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Best Cat Trees




Go Pet Club

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Our winner features all the necessities that your cats–even the big ones–will ever need from a fantastic cat tree. It’s so easy to install that reading the instruction manual becomes optional.
Huge well-constructed cat tree equipped with a stable compressed wood base, 3 sturdy perches, 2 well-sized condos, and 10 sisal-wrapped scratching posts that will surely keep your kitties busy.
It’s difficult to move it from one place to another once assembled given its weight and the color of the fabric can rub onto walls.


Cat Tree Furniture Condo
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Our second choice doesn’t have as many features as our top pick, but it’s still a reliable, long-lasting cat tree that can be enjoyed by any cat–even the most demanding ones.
Verified buyers love it for its simple yet attractive design, ease of assembly, and stability. The neutral color works well with every home’s interior scheme.
The faux fleece covering may fray easily from constant scratching. It’s not suited for very large cats given the small size of the perches and hideaway.


Multi-Level Climber
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A space-saving, multi-level cat tree that functions like a real champ.
One of only a few cat trees we found that can be mounted on to a door. It has best-in-class features like carpeted perches that can comfortably hold your cat and vertical scratching posts with strong sisal fabrics. The portability factor is a big plus too.
Reports of stability and noise issues. You may have to stick this cat tree to the door to keep it from banging against it.

Best Choice Products

“The Tabby” Cat Nap
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A 6-ft. tall cat tree with plenty of functional spaces that provide vertical freedom for different cats–not just tabby cats.
Specifically designed to give different cats a zone that each can call his or her own. It has 2 condos, five platforms, and 9 scratching posts wrapped with sisal rope. It’s an inexpensive choice for a cat tree this size.
The top portion can get a little wobbly under the weight of large cats and the material used emits a strong odor.

TRIXIE Pet Products

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A sturdy, no-frills cat tree that’s perfect for compact living spaces.
It may be small, but this cat tree can still give your cat the satisfaction it needs. A hammock covered with plush fabric and crafted with metal rim for stability is held by two sisal-wrapped scratching posts. A little extra feature worth noting is the swinging pom pom that cats can enjoy.
Bigger cats won’t fit comfortably in this cat tree. The fabric gets easily dirty, and you have to keep the screws tight or else it will get wobbly.


Customer Reviews

According to a report by the National Institute of Health, owning a cat relieves stress, lowers the risk of heart disease, and wards off stroke. Given those benefits, we believe that it’s only fitting to ensure that cats will get the most out of their lives too–9 to be exact. And one of the best ways to do that is to provide them with a superior cat tree. But with so many cat perches and trees on the market, it’s hard to decide which one is best. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile the most important and interesting cat tree facts below as well as the types of cat trees, their parts, and simple techniques to teach your cat to use a new cat tree.

Best Cat Tree for Multiple Cats GO PET CLUB

The 72-inch Go Pet Club Cat Tree is an ideal multipurpose structure for more than one cat. With its superior construction, it holds up superbly against the demands of a multi-cat household. It has stable platforms and condos that each cat can call its own thereby preventing any turf threats. It’s equipped with 10 sisal-wrapped scratching posts to keep each one happy. And if that’s not enough, the perches and condos are covered with faux fur that will stay in place despite continuous scratching. As long it’s assembled properly, wobbling will never be an issue even if multiple cats are jumping in and out of it.

Cat Tree Reviews Guide

Cat trees provide crucial payoffs that have been proven by different studies, expert opinions, and casual observations. Below are some of them:

  • A place where cats can safely climb: Cat trees are a safe and fun place for cats to do what they’re born to do, and that’s going vertical. They love high-up spots where they can survey their domain.
  • A place where cats can scratch: Cat trees serve as a positive reinforcement tool for cats – they teach them to only scratch at a single spot, thereby leaving your precious furniture in peace.
  • Eliminate boredom: When cats get bored, they become destructive. Cat trees address this problem by keeping them occupied. It’s an enriching environment that’s good for both their physical and mental health.
  • Provide a sanctuary: Some cats are social superstars, while others are timid loners. Whatever your fluffy feline’s personality, cat trees can provide a haven from visitors and owners alike. Cats can hide inside one of the condos instead of wandering off to an unsafe place.
  • Foster peace and harmony: If you have plenty of cats, a cat tree with multiple levels is a blessing. Fights will be minimized because each one will have a dedicated spot to unleash his or her territorial and playful instincts.    
  • Build a cat’s physical skills: Think of it as a gym for cats. It’ll improve your cat’s strength, balance, and coordination.


Best Cat Tree for the Design-Conscious ARMARKAT CAT TREE FURNITURE STUDIO

If you’re looking for a cat tree that’s functional and stylish, this Armarkat 53-Inch Cat Tree is the right one for you. It’s an attractive and sturdy cat tree from a reputable brand. It’s loaded with features that will make a cat purr, but its aesthetics is what makes this product a standout. Its simple yet impressive design and ivory faux fleece covering will complement your décor rather overpower it. Cats love scratching and lounging around the plush surface too. With a 22-inch wide body, this unobtrusive cat tree is an ideal choice when space is at a premium.


A great cat tree should have parts that cultivate a cat’s behavior-related activities. Some manufacturers get really creative with their cat trees and that’s a good thing because cats need a stimulating space. Add-ons are good, but a cat tree must have these essentials:

  • Hideaways: Boxes or “condos” where your cat sleep, hide, or just simply relax.
  • Scratching posts: The best ones are made of sisal and should be at least 30 inches tall in order for your cat to get a good stretch.
  • Platforms: A flat horizontal surface where your cat can stand, sit, or lounge.
  • Toys: Objects that a cat can bat or roll, like hanging yarn balls or a wheel.


You should be prepared to go through an adjustment period when you have a new cat tree. Your little furball may show signs of annoyance or hostility towards it at first. Some cats may totally ignore it initially. So for this, training and patience is required.

However, cats are very smart. They’ll see the benefits of a cat tree and use it in no time with the help of these simple techniques:

  • Position the cat tree on an area where your cat frequently hangs out. This could be beside a window or a corner near a room your cat already enjoys.
  • Introduce the cat tree to your furball in a positive manner. You can do this by playing with your cat beside the cat tree or by placing his or her favorite toy inside one of the hiding places.
  • Take advantage of your cat’s love for sleep. Put your cat’s favorite pillow on one of platforms or inside one of the cubbies to tempt your kitty into taking a nap there.
  • Treats are irresistible to cats because of their reward-seeking behavior, so make use of that by placing his or her favorite food on the platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is a cat tree?

A cat tree is vertical multipurpose furniture for cats. It’s equipped with useful features that they can safely use for relaxation, exercise, play, or simply to watch over their surroundings.

Do cats need scratching posts?

Yes. Cats love scratching as much as sleeping. The act of scratching is a primal urge. It’s a way of expressing their emotions. Scratching is a problem for many cat owners, but breaking this habit will only give birth to behavioral problems later on.  Experts believe that the best thing to do is to give them scratching posts since it keeps cats happy and occupied.

There are three types of scratching posts: vertical, horizontal, and slanted. Most cats will be satisfied with a vertical scratching post. But there those who love dragging their claws into horizontal surfaces, so a horizontal one will give them the most pleasure. A slanted scratching post is a modified version of a horizontal one since it’s  slightly angled for variety.

What is the best material for a cat scratching post?

Sisal fabric reigns supreme according to experts. The feel of the fabric and the fact that it shreds gives cats an ultimate scratching experience. They also like hearing the unique noise when the fabric’s being scratched.

Another great material for a scratching post is corrugated cardboard. The feel of the material against a cat’s paws makes it an irresistible scratching tool. It’s sturdier and noisier, making it more fun for cats to scratch on.

Are cat trees safe?

Well-made cat trees are. They’re sturdy enough to prevent any tip-overs. An excellent one will have a stable base and secured attachments.

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