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By Elizabeth Bunn

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Since 2003, AA Auto Protection has provided reliable and easy-to-use service to thousands of customers nationwide. With more than 15 plans to choose from, you can get the best possible plan and coverage for your unique vehicle. AA Auto Protection has 24/7 roadside service and 24/7 customer support so you are taken care of all hours of the day.

Below, House Method has reviewed AA Auto Protection, so you can decide if they are the best option for you and your vehicle’s needs.

AA Auto Protection

Largest Variety of Plans

  • Over 15 plans
  • Easy payment plans
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • ASE licensed mechanics
  • Lower price match guarantee
A BBB rating
24/7 customer support
Easy quote process


  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Electrical components
  • Cooling system
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Air conditioner
  • Steering
  • Transfer unit
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Mirrors
  • Fuel system
  • Drive axle
  • Turbocharger
  • Labor

What to expect from AA Auto Protection

AA Auto Protection has you covered any time of the day with their 24-hour roadside assistance, along with many other add-on options like rental reimbursement and towing benefits. Your questions are AA Auto’s priority and they ensure they provide answers immediately.

AA Auto Protection has locations nationwide, so you can have peace of mind knowing that there is one close to you at all times. AA Auto Protection is also backed by A.M. Best Insurance companies, which removes the risk of leaving you to pay claims.

The company provides specials that include a lower price match guarantee to ensure that you’re getting the best price.

Types of plans

  • Full coverage plans—There are six plans to choose from in the full coverage sector. This is the most comprehensive coverage you can buy. The majority of these plans will cover towing, 24/7 roadside assistance, car rental, and more. Despite the name, the plans do not cover every component.
  • Premium stated component coverage plans—These five plans cover most of the major parts and components of your vehicle. These are the best plans for cars that don’t qualify for full coverage.
  • Stated component coverage plans—There are seven plans under this category that cover most of the major parts and components of a vehicle, such as the gasoline engine, transmission, steering, etc. There are also additional benefits that come with these plans, such as wear and tear coverage.
  • Premium powertrain plus coverage plans—There are three plans in this coverage level that focus on expensive major repairs that need to be made on your car. This would include parts such as your engine, transmission, and alternators. These are the best plans for cars with higher mileage.
  • Premium powertrain coverage plans—These three plans focus on powertrain components. They come with the basics, but you can always add on more coverage.
  • Wear and tear coverage—Breakdowns or damage that isn’t covered in your respective policy may be covered by this additional coverage.


The costs of each plan are posted on the AA Auto Protection website, but you can easily contact a representative that will discuss the best option that suits your budget at (888)-222-4445. You can also receive a quick quote online and with no obligation by providing the year, make, model, and mileage of your car.

AA Auto Protection has a money-back guarantee within 30 days of signing your contract and you can cancel your plan at any time.

Easy payment plans

  • Low down payment
  • No fees
  • No credit check
  • Instant qualification
  • Zero fees

House Method’s review of AA Auto Protection

House Method recommends AA Auto Protection for your car warranty needs. Their devotion to customers and their dedication to convenience places you and your time as the top priority. Additionally, the company offers an exhaustive variety of plans and products to choose from, one of which is guaranteed to meet your car needs.

Every car is different and AA Auto Protection focuses on giving you the most comprehensive service. If you’re looking for a unique car plan, AA Auto Protection is the choice for you.

Customer reviews

Here are a few reviews from AA Auto Protection’s website.

“When researching auto warranty coverage, I was impressed by the wealth of information provided by the AA Auto Warranty representative. Not only did AA Auto Warranty provide the most competitively priced policy, but they also gave me the information needed to make an educated purchase. Customer service rep was very helpful in explaining the different coverages and finding a policy that would fit my needs. I now have peace of mind that I will not be confronted with a financial crisis should an unexpected problem occur with my car. Thanks, AA Auto Warranty, you’re the best!” — Greg

I searched around to locate the best policy for my vehicle and AA Auto Protection was the best option.”


“… I could not for one second be more of a satisfied customer. You are an amazing asset to your company with your ability to breakdown the coverage and offer real-life examples and explanations of how my warranty can be applied. Thank you so much for all of your patience and expertise. I appreciate you and will happily refer to many of the other friends I have!” – Nikki

BBB Rating

Though AA Auto Protection maintains an A rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company is not accredited. The BBB judges the company based on their responsiveness to consumer feedback.

History and experience

Since 2003, AA Auto Protection has provided car warranty service to consumers online. The founders saw a lack of convenience provided to customers and had industry experience and knowledge of how to provide the best value to customers. Being an insured company, AA Auto Protection takes the risk away from you having to pay the claims. They now successfully provide car solutions to thousands of customers nationwide.

AA Auto Protection

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