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Best Electric Brooms


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Best Electric Brooms Updated November 2019





V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
Forget the cord and enjoy lots of power with this tiny vacuum. Perfect for smaller living areas
Max suction power of 115 AW will give a better clean than most regular vacuums.
Because this has no cord, you will need to charge often. Usage time is only 40 minutes before needing to recharge.


Quick-Up Bagless Stick Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
Extremely affordable super lightweight electric option.
Easy to use and can be used as either a stick or a hand-held vacuum for smaller areas like a couch or car.
Some customers have complained that the cord is too short. Also, keep in mind that this is for very light cleaning and doesn’t replace a regular vacuum.


Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
A lightweight, yet powerful vacuum that is perfect for everyday messes.
Charging is very easy with a separate “battery porting” station that allows you to purchase multiple batteries for continuous use.
Although it’s great to use multiple batteries, each battery only lasts about 20-25 minutes. Unless you have multiple batteries, it isn’t very practical.


Navigator Freestyle Cordless Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
At only 7.5 pounds, this offers quite a lot of power for such a small vacuum.
Two speeds for suction, can be used on multiple surfaces and has an XL dust cup for easy and continuous cleaning.
Some owners report this vacuum is only ideal for very light cleaning, such as pet hair and dirt. It will not pick up large items like food and pieces of paper.

Dirt Devil

Simpli-Stick Lightweight Corded Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
A low-cost option, this vacuum is perfect to pick up for easy cleaning.
The cost is the best feature of this vacuum, but it also extremely lightweight at only 4 pounds, has a convenient on-board crevice tool, and gets the job done without much hassle.
Good for quick spot cleaning, but do not expect this to be the only vacuum you use in your house. Customers have also complained about parts not working correctly upon assembly.


Customer Reviews

The popularity of hardwood floors along with indoor pets and children have many homeowners noticing an increased build-up of debris in their homes. While a broom and dustpan can blow dust from hard-surfaced floors, many vacuums are no better suited for hardwood, tile, or small area rugs. That is why the electric broom was created. Perfect for multiple surfaces and powerful enough to suck up all the “goodies” that come with everyday living, electric brooms are basically smaller vacuums that are perfect for shallow surfaces.

Not every electric broom is created equal, however. At House Method, we have done the research for you in discovering the top lightweight vacuums, analyze why they’re great, and evaluated the pros and cons for each. We have taken every type of factor into consideration when creating the Electric Broom Buying Guide so that after reviewing this guide, you will have a well-rounded and objective idea of exactly what electric broom would be best for your home’s needs.

Electric Broom Reviews Guide

Did you know that those popular lightweight cordless vacuums are actually considered electric brooms? Believe it or not, these helpful tools are designed to replace what you would otherwise use a broom for. This includes cleaning up food and pet hair and dust that catches on the floor. If you live in a home that has hardwood or tile flooring with shallow area rugs, then you’ll want to invest in an electric broom for those simple everyday messes. But deciding on the best electric broom may be a chore, especially with so many options available.

Since the creation of these convenient electric brooms, there have been an incredibly wide variety of models come into creation that can fit any budget and any home need. Along with the fluctuation in price, the features, convenience, and power behind the vacuums fluctuate as well. Some electric brooms have very little power, as they are only to be used for light work on hardwood floors and window sills. Other electric brooms come packed with more power than you’d expect from a large vacuum. With more options to choose from come more factors to take into consideration.

The amount of power that an electric broom is measured by is Air Watt (AW).”

4 Major Factors to Consider

  • Size: Consider both the size of your home and the battery life of your electric broom: you don’t want to get through half your home, or even just one room, only to have your electric broom need to be recharged. When searching for an electric broom, you will see how long the battery of the vacuum lasts. Our research has shown the longest lasting battery is about 40 minutes.
  • Suction power: This is especially important if you have some area rugs in your home that you plan on using your electric broom for. Most electric brooms can handle light duty work like picking up pet hair and dirt, but be sure to read the reviews to see if the vacuum has enough power to handle slightly more intense cleaning. 
  • Cost: You can find quite a lot of cost fluctuation with electric brooms. Some can reach as high as $400-$500 for a very powerful vacuum. Be sure to read the reviews carefully, if you are considering buying a more costly electric broom to ensure you are getting the best deal. The same can be said about cheaper vacuums. You may find a very cost effective electric broom that does not live up to the needs of your home.
  • Weight: Not all electric brooms are as lightweight as you’d think. What’s more? You may be surprised by the power behind a vacuum for how heavy or lightweight it may be. For those that will be using their electric broom very often, you may want to consider a more lightweight model, but be sure that it has an adequate amount of power behind its weight to ensure you are getting what you need.

Tips for Use

If your electric broom is cordless, make sure it is fully charged before each use to get the most cleaning time out of your broom.

  1. Some electric brooms have two power levels: regular and max. When using max, your battery will typically run out quicker, so be sure to use the power level strategically. For example, you probably only need to use the max level when you are using your electric broom on heavier traffic areas and rugs.
  2. When using a corded electric broom, try to find a plug that is in the common area of your home to avoid any tripping and to prevent you from having to repeatedly unplug and re-plug your vacuum into different outlets.
  3. While some electric brooms have quite a lot of power behind them, they are typically not meant to suck up larger items like cereal, grass and rocks that may be tracked in, or shards of paper and glass. These items may block your filter and cause your electric broom to not work properly. Keep an eye out for such items when cleaning and be sure to pick them up before you try vacuuming over them.

Frequently asked questions

What is an electric broom?

An electric broom is exactly as it is named. It performs the same type of cleaning that you would expect a manual broom to perform: picking up light messes, such as pet hair, dust, and dirt. You may also be able to use your electric broom on shallow carpets like your area rug. While the exact terminology is “electric broom”, you will more often find these tools considered to be a lightweight or cordless vacuum.

What are the benefits of an electric broom versus a manual broom or a larger vacuum?

Just like most modern conveniences, an electric broom simply makes life easier. Instead of having to deal with a manual broom that may end up simply pushing the dust and dirt around more, you can enjoy the convenience that comes with a regular vacuum on your shallow surfaces like hardwood floors and tile. Using a regular vacuum on these surfaces can pose a similar problem to that of a broom. Because vacuums are meant to be used on deeper carpet, and they come with the power to do so, you may end up pushing the dust and dirt around more than actually sucking it up.

How do I choose the best electric broom for me?

When choosing the best electric broom for your home’s needs, be sure to investigate all avenues. While choosing an expensive, but powerful, electric broom may seem like the easiest choice, you may find that you only need an electric broom for very light work and a more costly broom is unnecessary. The same can be said about purchasing a cheap electric broom. If you have a home that has some area rugs, or you have pets and children, it is probably worth your while to get a reliable electric broom that will get the job done quickly and easily as well as stand the test of time.

Are cordless or corded electric brooms better?

That is completely dependent on your home’s cleaning needs. There are cordless, rechargeable brooms that are just as powerful as corded electric brooms. Some things you want to consider when choosing an electric broom include the power behind the suction, how long a cordless vacuum will run before it needs to be charged, and how long the cord is for a corded vacuum.

How do I know if an electric broom has the power I need to clean my floors?

Electric broom power is measured by Air Watt (AW). The AW power behind an electric vacuum can fluctuate and will also play a large role in the cost behind the vacuum. For example, the AW on the Dyson Absolute Cordless Vacuum is 115 AW, which is pretty powerful and a good comparison measurement for other vacuums and price points.

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