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Best Dyson Vacuums


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Best Dyson Vacuums Updated November 2019





Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
This thing sucks—in the best way possible. It’s powerful and makes quick work of anything in its path.
The self-adjusting cleaner head transitions seamlessly from carpet to hard floors.
With power comes noise. This isn’t a chore you’ll knock out while the baby sleeps nearby.


Ball Multifloor Bagless Canister Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
If you hate the weight and noise of standard machines, consider trading your upright for a canister model.
Very powerful. We liked the variety of attachments and flexibility of the hose too.
Mobility is the only issue, but if you like canister vacuum cleaners you’ll be prepared for this.


Ball Multi Floor Upright
Check Price at: 1 store
It zooms over all flooring types, but the suction may not stand up to a combination of pets, kids, and plush carpet.
The cleaner head automatically adjusts as you cover different types of flooring.
This vacuum worked well for us, but other customers have reported less suction than expected.


V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
Its compact and ergonomic design is handy for cleaning corners, cars, and stairs.
Our expectations were low for something so small, but we were pleasantly surprised with the suction.
We burned through the battery quickly.


V7 Motorhead Cord Free Vacuum
Check Price at: 1 store
Lightweight, but limited battery life makes this vacuum most convenient for those living in small spaces, like studios and apartments.
Lightweight and portable—our team thought it was perfect for small, quick jobs.
We could use a longer battery life and a little more power.

Our process

Customer Reviews

With four types of vacuum cleaners to choose from and several versions of each, not to mention color and attachment options, finding the best Dyson vacuum is a daunting task. Investing in a top-of-the-line appliance takes time and money. That’s why our team of research specialists personally tested nine different Dyson vacuums for you. With our test results and thousands of vacuum cleaner reviews in mind, we narrowed the selection down to our five favorites, which are listed above. Read on to find your number one vacuum cleaner.

Dyson vacuum reviews guide 

Like KitchenAid is to mixers or Le Creuset is to cookware, Dyson is the gold standard for vacuums. With a variety of features, styles, and dependable power, Dyson is a significant investment for a home but also a purchase that should last you a while. So where should you start?

It’s kind of like buying a car, right? You’ve narrowed it down to a particular make and now you’re trying to pick a model. Do you want the big, hulking SUV or the quick and agile sports car? We, at House Method, can empathize. We know you’ve got a choice before you, so we took a few Dysons for a test-drive to give you some insight.

So, what are your options?

Dyson vacuums come in different models with pros and cons that make them right (or wrong) for different spaces such as houses or apartments.


Probably the most familiar type of vacuum cleaner, one-piece uprights have a handle up top and a suction head at the bottom.

  • Pros—It’s good for large spaces and covers a lot of ground.
  • Cons—It’s heavy and not quite as agile as the others.


Most of the functioning components are contained centrally and pulled around by a flexible or detachable cleaning head.

  • Pros—It’s more agile than we expected. It’s good for tight spaces or dusting around corners.
  • Cons—You can’t sweep an entire room as quickly as with the other options. It’s not the best for large floors, especially if you have pets.


A battery-operated vacuum that won’t tether you to an outlet.

  • Pros—You can move around a lot, transitioning quickly between rooms and levels of your home.
  • Cons—Without a direct line to power, you can run out of battery and may sacrifice some power. 


These handheld appliances are useful for spot cleaning, quick clean-ups, and hard-to-reach spaces, like under couch cushions.

  • Pros—It’s portable and convenient for cleaning vehicles or inside furniture.
  • Cons—It can’t cover much ground or clean your entire home.

Powerful technology and modern design make Dyson a reputable household name. In addition to vacuum cleaners, Dyson manufactures air purifiers, lighting, fans, heaters, hair and hand dryers. ”

Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood DYSON V7 MOTORHEAD CORD-FREE VACUUM

Sometimes housekeeping can feel like a workout but we rolled this lightweight vacuum cleaner over hardwood without breaking a sweat. Its mobility is awesome for a speedy sweep and the cordless design is hassle-free. We also tried the V7 on concrete floors in the office. It passed the test.

Best vacuum cleaner for carpet DYSON BALL MULTI FLOOR UPRIGHT VACUUM

We liked the power and suction of the Ball Multi Floor. We also like how easy it was to clean after running over dense and dirty carpet. This model is also a little less expensive than the Ball 2 if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

5 Major factors to consider

Some assembly required

When our Dyson vacuums arrived, we were initially overwhelmed by all the parts. It looks like a lot. But most of the pieces snapped together in fewer than five steps. Typically, there was the motor and/or canister portion, a handle, and a suction head, and each clicked right into place.

Look and feel of the product

Out of the package, a deconstructed Dyson seems like a lot of lightweight, plastic pieces. Honestly, for a minute it feels like you might have overpaid. But once the vacuum comes together and you turn it on, you start to see what all the fuss is about.

Dyson vacuums are not quiet. With the powerful suction comes a lot of noise. When we fired ours up for the first time, a handful of people in the office turned to check us out like there was some sort of takeoff happening.

Dyson’s Ball technology on the upright is fun to maneuver around corners. We took each upright model for a spin around the kitchen and liked how they glided smoothly under counters and around tables.

Cleaning heads and accessories

Each of the uprights and canisters came with interchangeable cleaning heads and wands or handle extensions. The handheld had accessories that we thought would make the vacuum a good fit for the young family that has to clean out the van regularly.

Cleaning power

We liked how little mess the Dyson left behind when we tested the suction with a thick pile of coffee grounds and hard candies.

The upright plowed right over our mess and picked up almost all the coffee. There was a trace amount of French Roast when we ran our hand over the surface, but the Ball Multi Floor 2 took care of those on the second pass.

Coming in between $300 and $500, the Ball Multi Floor 2 and Ball Multi Floor Canister seemed to live up to their price. When you’re paying that much for a vacuum, you’d expect it to get rid of anything in its path.

The V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld and the V7 Motorhead Cord-Free performed above average. We’ve had other handhelds in the past that took four or five passes over similar spills and still left behind some residue. The V7 cleaned up all the coffee in two passes, and the V6 did it in a pass or two more.

Cleaning your Dyson

Innovation over the past few years has simplified the process for emptying and cleaning a vacuum. Whether you’re picking up coffee and candy in an office test or sucking up dander and dirt at home, with a click and a shake you can dump what you’ve cleaned up directly into the trash.

We did have a couple issues getting used to dumping and reattaching the trash feature on the Trigger Cordless, but it became second nature after a few tries. This innovation has eliminated the use of old-fashioned filters and bags. If we’re spending this much on a vacuum, it’s nice to know there aren’t more costs coming down the line.

Best vacuum for parents of young kids DYSON V6 TRIGGER CORDLESS HANDHELD VACUUM

This was a no-brainer. We loved the handheld version for cleaning up spills around the house and snacks stuck in car seats. We also thought this vacuum would be conducive to quick passes under the high-chair after dinner.


The Bagless Canister Vacuum even looks kind of like a shop-vac, right? We thought this would be best for the corner of the garage to clean up piles of dirt, debris, or even sawdust.


If you need to pick up a lot of dog or cat hair out of rugs, an upright vacuum is the way to go. The extension handle and hose allow users to clear cobwebs and dust out of ceiling corners and vents too.

Dyson purifiers are certified asthma- and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. A Dyson purifier and vacuum are a powerful pair against allergies.”

Frequently asked questions

Do Dyson vacuums have a lifetime warranty?

Warranties on Dyson vacuums differ by model. We recommend customers refer to their owner’s manual for warranty details. The uprights and canisters we tested included a five-year warranty while the handheld and cordless models were guaranteed under a limited two-year warranty. Amazon also offers two- to three-year protection plans.

Is a Dyson better than less expensive vacuums that look similar?

We think Dysons are awesome. Seriously. After having a handful around the office for a week, we’re believers. We also understand it’s crazy to think everyone needs to spend what is a large portion of a mortgage in some American cities on a single appliance. A lot of people in the office own Shark vacuums, and they love them. One person has a comparatively inexpensive Dirt Devil she got at Target and it works just fine for her apartment. What’s most important is finding the right vacuum for you.

Is a Dyson better for my allergies?

Two things matter when it comes to vacuums for allergy sufferers: power and filtration. Dysons have a tremendous amount of suction power—remember that takeoff sound we mentioned?—so they can pick up more allergens. They also have state-of-the-art filters, so what you pick up makes it to the trash.

What is the best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors?

As we mentioned above, we loved how the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum worked on hardwood floors. We also highly recommend our top three choices above if you have a combination of hardwood and carpet at home. As the name suggests, these Multi Floor vacuums are designed to be used on several flooring types. In fact, both of the upright Multi Floor vacuums have a cleaner head that automatically adjusts between carpet, tile, and hardwood.

How do I empty a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Dysons are painless to clean thanks to its bagless design. Dustbins are clear, so you can see when it’s time to empty the bin.

For upright vacuums

  1. Remove the bin by pressing the button on top of the bin’s handle. Don’t worry. Dirt will remain contained in the bin until you press the button again.
  2. With the second press of a button, you can release the dust directly into a trash can. You might have to shake or tap the bin to remove all of its contents.
  3. Click the hatch back into place before attaching it to the vacuum.

For canister vacuums

  1. First, be sure to press the release button completely down before lifting the cyclone away from the machine. It will lock up if it’s not released correctly.
  2. Instead of a release hatch, the canister’s cyclone is made up of two parts. Press the top button again (this time over a trash can) and pull to separate the clear bin from the cyclone.
  3. You also might need a rag to remove all of the fine particles of dust that have built up.
  4. Click the cyclone and dustbin back into place before replacing it on the canister vacuum.

For handheld vacuums

  1. Locate the red button between the dustbin and handle. Unlike the upright and canister vacuums, the first click of the release button will open the bin, so complete this step over a trash can.
  2. Press the red button a second time to remove the bin from the base. This will help you clear the bin completely.
  3. You can also use a cloth or brush to remove debris from the base.
  4. Push the empty bin up into the base of the vacuum until it clicks into place.
  5. Then, close the hatch.

The team that worked on this review

Marc Lewis
Kelsey Roadruck
Jessica Allen
Kealia Reynolds
Product Researcher
Carly Rutledge
Product Researcher
Kortney Sweeney
Anna Cantrell
Pet Hair Provider

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