Updated November 2018

Best iLife Robotic Vacuums


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Best iLife Robotic Vacuums Updated November 2018





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This is the best iLife robotic vacuum. It features systematic cleaning and powerful suction for a more in-depth home clean.
It easily picks up dust, pet hair, and large debris and can fit under most furniture. The Virtual Wall works extremely well and the HEPA filter has an additional filter for extra dust filtration.
The dustbin is slightly small and the vacuum has some difficulty moving around table legs.


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It combines vacuuming, sweeping, and damp mopping all in one at an affordable price.
It has a powerful motor with pet hair technology that picks up fur, debris, and dust. It also has advanced I-dropping technology that makes mopping more efficient and reliable. It comes with an enhanced battery life of 140 minutes.
It’s not as sophisticated as more expensive units. It also doesn’t connect to WiFi nor does it provide reports of cleaning performance.


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This model takes care of all your cleaning needs with 6 different cleaning modes and a multi-task programmable schedule system. We recommend it for smaller homes or apartments.
A large dustbin holds more dirt, which reduces the frequency of having to empty the vacuum. It also comes with I-move mapping that mops the floor with an invisible barrier.
It has a hard time finding its docking charger station. It doesn’t do well on high-pile carpet or thick area rugs.


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It’s the best iLife robotic vacuum for thorough, concentrated cleaning throughout all homes.
This iLife robotic vacuum has great maneuverability—with multiple smart sensors, it avoids bumping into furniture and falling down stairs. It even cleans under low-set furniture and along walls. Another pro? It’s much quieter than other iLife robotic vacuums.
This model has a hard time transitioning from hard surfaces to rugs.


Customer Reviews

More affordable than Roomba vacuums, iLife robotic vacuums are a great option for those who want a hands-off approach to vacuuming. Their sleek design allows them to maneuver under furniture with ease and their extended battery life gives them the ability to vacuum your entire home without pausing. By programming weekly schedules into the device, you’ll be able to automate your cleaning experience and not have to worry about when you’ll be able to clean your floors. After testing these vacuums in our Research Lab and reading thousands of iLife robotic vacuum reviews, our team picked the best iLife robotic vacuums on the market right now.

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