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Best Electric Fireplaces




Southern Enterprises

Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace
Check Price at: 1 store
This freestanding fireplace isn’t limited to 3 standard settings. Pick your desired temperature from 62 to 82 degrees.
This self-regulating fireplace is cool to the touch. Comes with an adjustable thermostat via remote, which has a safety lock
It’s heavy, weighing 104 pounds.

e-Flame USA

Jasper Free-Standing
Check Price at: 1 store
There’s something ultra cozy about this small electric stove.
It’s light enough to move every time you rearrange furniture. It conserves energy with only 2 40-watt bulbs, plus it has a no-heat option.
No remote and only 3 heat settings.


33” Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control
Check Price at: 1 store
A versatile insert that you can pop into just about any alcove. No wonder why it’s a best seller on Amazon.
Features variable brightness and flame intensity and has adjustable temperature via a remote control.
Flames aren’t as realistic as others.


50-Inch Onyx
Check Price at: 1 store
This wall-mounted electric fireplace has a modern design we love.
The widest display (50 inches) of LED flames with 5 brightness levels. This remote-controlled fireplace is cool to the touch and mercury-free.
Only 3 heat settings—high, low, or no heat at all.


Check Price at: 1 store
This traditional fireplace may be the focal point your room is missing.
The realistic flames are without a doubt the best part about this freestanding fireplace.
It’s the smallest firebox and the most expensive. The flames are not adjustable, but that might add to the authenticity of this hearth.

Our process

Customer Reviews

Is there anything more inviting than a flickering flame, a tall armchair, and a good book? Our unanimous answer at House Method is simply no. Whether you want to take the chill off at home or love the look of a hearth aglow, an electric fireplace is a low-maintenance option that checks both boxes. In our buyer’s guide below, we’ll go into the types and styles of fireplaces as well as installation and safety tips. We’ll also answer some of your burning questions regarding electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplace reviews guide

The flicker and warmth of a fireplace can make a house feel like home. However, a “real” fireplace requires a lot of attention from homeowners. You have to clean it often, buy and store firewood, and take extensive safety precautions to protect your furniture, house, and family members. If you’re a renter, an open fire probably isn’t even an option for you.

Enter the electric fireplace. Faux flames are contained, adjustable, and safe and you can start heating your home in a matter of minutes—most electric fireplaces are remote-controlled.

Shopping for a new electric fireplace can be a challenge without the proper information. That’s where the House Method team comes in. We compared how realistic each fireplace is and considered installation, adjustability, and safety. We also included key factors that are sure to inform your purchase. Browse our top picks above or read our comprehensive guide below and let us help you find the best electric fireplace for your home.

How do electric fireplaces work?

There are two ways an electric fireplace produces heat: infrared heaters and forced fans.

Infrared heaters
Similar to the sun, infrared fireplaces send out a beam of light that will warm any person or object directly in front of it. These heaters don’t come with a fan or built-in motor, so they’re some of the quietest fireplaces on our list. Infrared heaters are great for bedrooms and home offices.

  • Pros: You’ll get instant gratification as these electric fireplaces are the quickest to heat. They’re also arguably healthier than other fireplaces since they don’t reduce oxygen or humidity. They may also help blood circulation.
  • Cons: Supplemental heat is not produced, so you’ll only feel the heat if you’re directly in front of the heater. This also means you’ll lose the heat as soon as you turn the fireplace off. It’s hot to the touch, so it’s not the safest option for a home with children or pets.

Forced fan
With these electric fireplaces, cool air is drawn in and heated with a coil. Warm air is then returned back into the room. Some forced fan fireplaces can cover up to 400 square feet, making them a lovely option for living rooms.

  • Pros: Warm air is pumped into the room, which will heat the entire space rather than just whoever is in front of it. The room will also retain heat after the fireplace has been turned off.
  • Cons: It takes longer to feel the difference since the supplemental heat has to build up.

Infrared heaters heat up very quickly, but forced fans generate sustainable heat that’ll last long after the fireplace is turned off.”

Types of electric fireplaces

Freestanding stove—Electric stoves have a rustic, old-world charm that we find extra cozy. They’re portable, so you can move them from room to room.

Mantel—When you think “fireplace,” this is the style that likely comes to mind. Mantel fireplaces look like your traditional fireplace with a mantel designed for decorating.

Corner—These fireplaces fit neatly into a corner of the room. Many corner electric fireplaces double as TV stands. They follow a transitional style that should blend right in with your décor and furniture layout.

Wall-mounted—If you want a contemporary electric fireplace, opt for a wall-mounted fireplace. This type of fireplace resembles an HDTV with many homeowners mounting it directly beneath their flat screen.

Insert—Transform a recessed space—be it a media cabinet or an existing fireplace—by plugging in a panel or bundle of faux logs. These inserts are the most versatile electric fireplaces.

Best electric fireplace for modern design TOUCHSTONE 50-INCH ONYX

The Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace is nothing short of a modern masterpiece. Customers have attested that this wall-mounted fireplace is easy to install, although you may need a partner to help hoist the 46-pound piece to the wall. Find the perfect medium between five brightness levels and three heat settings, which include a no-heat option, so you can enjoy a romantic view even in the middle of summer.

If design is important to you, consider the style categories each type of fireplace falls into. Inserts are possibly the most versatile electric fireplace since you can transform any cabinet or enclosure into a flickering display.”

5 Features we tested


Electric fireplaces are easier to install than gas-powered or woodburning fireplaces because they don’t require ventilation, so you can accomplish setup without hiring a professional. However, the ease of installation will largely depend on the type of fireplace you purchase. For example, filling an existing but unused fireplace with an electric insert should be fairly straightforward, but carving out space for a recessed wall mount will take some planning. Additionally, carrying a lightweight stove will be simple, but moving a 100-pound, mantel-style electric fireplace takes some extra effort.

Flame settings

From flicker speed to flame brightness, you’ll be able to create a picture-perfect fire according to your activity and mood. Set a low, dim flicker as you curl up with a good book or enjoy a fast, bright flicker when guests are over.

Heat control

Another electric fireplace feature we love is the ability to control the temperature of the heat it produces. Some fireplaces are limited to two or three heat settings while others allow you to adjust a thermostat down to the degree. If you have children or pets, look for electric fireplaces that are cool to the touch.

Coverage area

Although electric fireplaces vary in size, all of the ones we reviewed have a coverage area of 400 square feet. Note: Infrared heaters may have a larger coverage area, but you’ll have to be positioned directly in front of the fireplace to feel the difference.


With an electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dozing off in front of an open fire. Not only are these faux flames contained, but some electric fireplaces have a built-in timer that you can set from 30 minutes to eight hours. Auto shut-off is a safety feature that will automatically power down if the unit is knocked over or moved.

Some fireplaces are also self-regulated. With these products, the heating component will automatically shut off after the desired temperature is met.

Best electric fireplace for your money PURAFLAME 33” WESTERN ELECTRIC FIREPLACE INSERT

This is Amazon’s best-selling electric fireplace, and for good reason. Forty verified customers say it’s easy to install—simply slide it into an enclosure and plug it in. You’ll get a large display (33 inches) at an affordable, mid-range price and brick panels that enhance the look of a “real” fireplace. It’s energy-efficient and comes with several brightness settings. Another bonus: you can control the thermostat with a remote without getting off the sofa.

A few fire safety tips

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to ensure all electrical wiring and equipment are properly installed.
  • Do not use an extension cord or power strip.
  • Remove objects from intake fans and heaters.
  • Keep children and pets away from electric fireplaces that are hot to the touch.
  • Electrical fireplaces are intended for indoor use only. Keep them in a dry place and do not expose them to the elements.

Measure your space before buying an electric fireplace. Corner, insert, and wall-mounted fireplaces are all space-saving solutions.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the best brand of electric fireplaces?

We feature some really reputable brands in our top five: Touchstone, e-Flame USA, PuraFlame, Southern Enterprises, and Dimplex. Fireplace manufacturers may not be as well-known as other household names, so we relied on some other trust indicators, like verified customer reviews. The Touchstone Onyx electric fireplace has more than 400 customer reviews and 347 answered questions on Amazon alone. The PuraFlame electric fireplace insert is Amazon’s #1 best seller in the category. Meanwhile, Dimplex showed up seven times in the top 100.

Are electric fireplaces expensive to use?

Electric fireplaces are much more cost- and energy-efficient than gas-powered or woodburning fireplaces. In fact, they are about 90% more efficient than gas fireplaces. On average, they cost about 18 cents per hour of runtime. Many models have adjustable brightness and heat as well a no-heat option that conserves even more energy.

What is the most realistic electric fireplace?

The Dimplex Holbrook is the most realistic electric fireplace. Dimplex has patented the 3D flame technology they use—it’s that good.

Do electric fireplaces give off heat?

Yes, electric fireplaces do produce heat. All of the fireplaces we reviewed have adjustable heat with a no-heat option. Some, like the Touchstone Onyx and e-Flame USA Aspen stove, have low- and high-heat settings while others, like the PuraFlame insert and Southern Enterprises Calvert, have remote-controlled adjustable thermostats that range from 60 to 84 degrees.

How do electric fireplaces work?

There are two types of electric fireplaces: infrared heaters and forced fans. Infrared fireplaces produce heat via light that will warm any person or object directly in front of it. Forced fans take in cool air, heat it with a coil, and return it back into the room.

Are electric fireplaces safe?

Electric fireplaces are significantly safer than real fireplaces. You don’t have to worry about breathing in ashes or fumes—electric fireplaces don’t require any ventilation and the flames are merely a light display. For additional safety measures, you can use the no-heat setting when children are near or find a fireplace with a built-in timer that automatically shuts off the system as you fall asleep.

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