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Best Husqvarna Leaf Blowers


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Best Husqvarna Leaf Blowers Updated November 2018





350BT 50.2cc Gas Powered
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A perfect mix of professional-grade power and usefulness around the house. 692 CFM air volume and 180 MPH wind speed moves leaves and yard debris with ease.
Wind speed, strength, reliability, and longevity. X-Torq engine combines increased power with fuel efficiency.
Some reviewers thought the blower was heavy at first, before getting used to its size.


150BT, 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas
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Powerful and easy to use, a great blower for most household users. Less air volume but higher wind speed than the 350BT model.
Impressive wind velocity of 251 mph. Renowned for its quiet engine and smooth operation.
Has less air volume (434 CFM) than Husqvarna’s 350BT model, which is only a few dollars more.


125B, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Handheld
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Less cumbersome than a backpack blower, its 425 CFM air volume and 170 MPH rating is nearly as powerful as those commercial-grade blowers.
More than 10 pounds lighter than the backpack blower a half the price, with some of the same features like variable speed throttle with cruise control.
Lacks the power of backpack blowers, but still great for most household tasks.


125BVx Handheld Blower/Vacuum
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It blows. It vacuums. It mulches. A jack of all trades with an affordable price tag makes this blower the best choice for most households.
The vacuum feature also mulches at a 16:1 ratio, allowing users to save space and use less bags. The vacuum only adds .2 pounds to the overall weight.
Some users reported the hot muffler was easy to bump, so exercise care.


130BT, 29.5cc 2-Cycle Gas
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Compact and lightweight for a backpack blower, but lacks the power of its bigger cousins, with only 360.21 CFM air volume and 145 MPH top speed.
The price and weight are less than the larger backpack blowers. Users say this blower reduces fatigue. Quiet engine.
A little underwhelming compared to Husqvarna’s other offerings. Will not clear yards as quickly or efficiently.


Customer Reviews

The Husqvarna name has a reputation for quality and reliability, which is probably why you’ve decided on that brand of leaf blower. However, picking the right blower goes beyond buying the orange one. At House Method, we’ve spent hours analyzing reviews on each of Husqvarna’s offerings, so you can simply select the blower that best fits your needs.

Best Husqvarna leaf blower reviews guide 

Raking is almost everyone’s least favorite outdoor chore, which is why most people wait until every tree is bare before finally getting around to clearing the yard. What’s the point of moving all those leaves when more fall before you can even finish the job? Purchasing a leaf blower is a game changer. You’ll eliminate blisters, reduce fatigue, and free up hours of time you can spend doing other chores (or having fun). Most importantly, you’ll be able to quickly clear your property of leaves all autumn long.

When it comes to outdoor power equipment like leaf blowers, many put their trust in Husqvarna. The company offers a full line of blowers for everyone from the weekend warrior who just needs to move some grass clippings or a dusting of snow from their sidewalk to commercial users with tree-filled acres of dense leaf detritus and heavy debris. Keep reading to learn which Husqvarna leaf blower is right for your lifestyle.

Even with models advertised as quiet, you should always wear hearing protection when using a gas-powered leaf blower.”

Gas VS. Electric

Electric or battery-operated blowers have merit. For one, they are much quieter than gas blowers, which are actually banned in some neighborhoods concerned with noise pollution. Of course there are also environmental concerns—gas blowers release emissions like any internal combustion engine.

While Husqvarna makes battery-powered blowers, our research found the highest-rated Husqvarna leaf blowers are gas models. Gas leaf blowers have many benefits over their voltage-driven counterparts. For instance, with a gas blower, you’ll never have to worry about dragging around a cumbersome extension cord or remembering to charge up lithium ion batteries, which can take hours. Gas blowers give you the freedom to tackle leaves and debris any time, anywhere you want, as long as you have a can of fuel nearby.

Noise is measured in decibels (dB). While gas blowers all make some level of engine noise, selecting a quieter model may reduce annoyance for long-term users and improve relationships with your neighbors. ”

Gas Leaf Blower Lingo

CFMs, MPHs, dBs, and Backpacks—it all gets pretty confusing. Here’s a quick guide to what it means, and why it matters.

  • Speed: This one’s pretty simple—the speed of the air coming out of the nozzle determines how quickly be able to move leaves down the dusty trail, or across your yard. You can vary the speed based on how hard you pull the trigger. All of the Husqvarna blowers we reviewed here, like the Husqvarna X-Torq Backpack Blower have a cruise control setting, which means you can select the speed you like, take your finger off the trigger, and not worry about getting a hand cramp.
  • Flow: The volume of air coming out of the end of the blower is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This measurement determines how far you’ll be able to push the leaves, which matters a lot if you have a big yard or a lot of thick debris to move. The more powerful blowers, like commercial-grade backpack blowers, have bigger engines and can move more air. Select a blower with a higher MPH and/or CFM number if you desire more power.
Best combo leaf blower and mulcher HUSQVARNA 125BVX HANDHELD BLOWER/VACUUM

Talk about bang for your buck. The 125BVx model comes with all the bells and whistles of the more expensive Husqvarna leaf blowers—like cruise control—but also doubles as a vacuum that sucks up leaves and even mulches. Best of all, this model goes easy on the purse strings at only $179. This lightweight, 9.6 pound blower is all most household users will ever need, with 170 MPH speed and 470 CFM of airflow. If you are a regular Joe (or Jill) who just needs to blow a few leaves out of your yard every year or clean grass clippings after mowing the lawn, this lighter-duty champ is the clear favorite.

Did you know? Some blower manufacturers offer increased warranty durations for users who select premixed, ethanol-free fuel in two cycle blowers, rather than mixing their own cocktail? Usually these extended warranties require the blower and fuel to be purchased at the same time.”

Types of Leaf Blowers

Blowers come in three varieties—handheld blowers, backpack blowers and wheeled walk-behind blowers. All of Husqvarna’s leaf blowers are of the handheld or backpack variety.

Handheld Blowers

Handheld blowers are usually about half the weight of backpack styles, but they do require an arm to provide constant control. While they are more maneuverable and will likely reduce fatigue, handheld blowers are best suited for small or light-duty jobs.

Backpack Blowers

Weighing 20 pounds or more, backpack blowers let the user carry the weight on this or her shoulders, making it possible to have much more powerful engines. These are perfect for big yards or those with heavy debris that demand a high speed or air volume.

Wheeled Blowers

Wheeled blowers are the most powerful, but that power comes at a cost. They are heavy, demand storage space, and need a lot of room to maneuver.


This is the workhorse you purchase when you have a big job or you know you’ll be using a blower regularly. The backpack-style blower has a powerful engine moving air at 692 CFM, meaning heavy debris, wet leaves, and yards over several acres won’t be any issue for this machine. The 350BT gets tons of five-star reviews for its reliability, power, comfort, fuel efficiency, and ease of starting. Other reviewers bragged about Husqvarna’s customer service and rock solid warranty, which some users relied on after damage incurred during initial shipping.


The Husqvarna name has clout, but that doesn’t mean the company’s leaf blowers are over your budget. There are models perfect for the average homeowner who cleans the garden or flower bed on weekends to the commercial with a landscaping livelihood. The model range beings with the $150 handheld 125B model all the way up to the $550 commercial-grade 580BFS backpack blower.

Frequently asked questions

Which Husqvarna leaf blower is most powerful?

While there are more powerful commercial models, the Husqvarna 50.2cc  gas-powered leaf blower was the most powerful we reviewed. The 2.1 horsepower engine is good for 692 CFM, which is in the range of many commercial blowers.

Should I buy a gas or electric blower?

It depends on the job you plan on undertaking. Gas blowers are more powerful and have a longer range than electric blowers. Those who plan on moving large piles of leaves or debris or straying more than a couple hundred feet from the nearest power outlet should purchase a gas blower. Those who want hours of run time should choose gas rather than battery power.

What kind of warranty does Husqvarna offer?

Husqvarna blowers come with a 2-year limited warranty from the factory on most gas blowers. The company also offers a 4-year warranty for those who purchase Husqvarna-brand premixed fuel along with their blower.

How many CFM do I need?

This measurement determines how far you can blow leaves, so the answer depends on the size of your yard. The higher the cubic feet per minute number, the more area you’ll be able to clear in a minute’s time.

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