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Best Cat Houses




Kitty Tube

Generation 3 Outdoor Insulated
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Ideal for primarily outdoor or feral cats. Forego the additional cost on the heating pad and use straw or your cat(s) existing bedding instead.
Durable, straightforward design with insulation that holds up in cold weather. Can be modified to serve the particular needs of a cats and to adjust the house to various climates and seasons. Visually unobtrusive and blends in with other outdoor yard elements.
Some issuesa cat maintaining warm and dry conditions reported due to a hole in the base for the (optional) electrical cord. The lack of a second door for feral cats appears to be an issue. Design of the entrance, is too small for some larger cats and there have been some reports that the awning flap consistently comes off.

K&H Manufacturing

Outdoor Heated A-Frame
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Works best when placed in a location that already had some degree of external shelter and protection, such as a garden shed, garage or covered porch. The cord for the heating pad is rather short. May need to be elevated or have a tarp to cover to avoid moisture seepage in some conditions.
Lightweight construction and simple design. Two door layout makes it attractive to feral cats. Heating pad design only comes on when there is a cat inside the cathouse making it more energy efficient.
Some complaints that house material is not truly waterproof in extreme weather. Advertised as appropriate for up to four cats, but is too small to comfortably accommodate that many felines in most cases. Some reports that the design is not particularly durable.

Merry Cat

Washroom/Night Stand Pet House
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Aesthetically-pleasing option that works well for cat naps. Litter-box use may require modifications to waterproof the interior.
Helps hide an unsightly litter box and double as a nice looking piece of furniture.
Post-purchase interior waterproofing is required for use as a litter box. The product is made of pressed particle board which is highly absorbent and prone to warping, leaks, and seepage. Particle-board construction is not particularly sturdy so consumers should take caution during assembly.

Trixie Pet Products

3-Story House
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Stylish shelter great for indoor use. Outdoor usage requires weatherproofing and additional coverage from the elements such as use on a porch or under a shed roof.
Stylish appearance with a multi-story design. Works well for smaller indoor cats. Works outdoors in covered areas if waterproofed after purchase.
Not ideal for outdoor use, despite manufacturer claims. Too small for a larger cat to comfortably sit in. Some reported issues with assembly, particularly the plastic footings and the wood quality. Does not particularly appeal to outdoor or feral cats.


Luxury High-End Double
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Cute, cozy and stylish cat house for indoor pets. Not meant for outdoor cats or for pets that are known for chewing and rough and tumble play.
Overall cute design with a warm pad and blanket. Easy to clean and assemble.
Smaller than it appears in advertisements. Some reports of an odor and discoloration when the product arrived. Fabric roof is not particularly sturdy. Materials and construction will not hold up to chewing and rough use of this cat house.


Customer Reviews

Providing your beloved cat a safe and secure place to sleep is one of the top priorities of any cat lover. Pet owners sleep better too when they know their beloved furry friend is safe and secure in their shelter.  That is why we know how important it is for you to find the right shelter for your cat.

We have done all the heavy lifting when it comes to researching cat houses.  We compared five of the best cat houses for you by synthesizing customer reviews and answering frequently asked questions by cat owners when selected the best cat house for them.

Best Cat House Reviews Guide

While every cat lover knows that “nobody owns a cat,” that hasn’t stopped humans from loving and caring for them as family. A cat, whether indoor or outdoor can benefit greatly from a reliable shelter source.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, scientists estimate cats have lived with humans for at least 12,000 years.”

Cat Houses for Indoor Cats

The American Humane Society states that indoor cats are happier and healthier with a hiding place, perch and climbing area.  A well-designed indoor cat shelter can incorporate all or some of these elements. Additionally, cat shelters can be multi-purpose in terms of hiding litter boxes or providing a place for the cat to curl up and sleep.  The key to a good indoor cat shelter is making sure it is safe and durable enough for your cat’s use, that it is large enough and that it can be easily cleaned.

Cat Houses for Outdoor Cats

Some cat caregivers are unable to provide indoor shelter to the cats they are helping because the cats are feral or semi-feral and cannot be indoors.  For cat caregivers assisting with feral cat care, a sturdy well-constructed outdoor cat shelter can be helpful in providing your outdoor furry friends with some measure of safety and security. While building a shelter for feral and stray cats is always a possibility, there are now many affordable sturdy options for purchasing an outdoor cat shelter such as the K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated A-Frame Cat House.

As with any shelter, the size of the shelter matters, particularly outside because if too large, it will not keep the cat warm.  Generally, cat experts recommend the use of straw for bedding or to line the shelter with Mylar if the shelter is not placed near the home. It’s also good to make sure the shelter can stand up to your local climate.

Frequently asked questions

How much do cat houses cost?

Cat houses generally range from $30 to $200 currently and can vary greatly depending on how many cats are being accommodated and whether the cat house is designed for indoor or outdoor use.  Certainly, if you custom build a cat house, particularly for the outdoors with lumber, the cost could be much more

How do I know if my cat needs a cat house?

If your cat is primarily an outdoor cat then a shelter is most likely a necessity to help protect them from weather and predators.  If your cat is an indoor cat, a shelter can help your cat’s overall mental health and well-being.

What materials are safest for my cat's house?

Most products manufactured for pets these days use materials and fabrics with pets in mind. It is important that you are able to clean the cat house effectively.  If your cat is very active you will always want to monitor your cat’s use of any product you buy carefully in the first 30 days. Most manufacturers have a 30-day window in which to return a product for a refund if it is not working for your cat..  

If your cat is an outdoor cat, the design of the house matters as much as the materials.  Since weather is a factor, make sure that the shelter materials will keep it dry and that any included bedding can keep the cat warm.  Bedding may need to be replaced or cleaned and dried regularly. Materials for outdoor shelters whether DIY or purchased include: wood, plastic, plywood and heavy-duty water-resistant fabrics as well as accompanying insulation materials.

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