The Latest in Renovation


Introducing Dandelion Air: An Affordable Home Geothermal System

Dandelion, a startup that emerged from Alphabet Inc.’s X incubator lab, released a new heating and cooling system that will make geothermal heating more affordable to homeowners.

Real Estate

9 Most Sought-After Home Improvements

When you’re getting ready to list your house, knowing what buyers are in the market for is key. We looked at data on new-construction single-family homes to give you a better idea of the most sought-after features for homes in the US today.


Outdoor Kitchen
Configuration and Design Ideas

With outdoor kitchen season among us, here’s everything you need to know about building and designing your outdoor space, from design and configuration to safety considerations.


Cabinet Refinishing 101

Cabinet refinishing is a great way to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom with low time and cost investment. We address how much cabinet refinishing costs and how you can find a pro or do it yourself.


Marble Countertops |
Everything You Need to Know

Marble countertops are one of the most popular home design options—they’re a luxurious statement piece accessible at a range of price points. Here’s everything you need to know about marble countertops, from heat resistance and durability to price and maintenance.


Soapstone Countertops |
Everything You Need to Know

Soapstone countertops are a great option if you’re into a classic and timeless look. In this pros and cons article, we discuss durability, heat tolerance, stain resistance, maintenance, and cost.


How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Learn the average cost of a bathroom remodel, what tasks are DIY and which require professional help, and how to save money on your bathroom reno.


The Basics of Geothermal
Heating Systems

Learn the basics of how geothermal heating systems—how they work, types, cost, energy efficiency, maintenance, and installation.


How to Spruce Up Your Home for $300 or Less: An Interview with Adrienne Hubbard

We sat down with Adrienne Hubbard of Crafty Little Gnome for her take on how to spruce up and even increase the resale value of your home for less than $300.

Painting / Staining

How to Stain Wood: Tips for Large and Small Projects

Learn the best types of wood to stain, the tools you need, the type of stain to use, and how to stain wood for small or large projects.


5 Patio Materials by Cost, Durability, Installation & Style

When choosing a material for your patio, consider cost, durability, style, and—if you’re taking on the project yourself—installation difficulty. We’ve ranked five of the most common materials to help you make the best choice.


A Quick Guide to Brick Patterns

A quick digest of the most common brick patterns. We rank six patterns from easiest to hardest so you can decide whether you want to DIY the job or call in a pro.


Guide to Energy-Efficient Windows

Learn what you should be looking for when shopping for energy-efficient windows, how to read an energy efficiency rating, and how to pick windows for your home.


Types of Energy-Efficient
Home Heating

We explore four types of energy-efficient home heating systems, how they work, overall cost, and how to choose the best one for your home.


Crown Molding | Types and Installation

Crown molding is a surprisingly easy way to completely transform your home. We'll walk you through the basics of installing crown molding yourself.

Painting / Staining

5 Wall Texture Techniques
for Your Home

From stucco finishes to board-formed concrete, we consider traditional and modern wall texture techniques and give you the top five options for your home.


Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

From cost to energy efficiency to ease of installation, here’s what you need to know about double-pane windows.


How to Remove Wallpaper

Learn how to remove wallpaper with DIY videos and easy step-by-step methods.


The Cost of Installing
Hardwood Flooring

From materials to labor, how much should your hardwood floor cost? We discuss the cost of wood, DIY options, and whether to hire a professional.

Curb Appeal

6 Best Roofing Materials Ranked by Durability and Cost

When it comes to roofing materials, make an informed and careful decision. Consider the six most popular options and make the right choice for your home.

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