Best Artificial Christmas Trees


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Best Artificial Christmas Trees




National Tree Company

North Valley 9’ Spruce Tree
Check Price at: 1 store
National Tree Company’s North Valley 9’ Spruce Tree is a great buy for most consumers and offers a solid artificial tree at a reasonable price point.
This is a particularly well-priced tree, with many reviewers noting that it was a great deal given its height and longevity. Its also an easy tree to use, with both assembly and breakdown taking little effort and time.
The North Valley 9’ Spruce Tree is a great height, but it’s not quite as full as the product images show. Its branches are a bit thinner than expected and it can be somewhat difficult to “fluff” the tree to achieve a full appearance.

Best Choice Products

7.5ft Hinged Spruce Christmas Tree
Check Price at: 1 store
A solid tree for the price, but not the sturdiest or most realistic on the market.
Best Choice Product’s 7.5ft Hinged Spruce Christmas tree looks good for the price, avoiding an overwhelmingly “plastic” appearance. The branches at the base and bottom of the tree are also fairly sturdy, holding up to garland and ornaments without issue.
Slightly mismatched tiers make this tree a bit of a gamble. The top tier, in particular, seems to be rather hit-or-miss, with some reviewers noting that the branches don’t taper naturally. Additionally, the top of the tree probably won’t support heavier tree toppers

National Tree Company

Dunhill 7’ Fir Tree
Check Price at: 1 store
An attractive and tall tree, National Tree Company’s Dunhill 7’ Fir Tree offers great value for its price.
The Dunhill 7’ Fir Tree is a tall, well-made tree. It’s not ultra-realistic, but it’s realistic enough to not detract from its appearance once decorated. It’s a suitably tall tree, too, with sturdy branches that expand well to create a full silhouette.
Be careful when putting this tree together and fluffing it out – its branches are surprisingly sharp. Many reviewers noted that it can be difficult to store the tree after taking it down for the season, with the branches never quite collapsing enough to easily fit in the box.

King of Christmas

6” Prince Flock
Check Price at: 1 store
A small, somewhat sparse flocked tree that might be best for smaller areas and guest rooms.
Easy assembly makes this artificial tree a good solution for anyone looking for a quick experience. The flocking is also quite full.
Reviewers say that the 6’ Prince Flock tree is shorter than advertised and offers rather flimsy branches that should be handled carefully during set up. It’s also narrow and not very full, making it good for small spaces but not the best tree as the main attraction.

National Tree Company

Kingswood Fir 7.5” Pencil Tree
Check Price at: 1 store
Skinny by design, the Kingswood Fir 7.5” Pencil Tree lives up to its name but also creates stability concerns.
The Kingswood Fir 7.5” Pencil Tree is a thin tree by design, and it works well for small spaces. It looks quite nice decorated and seems sturdy enough to last through a few seasons.
The tree is rather sparse, with a lot of fluffing needed to help fill it out. It’s also quite wobbly and might require extra attention to keep it from falling over. Many reviewers mentioned securing it using string connected to the wall.


Customer Reviews

The right artificial tree can make or break your holiday decorating. A tree that is too heavy can be a pain to put together while a tree that is too light can often be wobbly and prone to toppling over. It is important to find the right tree for your space and needs while also ensuring you get a good value for the price.

We know that spending your time researching artificial trees for hours on end probably isn’t how you’d like to spend your time. That’s why we’ve taken the time to do so for you. Our reviews synthesize information taken from analyzing thousands of product reviews and pulling out important trends and comments. With that in mind, we’ve compared five of the best artificial trees currently on the market to help make your holiday a bit easier.

Best Artifical Christmas Tree Reviews Guide

The winter holidays tend to bring to mind a very specific decorating aesthetic. Red and green, twinkling lights, fluffy snow, and grandly decorated trees are some of the most common holiday images that come to mind when you envision decorating your home for the season. Of these, the most important for many is arguably the Christmas tree.

Traditional Christmas trees were real trees chopped down specifically to be placed in someone’s home and decorated. Today, many opt for artificial options that look great, last for years and are more eco-friendly. Given the quickly-rising popularity of artificial trees, there are many of them on the market every year. It’s important to understand exactly what to look for in your ideal tree as well as what you can expect when assembling one.  

Putting Your Tree Together

Artificial Christmas trees are generally sold compressed and disassembled. There are usually three tiers of “branches” that are placed on top of each other to create the appearance of a full tree. Each tier has a solid rod serving as its center and a number of smaller, flexible rods that tend to be hinged. This allows the tree to be collapsed when it is not on display and safely stored away.

The first thing that you do when you open up your artificial tree is to pull everything out of the box and carefully assess the number of parts you encounter. Did you know that you’ll need a tree stand in order for the tree to stand upright? It might seem as though the base of the tree would serve as a “trunk” and keep everything in place, but that’s not quite how the designs work. Make sure that you purchase a stand separately if the model tree you’ve purchased doesn’t come with one.

Start by looking at the tiers and how they fit into each other. Some artificial trees will also have individual branches that are entirely separate from the others and must be placed into the base of the tree one-by-one. Figure out which kind you have and start carefully assembling the tree itself. Be on the lookout for areas on the base of the tree that need to be manually tightened in order to keep the tree tiers together!

Tips for Use

Your job is not done once your artificial tree has been assembled. In fact, you might have a decent amount of work left depending upon your tree model. Once the branches are all in place, it’s time to “fluff” your tree. This is a term that you’ll encounter often when reading reviews of artificial Christmas trees online, but you might not be familiar with what exactly it means.

When you “fluff” your artificial tree, you’re essentially shaping its branches to look as lifelike and full as possible. This is important because otherwise, your tree will have gaps between the base and the beginning of the branches that can be a bit unseemly. Taking the time to properly fluff your tree can seem a bit daunting, but it’s one of the best things you can do if you’re hoping to create a realistic-looking tree that appears healthy and full.

For tips regarding fluffing itself, make sure that you pay attention to each individual branch. You want to separate them and bend them in different directions to help cover any gaps that are present. You can start at either the top or bottom of the tree – there are no significant advantages one way or the other. Make sure that you carefully re-straighten each branch when the time comes to box up your tree for the season in order to avoid misshaping them permanently.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use garland and ornaments to fill in any spaces that remain. In fact, if you suspect that you’ll have some gaps even after fluffing, you might want to preemptively wrap some garland around the base of the tree to help disguise the appearance of the metal. You can then use more garland after the tree has been fluffed as you normally would.

3 Major Factors to Consider


Another important factor to keep in mind is the appearance of the tree – are you looking for a flocked tree, or a more natural appearance? Flocked trees have branches tipped by a white substance that is meant to look like snow. It can be a beautiful effect, but it’s not a particularly natural one. You’ll also want to keep in mind that the flock itself can fall off branches over the course of the season and leave you will a bit of a mess to clean up every now and then.  If you do decide to go for a flocked tree, make sure that you read the safety hazards carefully as sometimes flock can increase flammability.


Finally, do you like to put your own lights on your trees, or are you hoping for a pre-lit option? Trees with lights already on them are fairly popular, but keep in mind that when those lights eventually go out, you’ll have to purchase replacement bulbs and fix them yourself. You don’t have that issue with artificial trees where you put your own lights on them, however you also have the fairly arduous process of actually placing the lights to contend with. This largely comes down to personal preference.  


The size of the tree, in both circumference and height, is the primary. How much space do you have for your tree? If you only have a bit of a room, like a corner in an apartment, then you might want to look at a pencil tree that is designed to be smaller. If you are looking for a grand tree to sit in your living room, on the other hand, then you’ll want to buy a tree that is designed to be fuller and taller.

Frequently asked questions

Are artificial trees too heavy to be put together by one person?

It’s important to carefully check the weight details on your tree as the weight between different models can vary quite a bit. Most trees will come in separate parts that are fairly easy to handle – but checking the item’s total weight is the best way to know for sure.

Do I need a stand for my tree?

Just as with “real” Christmas trees, a stand is vital to ensuring the stability of your artificial tree. Make sure to check the item description before ordering to see if a stand is included with your shipment.

Should I get a tree with LED lights or use incandescent instead?

LED lights generally have a much longer life than incandescent lights. Additionally, they do not run as hot as incandescent bulbs and are likely the safer choice if you have pets or children

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