House Method Ratings: Editorial Policy

House Method receives payment from some of the companies featured on this site, but we do not disclose the terms of the affiliate relationships—including cost-per-click, affiliate fee, and/or revenue share arrangements—to the editorial team. Please visit our affiliate disclosure for additional information. We aim to update our ratings on a systematic and periodic basis and to disclose the date of most recent review on pages where the rating appears. House Method considers our weighted scale to be proprietary, but we have provided the criteria used in scoring each company, organized by industry below. As we publish more comparative product reviews we will continue to updates this Editorial Policy to ensure we provide transparency to our readers.

Price Ratings

A company’s price rating is a relative score that compares the price of its products or services to its peers that we’ve reviewed. The prices of products and services are based on our independent research. Each dollar sign represents an objective tiered amount of money, depending on the category of the product or service being reviewed. The average price range for a product or service in the industry is designated by three dollar signs. One and two dollar signs indicate that the company’s prices fall into a range below the average by a certain tier, and four and five dollar signs indicate that the company’s prices fall into a range above the industry average by a certain tier.

Price ratings for home warranties are calculated using prices published by the warranty providers as well as those published by objective third-party reviewers when a primary source is not available.

House Method mattress ratings

House Method mattresses ratings are awarded based on a weighted 10-point scale that scores mattress manufacturers on shipping cost, return cost, length of trial period, length of warranty, use of environmentally responsible materials, customization availability, and number of choices available.

House Method home warranty ratings

House Method home warranty ratings are awarded based on a weighted 10-point scale that scores home warranty providers on BBB rating, length of coverage, service fees, national availability, workmanship guarantee, coverage exclusions, and whether warranty holders can choose their own repair technicians.


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