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Best Rowenta Steam Irons


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Best Rowenta Steam Irons Updated November 2018





DW9280 StreamForce
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A great all-around steam iron, the Rowenta Steam Force is a good bet for anyone hoping for plenty of power.
The Steam Force is built for performance, and that’s exactly what it delivers. With steam to spare and plenty of power to keep it going, this steam iron is incredibly effective at ironing even the sharpest creases.
Rowenta’s DW9280 is a well-built steam iron with a few issues. Reviewers noted that the machine emits a hum fairly constantly, with some also reporting an intermittent clicking noise as well. Additionally, it can be difficult to see the water level in the iron due to the cover’s color.


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Rowenta’s DW5080 is a solid steam iron with plenty of steam to spare.
A pointed nose and plentiful steam vents help make this Rowenta an effective steam machine, especially for ironing pleats.
This steam iron is a bit inconsistent with the steam that it puts out, with some reviewers noting that the steam and spotty heat control could make ironing a bit frustrating.


DW6080 Eco-Intelligence
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A useful iron, particularly for the eco-conscious consumer, the Rowenta DW6080 is a great idea with a somewhat flawed design.
The Eco-Intelligence steam iron is ergonomically designed with an easy-to-grip handle and easy access to its water reservoir. Reviewers especially liked the narrow tip and smooth glide of the iron.
The “eco” part of the iron proves to be frustrating for some reviewers, with many noting how easy it is to turn it on and off with even accidental glances of the button.


DW2070 Effective Comfort
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Rowenta’s DW2070 steam iron offers steady and even steam distribution and heat but is prone to water leaks.
The Effective Comfort steam iron offers a comfortable experience, indeed, with a smooth design and consistent heat and steam. Its retractable cord was a reviewer-favorite, too.
Intermittent dripping of water, both clear and brown, irritated many reviewers. It’s also a rather heavy iron.


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Rowenta’s DA1560 is a lightweight travel steam iron that delivers great results. It is prone to early failure, however, and could leave you looking for a new model sooner rather than later.
A travel-ready option from Rowenta, this steam iron heats up quickly and works well. It’s also suitably lightweight for travel.
This steam iron is not particularly long-lasting, with many reviewers noting that their model failed anywhere from a few months to a year after purchase.


Customer Reviews

A bad steam iron can lead to frustration and ruined clothes. Many buyers are looking for a durable option that will deliver both performance and dependability. Busy consumers want the best value for their money, in other words, and they’d rather not spend hours pouring over reviews to find it. That’s where we come in. We understand that your time is important and have reviewed five of the best steam irons on the market for you.

Rowenta Steam Iron Reviews Guide

Wrinkles can turn even the highest quality material into an unseemly mess. For many of us, this is both a source of irritation and something for which we must find a solution, especially if the material in question happens to be our business clothes. And, unfortunately, promptly hanging up clothing fresh out of the washer or dryer isn’t always enough to ensure a wrinkleless experience.

That’s where irons come in. Irons are designed to safely smooth out wrinkles and leave you with crisp pleats and clean clothes. Steam irons are particularly useful, using heat and steam to help smooth out all sorts of materials. You should consider buying a steam iron an investment, and hopefully one that will last for years to come. Understanding how steam irons work and some of the factors to keep in mind when making your decision, then, can only make the process easier.

Dry Irons vs. Steam Irons

Clothing irons use pressure, heat, and steam to remove wrinkles from fabric. This is true of traditional irons as well as steam irons. The main difference, as the names imply, is the presence of steam. With that said, dry irons produce a bit of steam themselves and you might be a bit confused about the actual difference between the two.

Dry irons rely primarily on pressure and heat to remove wrinkles from clothes. This is done via a heating mechanism that creates high temperatures on the soleplate – the metal part of the iron that comes into direct contact with the fabric. The iron is then pressed firmly into the fabric in question, usually on an ironing board, and is run over the area with wrinkles. With any luck, the movement will result in a smooth material. Sometimes a bit of water is sprayed on the fabric before ironing if the wrinkles prove to be particularly difficult to remove as the steam resulting from the moisture and the heat can iron quite effectively.

This, of course, brings us to steam irons. What exactly are steam irons? As the name implies, a steam iron is an iron that uses steam to remove wrinkles. It’s a hybrid between a handheld steamer and a traditional dry iron and can be usually be used with the steam function on or off. Steam irons are excellent when it comes to creating crisp, smooth material without the need of an actual handheld steamer. And because the iron makes use of steam, it is usually not necessary to use quite as much pressure when using steam irons as when using dry irons.

In general, steam irons work more quickly and more easily than traditional dry irons. With that said, there are some factors to consider before you make your decision.

Steam Irons: Pros and Cons

One of the biggest disadvantages to using a steam iron is the tendency they have to drip water. Keep in mind that you’re adding water to the iron itself and relying on its heating mechanism to create steam. If you don’t quite get the heat you need, you’re more likely to end up with water droplets instead. This can be frustrating, especially if the water itself isn’t clean. The right steam iron, of course, minimizes this issue and might even render it negligible, but it’s important to keep this issue in mind.

One of the biggest advantages to using steam irons is probably how much easier it is to clear even the worst of wrinkles. The steam makes quick work of issues and tends to do it faster than traditional dry irons. The steam can also be easier on both fabric as well as your arms due to requiring less time and less effort to achieve great results. With that said, remember that the actual weight of a steam iron might be heavier than you anticipate. When you add the weight of the heating mechanism and the water you need to add to the iron, the end result can be a bit cumbersome.

Best steam iron for serious wrinkles.9280 StreamForce ROWENTA DW9280 STREAMFORCE

Rowenta’s DW9280 is a great iron for serious wrinkles. The unit emits plenty of steam at a consistent rate and can handle plenty of wear and tear. The sheer amount of steam the model emits is particularly notable, with many other steam iron options falling short of its output.

Tips for Use

Make sure that you take good care of your steam iron. You should empty it of any remaining water after each use and keep it as clean as possible. Did you know that some steam irons require a particular kind of water to work well? Pay attention to the type of water the manufacturer recommends using. It might seem natural to use distilled water, but some steam irons actually require tap water to work properly.

Keep your hands away from the steam. Hot steam can seriously scald and blister your skin, and you should take care to keep your fingers and hands clear of the heat. This is something that often catches new steam iron owners by surprise given that you can typically use your hands in some manner when using a traditional dry iron. Don’t make that mistake with a steam iron.

Finally, acclimate yourself with the weight of the filled steam iron before you use it. Get a feel for how to glide it across fabric and how to best tip it forward onto the material as well as to move it off of the material.

Frequently asked questions

Will my steam iron drip after use?

Some steam irons eventually begin to drip. This often happens after it sees some use. It’s important to note, however, that this doesn’t usually impact its performance or harm the fabric in question.

Do steam irons work as well as dry irons?

Steam irons generally work much better than dry irons (and require less effort, too). The steam makes quick work of wrinkles and usually achieves results fairly quickly.

How do you add water to a steam iron?

Adding water to a steam iron tends to be fairly straightforward. Your model should have a clearly-marked cap covering the water reservoir that you can easily remove while you add water (using something like a water bottle) and then replace before you begin ironing. Take a look at the product pictures of your iron before you buy and make sure to read the manufacturer’s directions.

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