pet hair from upholstery and stairs. And don’t forget about the other features like Shark Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA filtration, and easy-to-remove brush rolls for instances when pet hair gets stuck.

Shark’s mission behind its DuoClean technology is simple—no pile left behind.”

Best Shark vacuum for the picky housekeepers SHARK NAVIGATOR LIFT-AWAY PROFESSIONAL

All of the Shark vacuums that we tested did exceptionally well, but this one’s a real Pro. This vacuum had no trouble picking up items like Cheerios, kitty litter, and pet hair and left no scuff marks while vacuuming on hardwood. It transitions smoothly between bare floors and carpet. We love the Lift-Away mode for cleaning baseboards and other hard-to-reach areas. Another bonus: it has a high-capacity dust cup that’s extremely easy to empty and gives you extended cleaning without interruption.

How to clean your Shark

Each Shark requires different maintenance, but the overall cleaning process is pretty simple.

For dust cups, simply detach the dust canister from its holster (on sticks or uprights) and empty the contents in the trash can.

For filters, expect to clean these every few months. The HEPA filters can be cleaned about once a year. Check your Shark product manual to determine how often the vacuum filters should be cleaned.

For brush roll upkeep, use the hair removal tool (included with most Shark vacuums) to remove any hair from the brush roll. If the brush roll is extremely dirty, you may have to wash it with water and let it dry before 24 hours before using it again.

Depending on where you purchase your vacuum cleaner, customers have a variety of warranty options from a 90-day plan to a lifetime guarantee. Visit Shark Clean online to find the Shark vacuum warranty that your product is eligible for.”

Frequently asked questions

How much are Shark vacuums?

Shark vacuums range between $150 and $500. Note: Stick vacuums will be more expensive than the uprights.

Which is the best Shark vacuum?

We believe that the best Shark vacuum is the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet. With amazing suction power, it provides excellent cleaning on all types of flooring. It’s also the perfect vacuum for cleaning up after pets.

Which Shark vacuum is the best for hardwood floors?

Though all Shark vacuums performed well on hard floors, we recommend the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. This vacuum handled each substance with ease and had no trouble moving on this type of flooring. It didn’t leave behind any scuffs or scratches, which is a huge plus since some heavy-duty vacuums like this don’t play well with beautiful hardwood floors.

Which is the best cordless Shark vacuum?

The best cordless Shark vacuum is the Shark Rocket with DuoClean. Not only does it glide effortlessly across carpets and hard floors, it’s capable of converting into a hand vac. Now you reach those tight spaces without breaking a sweat.

Are Shark vacuums better than Dyson?

The Shark vs. Dyson debate is ongoing and we can understand why. They’re two of the most well-known brands in the vacuum industry. During our testing process, we found both brands to be exceptional, but think Shark has a slight edge in suction power. The Shark vacuums we reviewed did a better job picking up big and small substances whereas the Dysons occasionally struggled to pick up the larger messes in a single pass. Shark vacuums are also considerably less expensive than Dyson models.

The team that worked on this review

Kealia Reynolds
Carly Rutledge
Marc Lewis
Kelsey Roadruck
Jessica Allen
Sean Burgess
Pet Hair Provider

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