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With over 90 years of experience, Rentokil provides expertise and innovative pest control solutions all around the world. Their mission is to protect people and enhance lives by providing solutions, which ensure public health and protect the environment through energy efficient and sustainable pest control services.

Rentokil offers its services in all 50 states.

To determine the right pest control company for you, start with Rentokil reviews. Here’s House Method’s Rentokil review.

Data and ratings accurate as of March 2018

Our pest control reviews at a glance



Rentokil covers insects and rodents. While their main market is commercial pest control, they also offer residential pest control.

Rentokil pest control services
Bed bugs
Biting insects
Wood-boring insects
Flying insects
Flying ants
Stinging insects
Crawling insects

What to expect

If you sign up for Rentokil’s year-round pest protection—the pestfree365 plan—you can expect the following:

  1. Regularly scheduled inspections
  2. Unlimited service calls
  3. Preventive services designed to stop infestations before they start
  4. Easy scheduling—the service is scheduled at your convenience
  5. Convenient payment options

When you hire Rentokil, you can expect this four-step process:

  1. Call Rentokil and a local pest specialist will return your call within 24 hours (Monday through Friday).
  2. Discuss your pest problem with a specialist and arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.
  3. A specialist will come to your house at the appointed time and treat your home and yard.
  4. Rentokil experts promise to make as many visits to your home as you require to ensure your problem is 100% solved.

Treatment frequency

Rentokil offers to return to your residence as often as you like to ensure your problem is solved.


Rentokil doesn’t list any prices on their website. Instead, they suggest that you call them for a tailored quote.

Years in business

Rentokil was founded in 1925 by Harold Maxwell-Lefroy. He was a professor of entomology at Imperial College, London, and had been investigating ways to kill beetles. After attempting to patent an insecticide initially called Entokill, he changed the name to Rentokil because of trademark issues.

BBB rating

Though Rentokil is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it does have an A+ rating from the BBB. Companies must pay to be considered for BBB accreditation, so Rentokil may not have been interested in paying the accreditation fee.

Rentokil reviews

There aren’t many Rentokil reviews from residential consumers, but we found a few on TrustPilot. Here is one from Jane:

“Received a visit today from Rentokil Pest Control I was very happy with the service provided. The feedback that I received after his inspection was very informative and advised that he would be returning within two weeks as he had noted some activity in the kitchenette. He was professional and courteous in his manner.”

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