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Best Ironing Boards


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Best Ironing Boards Updated November 2018




Mabel Home

8 Feature Pro Board
Check Price at: 1 store
Well-built and sturdy, and a worthwhile investment.
It has a remarkably stable base, an extra-wide ironing surface, and patented retractable shoulder wings. Extraordinary customer service.
Some customers reported faulty springs.

Household Essentials

Fibertech Extra Wide
Check Price at: 1 store
It can handle large items, provides useful add-ons, and is extremely stable.
Sturdy model with built-in iron stand and hanger rack. Great width for larger items
Very heavy, and fiberboard is more susceptible to cracks and warping

Household Essentials

Steel Table Top Small Ironing Board
Check Price at: 1 store
Fantastic alternative to regular-sized ironing boards.
Great for small spaces. Convenient storage.
Iron stand is flimsy. Some customers complained of the ironing pad being too thin.


Professional Ironing System
Check Price at: 1 store
For individuals needing a sturdy surface for frequent use, this model is great.
Exceptional width and smoothly adjusts to a variety of heights. Made in the USA
The cover is very thin and difficult to replace due to its size.


Vanity Fold-Out
Check Price at: 1 store
A great alternative to traditional standing ironing boards.
Convenient storage and no setup required once installed.
Installation can be difficult and instructions are somewhat unclear.


Customer Reviews

Ironing is a tedious task for most, and having the right ironing board for your needs can make an arduous chore significantly more tolerable, and occasionally downright satisfying. If you’re a quilter needing a board that can withstand frequent use, a student in a dorm room requiring something compact, or if you have larger items requiring regular ironing, you definitely want to buy an ironing board that meets your unique needs..

House Method has done the work for you in fully reviewing five of the most popular ironing boards. We provide you with the well-researched results you need to pick the best board for you.

Ironing Board Reviews Guide

Have you made the mistake of buying a cheap, no-name ironing board from a big box store, only to regret your purchase almost immediately? You’re not alone. Picking the right ironing board requires taking into account the number of features offered, and how they align with what you need for your ironing needs.

Considerations to keep in mind when buying an ironing board include the size, portability, height, weight, sturdiness, and add-on benefits. Keep reading to learn more about these features and why their evaluation is important in making your decision. 


Six Major Factors to Consider


  • Size: Ironing board sizes have quite a range. If you intend to be ironing a lot of men’s slacks, for instance, having a longer board is going to be necessary. Then again, if you have limited space and are just requiring minimal surface area, look for something on the smaller side.
  • Portability: Some people find that having a large, sturdy, ironing board is necessary, but others may have limited space, requiring either an over-the-door storage area, or perhaps a stow-away unit.
  • Height: Many stand-alone ironing boards have adjustable heights, which come in very useful for folks who don’t want back pain from being too hunched over, or potentially having an unsafe surface if its too high. Also, if there is more than one person in the home doing the ironing, chances are they’re not identical in stature, so adjustments are definitely a valuable consideration to keep in mind.
  • Weight: If you intend to be carrying your ironing board from one room to another, you will clearly want to find an option that is more lightweight. However, if you need something extremely sturdy and intend to keep the ironing board in one place, more or less, a heavier model shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Sturdiness: This factor is typically associated with cost. The pricier the ironing board, the more likely it is to be on the sturdier side. Stability also lends itself to the lifespan of your ironing board. You will want to consider how the ironing board is built, in this case. Four-leg stands made of steel will be the sturdiest, and of particular importance if you’re using a professional iron. However, the T-leg structure is also very common, and can serve a person just fine, assuming you’re not having to apply too much pressure to the items being ironed.
  • Add-on Features: If it’s important for you to have retractable shoulder wings for ease in ironing shirts, a stand for your iron, or a hanger rack, make sure you investigate the model to determine if these options are included.



Best Ironing Board for Safety and Design MABEL HOME 8 FEATURE PRO BOARD

If you want a sturdy, well-built ironing board, look no further than the Mabel Home 8-Feature Pro Board. It has unmatched stability and offers a heat-resistant iron stand, and an extra-wide surface, minimizing the chances of having your iron fall.  It also boasts a retractable cord and a safety locking system. When looking for the safest option, this model is your best bet.

There is quite a range in cost for the ironing boards we have reviewed. Anticipate spending anywhere from $20-$150.”


Care and Maintenance:

  • When you invest in a quality ironing board, making sure it stays clean and well-maintained is extremely important to assure it lasts you a long time.
  • Many ironing board covers are machine-washable. If so, you can toss them in the machine on delicate wash for a full cycle. However, it is important not to throw any ironing board covers into the dryer afterwards, as the extreme heat will likely cause damage. Simply allow the cover to air dry on a rack or clothesline. For covers that are not machine-washable, simply focus on spot-cleaning areas requiring attention.
  • For the actual frame of the ironing board, you will want to remove the cover and pad, and then wipe down the board with a damp cloth to get rid of dust and dirt. Be sure to also check underneath for cobwebs and wipe down the legs, too.
  • Once you have completed the cleaning, it is extremely important to wait until everything is completely dry before reassembling the ironing board, because otherwise you risk developing mold from trapped moisture.



Best Ironing Board for the Budget-Conscious HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS FIBERTECH EXTRA WIDE

This model not only boasts a significant range for adjustable heights (31-38”), but also, as the name implies, has an 18” wide board to help you conquer sheets, towels, and any number of larger items. It also comes with an iron stand, a hanger rack, and a unique stowaway sleeve board to help you conquer all of your shirt needs. For only $64.99, the Household Essentials Fibertech Extra Wide is a steal!

If you have children or pets underfoot, consider an ironing board with a built-in iron stand and leg-locks to insure you are maximizing your safety measures.”

Frequently asked questions

Is the actual size of the ironing board important?

Absolutely! Standard ironing boards can be as narrow as 13 inches, while others stretch to 18 inches. Lengthwise, you’re looking at anywhere from 48-54”. A longer board is particularly useful for avid sewists. And don’t forget, for storage purposes, knowing the size is invaluable.

Do all ironing boards come with a warranty?

They do not. If a warranty is important to you, definitely check to see if one is offered, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of their customer service options to get the details.

What do I need to know about ironing board covers?

One size does not fit all! When shopping for an ironing board, keep in mind that the larger ones often require ordering custom cover replacements once the originals have worn out. In some cases, the ironing boards do include an extra cover, so be sure to check your options before making a purchase.

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