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Best Gas Chainsaws





Rancher Gas Powered Chain Saw
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If you are ready to move up from a beginner’s saw to a more professional version, the Rancher is right for you.
Has great power and torque, making it capable of chopping up larger trees. Low-vibration technology and easy startup increase user comfort.
Being a professional saw, the Rancher requires adjustments that beginners may find complicated if they fail to read their manual.


2 HP Chain Saw
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Perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers who wish to cut smaller limbs and branches or do heavy pruning.
Entry-level users will love the saw’s smaller size, ease of use, and affordable price point, all while maintaining great features like low vibration and easy startup technology.
Professional lumberjacks will have a difficult time felling large trees with a smaller, 2 HP saw.

Poulan Pro

50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw
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Great for most medium-duty jobs, this saw is a household-grade model that starts quickly and has ample power.
One of the more powerful household-grade saws, the Poulan Pro has enough torque to fell trees and tackle most jobs. You’ll enjoy dependable and reliable service.
Some problems have been reported with the initial chain tension. This saw requires adjustment before use, but once it is set up properly, cuts without issue.


Top Handle Chain Saw
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The top handle and smaller size are ideal for arborists or others who climb with their saws. Select this saw if you are looking for a professional grade in a smaller package.
Balanced, light, and strong, this saw is perfect for tree pruning and begs to be taken vertical. It’s smaller engine is economical and fuel efficient.
The smaller bar and top handle create limitations when trying to fell larger or thicker trees.


Outlaw Gas Chainsaw
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A fit for the professional user, the outlaw is a reasonably-priced saw that cuts through large trees with ease.
Rugged and durable, this saw has ample power to cut down medium sized trees, perfect for the homeowner who wants to do a little heavier work. Side-access chain tensioning keeps the chain tighter for jobs that take a while.
Some consumers have reported small chain oil leaks during storage, which doesn’t affect performance but may leave a small mess.


Customer Reviews

Buying a gas chainsaw is intimidating. Options range from commercial saws capable of taking on a redwood forest to household models better suited for trimming the hedges. Picking the correct tool for the job is critical for making sure the task is done correctly. Thankfully, you can skip testing dozens of chainsaws in search of the perfect cut. We’ve evaluated more than 1,000 reviews and selected the cream of the crop.

Gas Chainsaw Reviews Guide

There are several types of chainsaw owners. Some use their saws almost every day, as a tool on the job or as part of a serious hobby. Others buy saws when necessity strikes – like cleanup in the aftermath of a storm or cutting down a single tree threatening their property. Others still just need a light-duty chainsaw for weekend work around the home or garden.

Regardless of why you are searching for a new gas chainsaw, being able to tackle the job yourself has great benefits. Having your own saw means you’ll save money and avoid the hunt for a qualified arborist. Plus, you’ll already have a saw on hand next time nuisance trees or limbs stand in the way.

If you want to cut wood like a pro, use the following information to guide your decision in selecting a saw that fits your needs.

Best Chainsaw for The Money HUSQVARNA 2 HP CHAIN SAW

Even with a lower price tag, this saw is more than enough for most homeowners’ demands. Being a lighter consumer saw, the 2 HP model allows more control when detail counts in jobs like pruning and trimming. However, many reviewers praised the saw’s ability to cut medium branches and firewood, as well. This Husqvarna has the same X-torq engine design and low-vibration features as our top-rated model, proving big things can come in small packages.

Types of gas chainsaws

Here is a look at the different grades of gas chainsaws, and the type of cutting they are designed for.

  • Professional saws: Usually have a 20”-24” bar and larger displacement engine. Longer bars let the user cut through wider logs or piece of wood. Professional saws are designed to cut firewood and the largest trees.
  • Heavy-duty saws: Even though they have a shorter bar length when used correctly, they are still capable of handling larger limbs and trees. These saws are ideal for cleaning up storm damage.
  • Medium-duty saws: Less power and a 16”-18” bar length means these saws are popular for household users who still have real trees to chop up. These saws can still tackle emergencies and are perfect for small trees and limbs.
  • Light-duty saws: Don’t expect to fell huge trees or clean up the devastation left behind by mother nature, but a small saw with a bar less than 16” still lets users hack down small trees, cut off most limbs, and prune bushes. The smaller size of these saws offers precision unavailable with professional-grade models. These saws are great for new users.

The power and extreme capability add to the cost, but the Rancher makes up for this with the ability to handle the demands of professional tree work. Users rave about the Rancher’s ability to slice through big limbs and logs, speeding up jobs and allowing them to cut more wood in less time than other saws.  Some customers mentioned the saw being a little heavy and harder to handle than the consumer-grade saws they’d grown accustomed.

Did you know? Pruning trees promotes growth, helps produce more flowers and fruit, improves health, and removes dead limbs, which may fall and damage property. ”

Required Safety Gear

Before you fell your first tree, you’ll need the safety gear below.

  • Helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Chainsaw gloves

Leather chaps and steel-toe boots are also a good idea. The first time you cut, seek the help of a friend with experience.

Chainsaw parts

The folks at compiled a glossary of chainsaw-related terms, including these definitions.  

  • Anti-vibration system: Most modern saws have springs and bushings designed to prevent the user’s hands from becoming too tired to continue. Some saws even have heated handles to further prevent circulation issues like hand-arm vibration syndrome.
  • Chain brake: A spring-loaded guard the user can push forward to slow the saw’s chain, especially under emergency conditions.
  • Depth gauge: Found on every chain ahead of each tooth, limiting the depth of the cut. This is basically a safety feature that prevents kickback.
  • Engine displacement: A way to determine an engine’s size and power. This is a measurement of the volume inside the cylinders, in cubic centimeters.
  • Guide bar: The metal bar extending from the chainsaw that supports and guides the chain. The length of the bar determines the width of the cut.
  • Oiler control: The guide bar and chain require lubrication, and the oiler does just that – either manually or automatically, depending on the saw model.
  • Powerhead: The chainsaw’s main body. Houses the engine and other components.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best-rated chainsaws?

We like the Husqvarna Rancher gas-powered chainsaw because of its power and ability to cut through nearly any type of tree limb. As a professional-grade saw, it is designed to tackle anything the residential user can throw at it.

Those who want to cut medium-sized limbs but feel they may never need the brute force of the Rancher may consider the less-expensive Poulan Pro 50cc two-stroke chainsaw. While it probably isn’t up to the task of daily use or cutting down entire forests, it can handle most household tasks.

What is the best chainsaw for a homeowner?

Since most homeowners aren’t professional lumberjacks and have no intentions of clearing huge swaths of woodlands, a household model will likely do the trick. We like the Husqvarna 2HP chainsaw due to its compact design, ease of use, and affordable price point. The saw is ideal for smaller branches and the pruning found in most yards, but includes the same great features found on Husqvarna’s more expensive models

What kind of gas does a chainsaw take?

Almost all two-cycle engines, like those found on most chainsaws, require a mixture of gasoline and oil. That’s because these engines’ fuel systems perform double duty, providing combustion and lubrication all at once. Some users carefully mix their own fuel to meet the products required ratio using gasoline and two-cycle oil, but many professionals buy pre-mixed fuel that saves time and eliminates the potential for error-induced engine damage.

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