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Best Computer Desks





Wall Mounted Floating Desk
Check Price at: 1 store
This space-saver is the full package: affordable, beautiful, and loaded with storage.
Made in America, this computer desk has 2 side compartments that have removable shelves ideal for holding speakers, books, and other personal items.
Some customers have had trouble with assembly. Some parts have been reported missing or the hardware comes damaged.

Techni Mobili

Compact Computer Desk
Check Price at: 1 store
This compact computer desk is great for apartment dwellers and it’s one of the most affordable desks available.
Assembly is simple if you have the right tools—screwdriver and crescent wrench. It’s also covered under a 5-year warranty.
It’s not industrial-grade, so it’s not as sturdy as the Prepac.

Comfort Products

OneSpace Regallo Computer Desk OneSpace
Check Price at: 1 store
With a unique, space-saving design and easy assembly, this desk is a solid choice for most homes.
The top shelf holds a surprising amount of weight and the expandable shelf can fit extra items, like files or office supplies.
The material isn’t as high-quality as the Prepac and doesn't have as many ergonomic features.


Harvest Mill Computer Desk
Check Price at: 1 store
We recommend the Sauder Harvest Mill if you’re looking for a classic, full-sized computer desk.
The wood is a beautiful color and the overall desk structure is solid and sturdy.
Assembly takes extremely long and the desk is a bit small for a work desk. We recommend something a bit bigger if you’re looking for a large working space.


L-Shaped Modern Computer Desk
Check Price at: 1 store
Though a little costly, this computer desk is reliable, spacious, and durable.
This is one of the most attractive options available, featuring quality engineered wood in a salt oak finish and a steel frame for reliable support.
The wood has been found to chip easily.


Customer Reviews

A durable, high-quality computer desk is the perfect solution to a disorganized, messy workspace. Those of us on the House Method Reviews team know how important it is to get work done efficiently, which is why we’ve tested some of the best desks on the market and read thousands of customer reviews to help you find the best computer desk.

Computer Desk Reviews Guide

Whether you’re working from home or diligently checking emails in the office, a solid computer desk can help provide the space you need to get the job done. Not only can it give you the working space needed to stay focused on the task at hand, but it can also provide plenty of storage space for important documents and office accessories and make you feel more organized. An ergonomic desk can also prevent body aches caused by a sedentary workday.

So how do you know which computer desk is best? It can be a tough decision, especially if you’re buying one for the first time, but that’s where our House Method Reviews team comes in.

We bought and tested multiple desks, pored over hundreds of computer desk reviews, and meticulously looked for what consumers value most when furnishing their workspace. We did the research so you don’t have to. Keep reading our complete computer desk guide to find the perfect one for you and your home.

Types of Computer Desks

Full-size computer desks

Full-size computer desks are some of the largest desks available, complete with storage space and a large working surface area. Since full-size desks tend to take up a lot of space, they’re suited for larger rooms like a den or office. These are also some of the more expensive desks available.

Compact computer desks

Compact computer desks are slightly smaller and more affordable than full-size desks. They’re ideal for small spaces but have less storage than full-size models. A compact computer desk is a great option for kids rooms or for people who use the desk specifically for writing tasks.

Wall-mounted computer desks

These desks attach to the wall without taking up any floor space. Wall-mounted computer desks can be placed at any height to suit the user and often look more attractive than a standard computer desk. The one downside is that they may require special tools for assembly and can be a bit more difficult to put together. It’s also difficult to adjust the height of the desk once it’s mounted into the wall.

Best computer desk for small spaces PREPAC WALL MOUNTED FLOATING DESK

The Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk is for people who don’t have much room in their house for a full-sized computer desk. Affordable and well-made, this computer desk is available in a variety of colors and features quality materials. It’s the perfect size for kids rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Look for computer desks that come with grommet holes: these openings allow you to pull any wires from underneath your desk and prevent them from becoming a tangled mess.”

7 Major factors to consider

How you work

If you spend most of your time sending emails and making calls, a desk with a smaller working space is probably going to be your best bet. If you deal with multiple files, documents, and papers, you’ll likely need a larger desk with a bigger surface area to keep your work organized.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider how much surface space you’ll need to work most efficiently. If you constantly have papers strewn around, opt for a desk with a larger surface area. If you’re only going to have your laptop and mousepad on your desk, go for a wall-mounted computer desk or more compact option.

Size of your existing space

Take measurements of where you’ll be putting your desk to avoid buying one that’s too big (or too small). Make sure you have at least two and a half to three feet of free space in front of the desk for your chair.

In general, the standard dimensions of a computer desk are as follows:

  • Height: 2428 inches
  • Width: 2460 inches
  • Depth: 2030 inches

Computer desks come in a variety of different materials, the most common being laminate, wood, metal, and glass. Some materials will cost more than others. For example, a desk made of mahogany or cherry wood will likely cost twice as much as one that’s made out of laminate.

Storage space

Before you buy, evaluate how much storage space you’ll likely need. Are you constantly looking through files or have stacks of papers lying around? If this is the case, you’ll probably need a computer desk with a bit more storage. Look for one with shelves, cubbies, and side tables. Note: these desks with storage may be larger and could require more installation time.

Pre-assembled vs. ready-to-assemble

Pre-assembled computer desks are ready to use right out of the box but they’re a bit more costly than ready-to-assemble desks. The latter will require manual installation but they’re easier to transport and move through narrow doorways and hallways. Before you buy, consider the time and effort you’re willing to spend as well as the potential obstacles between the front door and your office.

Shape and configuration of desk

Rectangular desks are one of the most common types of computer desks available, but other options include U-shaped desks and L-shaped desks. A U-shaped desk can provide plenty of space for storage and working and is great for larger rooms. An L-shaped desk works better if your workspace is in a corner.


Computer desks with proper ergonomic design features make work more comfortable and lessen the risk of stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome. Some features to look for include a pull-out keyboard and laptop trays, elevated shelves for monitors, and adjustable work surface heights.

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, consider buying an ergonomic computer desk that can be adjusted to your height to prevent back or joint pain.”

Best computer desk working space TECHNI MOBILI COMPACT COMPUTER DESK

This compact desk comes with a pull-out keyboard tray, side printer shelf, and privacy panel. Though it’s smaller than most computer desks, it provides the user a large working space.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best computer desk for PC gaming?

The best gaming computer desk is the Comfort Products OneSpace Regallo Computer Desk OneSpace—it’s specifically designed for people who have multiple monitors, giving them plenty of space to run two panels at a time. This desk is also 41.5 inches wide and 23.5 inches deep, allowing room for a keyboard and mouse without making the user feel too cramped.

What is the most affordable computer desk?

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a computer desk to find one that fits your needs. The Techni Mobili Compact Computer Desk is less than $100 and comes in a simple laminate veneer with a cherry finish. This multi-functional table can be used as a computer desk or writing desk and provides easy keyboard access with a sliding shelf that’s equipped with a safety stop.

What is the best standing computer desk?

Standing computer desks raise manually or automatically, allowing you to stand while you work. The best standing desk is the Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk. You can mount this desk at a height that’s appropriate and comfortable for you. It also comes with plenty of storage options and two side compartments that are ideal for holding speakers, books, and other personal items.

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