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Best Bissell Vacuums


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Best Bissell Vacuums Updated November 2019





Pet Hair Eraser
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If it can remove pet hair from high-pile carpet, it can pick up anything. This is one of the best Bissell vacuums on the market.
Pet-specific features include a tangle-free brush, specialized pet tools, LED-lit crevice tools, and a Smart Seal Allergen System with a Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator.
The carpet-to-bare floor transition isn’t automated. You’ll have to manually turn the dial.


Power Edge
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The unique, V-shaped cleaner head sweeps edges and crevices.
The PowerEdge is excellent for vacuuming around furniture, appliances, and baseboards.
It’s definitely intended for hard floors only, so you’ll have to keep your current vacuum to clean carpet.


Clean View OnePass
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Its motorized brush and Cyclonic suction pick up more than other vacuums on the first pass.
It has multi-level filtration and a washable tank filter. It picks up pet hair and works across all flooring types. Several attachments are included.
It’s bulky and can be hard to vacuum around sharp corners.


Zing Bagged Canister
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This canister vacuum is an awesome tool for sweeping stairs and small places.
It’s portable, powerful, and relatively quiet. Customers love it for spot cleaning small areas and stairs and picking up after pets.
Replacement bags are a recurring cost that adds up. Some customers say the attachments aren’t very useful.


Anna Upright Hybrid Cordless
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A 2-in-1 vacuum that converts from a cordless upright to a canister vacuum.
The touchscreen interface includes a battery indicator light, preset cleaning buttons, and variable suction. Plus, 30 minutes of runtime is pretty good for a cordless vacuum.
As sleek as it looks, this sucker weighs 18 pounds.


Customer Reviews

Bissell is a well-known brand and one of the best in the vacuum industry. With 142 years under its belt, Bissell manufactures tried and true home cleaning machines. Each new version of the vacuum seems to be an improvement on the last. We read review after review to find the best Bissell vacuum cleaner for you. You can find our top five above or continue reading about Bissell below.

Bissell Vacuum Reviews Guide

If you’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner, chances are you’ll come across a Bissell. Bissell is an industry leader in floor cleaners and manufactures vacuums, sweepers, carpet cleaners, and mops. The company has been around since 1876 where it started in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its first invention? The sweeper. Even Queen Victoria insisted that her palace be “Bisselled.”

Today, Bissell has turned its focus to pets. If you’re not specifically looking for a heavy-duty upright that’s designed for cleaning up after pets, you can browse our vacuum comparison chart above. We sorted through thousands of Bissell vacuum reviews to identify the top five Bissell vacuums on the market and included sticks, canister vacuums, and handhelds—all top performers in their respective category.

If you’re between two Bissell vacuums, you may find our resource guide below helpful. We’ve outlined the types of vacuums Bissell sells as well as some exclusive features you won’t find on any other vacuum.

Types of Bissell vacuums

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums have the most powerful suction. They make quick work of cleaning the whole house and are best for dirt and dander embedded in carpet and upholstery. We recommend Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum to all pet owners because of its tangle-free brush roll and its Smart Seal Allergen System that traps allergens inside the vacuum and eliminates pet odors as you vacuum.

The only real disadvantage to an upright vacuum is its size. Uprights are often big, bulky, and heavy, which makes storage and portability a pain. The CleanView Bagless Vacuum With OnePass is 15 pounds, but it has an innovative brush roll and Cyclonic suction that make every pass count.

Canister vacuums

If you’ve never used one before, a canister vacuum might take some getting used to. They’re extremely powerful, but the canister makes maneuverability an issue. Fortunately, Bissell canister vacuums are lightweight. The Zing Bagged Canister is 12.5 pounds—seven pounds less than an upright. It’s portable enough to vacuum stairs, upholstery, curtains, and car interiors.

Stick and cordless vacuums

Stick vacuums have a lightweight versatility that can’t be beaten. These vacuums are convenient for on-the-go spot cleaning and smaller messes, especially on hard floors. They don’t skimp on suction either. The Bissell PowerEdge is a powerful, V-shaped vacuum that draws surface-level debris in rather than merely pushing it across the floor. A downside to any cordless vacuum is that runtime is limited to battery life. Fortunately, the Bissell Anna Hybrid cordless vacuum runs for 30 minutes at a time.

Handheld vacuums

Handheld vacuums are ideal for quick pick-ups on stairs, furniture, cars, and more. Many of Bissell’s handheld vacuums are handy for pet owners in particular. These handhelds have rubber nozzles, tangle-free brush rolls, and easy-to-empty dust cups. Dust cup capacity may be a handheld vacuum’s only problem. You’ll have to empty these more often than you would a larger vacuum.

Robotic vacuums

Bissell has one robot vacuum—the SmartClean Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum. This smart vacuum does the work for you. Schedule it to clean every day of the week while you’re at work, running errands, or lounging around the house. The SmartClean is built with powerful suction, a unique brush roll, and edge-cleaning brushes. It’s awesome for cleaning hard-to-reach places, but you’ll have to make sure there aren’t any obstacles in its way. It comes in a cool blue color with a gradient finish.

Bissell manufactures cleaning products—vacuums, sweepers, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, brooms, mops, and more—for every flooring type.”

5 Features we tested


Suction is at the core of what makes a vacuum so great. Our controlled set of tests include an evaluation of suction power. We tested vacuums on coffee grounds, kitty litter, and cereal and we noted how many passes it took a vacuum to pick up the mess in front of it. When you search “suction” on Bissell’s website the CleanView collection is high on the list of results. That’s because these vacuums use a multi-cyclonic suction system to remove and separate dirt to prevent clogs, motor malfunctions, and loss of suction across all messes.


The second most important item to cross off your vacuum checklist is maneuverability—how easily and smoothly the vacuum can navigate around sharp corners and furniture. You can weigh the pros and cons of corded versus cordless models (the latter typically has more maneuverability) or you can look at the cleaner head. Is it designed to swivel? The Bissell PowerEdge stands out with its unique, V-shaped cleaner head that works around furniture legs, baseboards, and other edges.


A vacuum can take up prime real estate in a home with limited storage space. If you simply cannot afford the closet space for an upright vacuum, narrow your search to stick vacuums. Another detail to look for that you might not think about when you’re shopping online is the weight of the vacuum. If you have a big house or have stairs, you’ll need a lightweight vacuum that you can carry around without breaking a sweat.


You really should take advantage of vacuum accessories for a more thorough clean. Use a crevice tool to pull dirt out that’s hiding along baseboards. A dusting brush is really helpful for vacuuming delicate surfaces such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, and electronics. An upholstery tool can be used on furniture, but it can also be used to clean window blinds and drapes.


One last thing to consider is the difference between bagged and bagless vacuums. Bagged vacuums are arguably cleaner, as they keep all the dirt contained in a bag that you take from the vacuum directly to the trash. You’ll have to replace these bags, which keeps the vacuum fresh, but it’s a recurring cost that’s not exactly cheap.

Bagless vacuums have a dust cup that releases its contents in the trash. However, dust has a tendency to go airborne, which is counterproductive to vacuuming in the first place. Bagless vacuums with small dust cups will also have to be emptied more frequently. If you have allergies or asthma, look for special filtration, like Bissell’s Smart Seal Allergen System that traps fine particles.

Bissell recommends removing hair from brush rolls, checking suction hoses for clogs, and replacing the filter regularly to keep your vacuum in pristine condition.”

Bissell features

  • Pet TurboEraser Tool—Tangle-free brush roll
  • Rewind—Automatic retractable cord
  • SuctionChannel Technology—Creates a more direct suction path with no loss of suction
  • OnePass TechnologyPowerful suction meets innovative brush roll to make every pass more efficient

  • Lift-Off TechnologyConverts to a portable canister vacuum

  • Hard Floor Expert—Turbine cleaner head is gentle enough for hardwood
  • Smart Seal Allergen System—A filtration system that’s scented with Febreze to eliminate odors as it traps fine particles

In addition to designing some industry-leading pet vacuums, Bissell has also created a pet foundation that has saved 148,279 animals.”

Frequently asked questions

Which Bissell vacuum is best?

We believe the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is best because it has superior suction power and a tangle-free brush that lifts deeply embedded dander from high-pile carpets. If it can pick up pet hair from a carpet that plush, it can pick up anything. We also love the LED-lit crevice tool for deep cleaning and the Smart Seal Allergen System with Febreze that keeps our house feeling and smelling like home.

How do you use Bissell vacuum attachments?

Several neat attachments are included with your purchase of a Bissell vacuum. Here are some general guidelines for what you can use each attachment for.

  • Crevice tool—Tight spaces like where baseboards and carpeting meet, your dryer’s lint trap, or hard-to-reach areas in your vehicle
  • Dust brush—Delicate surfaces such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, computer keyboards, the top of your TV, or speakers
  • Upholstery tool—Fabric on furniture, as well as drapes and window blinds

To use an attachment, turn the Bissell vacuum off and release the flexible hose. Choose the attachment you want to use from the tool caddy (often located on the back of the machine). Connect the tool to the hose. Switch the machine to the Hose Attachments setting and select the most relevant preset option: custom clean, heavy traffic, normal clean, or light clean. Turn the vacuum on and clean away.

What does the turbo brush do?

The Bissell TurboBrush tool is essentially a mini cleaner head. It can be used to clean stairs, furniture, and upholstery.

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